Thursday, 9 June 2011

Elite Phonesex

What an intriguing title for a post...has it whet your appetite? HAHA! I'm sure it has... Let me tell you more...

So, if you're a regular reader/caller then it won't have escaped your attention that my availability on niteflirt, and online in general, has been much more limited lately than it was in recent months ..."YES!" I hear you cry - "But, why? Englishman, Why??" Well my little cherubs, let me explain...

Most of you are no doubt aware that, although I am a straight dominant guy, I enjoy dominating both woman AND men. I do this stuff in real life as well as on the phone, and I've been doing it for long enough (and have the right calibre of intellect) to have become pretty good at delving into your sometimes twisted, but always perverted, little minds in order to penetrate and revealing your dark little kinks and fetishes. Of course, that's why you call me (and if you have called you'll no doubt be aware that I a particular leaning towards, dare I say talent for, exploiting those little kinks in the most deliciously despicable ways!).

But, you also no doubt know that we can talk about almost anything you like, and that you know that you can rely on me to take the little morsels you give me, and weave them into a rich and emersive phone sex experience that will leave your head spinning.


So... None of that explains my elusiveness these last few weeks. Well, as I blogged before, I have been refining my skills... I have been studying... and have become intimately acquainted with some of the finer intricacies of ... hypnotic suggestion.

NOW, before you start to panic let me explain that ALL hypnosis is actually self hypnosis, and consequently it is impossible to hypnotise someone to do something that they have a fundamental objection to. That said, hypnosis is a powerful tool for overcoming internal blocks and distraction which might prevent you from experiencing your true heart's desires in their richest forms, and sometimes those desires can be truly powerful.

NOW do you start to understand...? HAHA! Has it got your heart thumping a little faster? So why don't you rest your hand on your chest right now, and tell me, as you notice the beating of your heart in your chest against your hand... you might notice the beginning of a very pleasant sensation. For some people it starts quite suddenly, almost like a rush of adrenaline, like that feeling you had when you discovered something that was so amazingly exciting that you thought you might have been dreaming... for others it builds more gently at first...almost like a relaxing tingly feeling... well that feeling is the sign that your subconscious mind is yearning to play. And if you have the confidence in someone to be able to place you into that state, well, the possibilities are genuinely only limited by your imagination... and the experiences that you can share when you are in that state have such power and such attraction that you just might feel that you have found a practitioner of Elite phonsex...

"Aha!" I hear you cry - "THAT'S what he meant" ... yes! The combination of the quality of my smooth voice, my English accent (for those of you not from the UK - I understand it is quite a powerful element) blended with an intelligence that is tuned into a more subtle and potent means of communication that almost feels like a lucid dream.... THAT is what Elite Phonesex is all about...

So do you find yourself tempted? If you still have your hand on your chest feel free to put it down now... HAHA! Don't worry... its not a sign that I have already got you under my control... just that you where enjoying what you were reading... if so, feel free to post a comment. I have some plans to make some recordings available through niteflirt at some point (time permitting) which will give you the chance to experience deep relaxation and then metaphor rich, hypnotic adventures...Any special requests? Well you know how to contact me.

And in the meantime, if you can't wait for the recordings, if you are craving that something special that you deserve... and you are lucky enough to catch me (usually during daytime hours UK time) then ...Call Me.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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