Monday, 22 June 2009

Mid-Summer Solstice Phonesex

Wow, its been a while since I posted here huh? Did you miss me? Of course you did! I doubt there's any of you little fucks who has spoken to me for more than 10 minutes who forgets me, and for those with the intellect to grasp where I'm coming from the addiction is probably pretty much instantaneous - HAHA!

So - yeah - I've been busy. Sadly real-life sometimes encroaches on my play-time here - and the result is something has gotta give - and I gotta say - that while real-life play beats phonesex, phonesex or phone-domination is still one of my favorite things to do... particularly when I'm in the bullish mood I'm in now HAHA!

Now, for the uninitiated, the title of this post is on account of the fact that here in the UK its the summer solstice (or it was last night). Its a time when, some say, the mystic forces converge and a time when the life giving energy of the sun should be revered as an attestation to the fragility of our ecosystem, and a celebration of the life-giving energy that our beautiful sun bestows on our small planet.... I have to say that, while I share this view and all of its consequences, that for me the solstice its more about it being a great day to party all through the night! A day (and night) when its particularly easy to get alot of drunk hippy-chics, who have alot of love to give to me, to strip naked and cavort around in a field in the middle of the countryside, before I find the horniest one (or two if I'm lucky) who beg me to fuck their hot, gaping little pussy all night long HAHAHA!

I fucking LOVE being ME!

You know - I honestly feel kinda sorry for the chics that I haven't met and fucked yet, and I even feel kinda sorry for you pathetic little fags that will NEVER be able to please me sexually, but at least have the chance to try and entertain me with being so perfectly pathetic HAHA!

So anyway - I clicked online when I started writing this post and I have to put two shouts out already - one to Gianna - she is such a good little subbie - she takes WHATEVER I give her and is so totally there for my delight - no matter what form it takes - and the other is to one pathetic little cock-sucking homo- notstr8enough - HAHAHA! What can I tell you about this guy (and I only use the term "guy" loosely - cos, to be honest, putting this little waste of space in the same category as me doesn't sit well) suffice it to say - he is heading towards the top of my biggest losers list - and as for the little journey that I took him on - two word PUBLIC HUMILIATION... I so want to go over the WHOLE story with you all so that you can share in my delight (and of course add to his humiliation) - but I'm gonna fight the urge and just say I'm REALLY looking forward to the next time... the little worm has it coming! HAHA!

So - I'm gonna go reply to my emails now, and for you belly-crawling little fags, and sexy hot chics I have one thing to say - don't forget to leave me some feedback after you CALL ME.

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