Monday, 21 September 2015

Interrupted Service

How are you all doing, you dirty, sexy, bunch of losers, sissies, fags and sluts?? If you're doing half as well as me, then you'll be doing just fine! Haha!

So, the title for this post is a bit tongue in cheek as I have two reasons for picking it. 

Firstly, I seem to have had a few technical difficulties for the past week;  one of my lines was "offline" while all the rest where available (wait... ok, that might have been me, I forgot, my bad!), then I couldn't get back online after a call dropped, and *then* another super hot call got dropped a couple of times (luckily resolved before it became "critical" but more about THAT particular call later!). 

Suffice it to say, for those of you that call me regularly, you'll know that occasionally (and mean *very* occasionally) there might be some technical issues, but they are SO rare...and when you think that we are often talking to each other across the Atlantic Ocean...I guess *occasional* glitches are to be expected.


My second reason for the title, is a little more fun (well, it was for me anyway!).

As a straight guy, who finds himself talking to gay guys, I often get asked if I ever role-play any physical interactions with those guys during the calls, so, for example, do I talk about letting them suck my toes or letting them suck me off?

My answer to that is, of course, it depends. Although guys do nothing for me physically, there are certain slutty, subbie qualities that can *sometimes* arouse me, and the very act of submission, for someone who is wired like me, is, in and of itself intrinsically hot.

That said, I am straight, and a Dom, so, when a slutty little sissy called me earlier in the week and begged me to treat him just the way I would treat a hot little whore, begged me to treat him like one of the horny little fuck-sluts that I might enjoy fucking in real life, I was only too pleased to oblige...He assured me that he was ready to be used and humiliated because he knew that he could never truly please me like a real woman could, but that he desperately wanted to try his best, and he wanted me to make whatever use of him that I could, for my own pleasure, without a second thought to his.

So, after describing to him in fine detail exactly how he should dress, how he should speak, how he should stand, how should prepare himself to be he should use his mouth...and AFTER I had established that his little "clit-dick" was so throbbing, aching, hard ... and that he was ready to have his holes used however I wanted to use them... I told him to "hold that thought" whilst I made arrangements for a *real* little honey of mine to come round and deal *my* rock hard cock. Haha! 

I swear, I actually heard the sound of complete and utter "blue-ball-humiliation" in his voice when he said "Yes, Sir" in answer to my statement that she was on her way round! I explained that the very best use I could of him, was to know that he was in such an intense state of frustrated, humiliated, denial, while I fucked a real girl every which way! HAHA!!  He was such a good little sissy that he even remembered to tribute me for the THAT is what I call interrupted service! 

Feel free to request "interrupted service" if you too would like to feel what he described to me in an email he sent subsequently as "the most burning, erotic humiliation I've ever endured". Perfect!

However...THAT wasn't my best call of the week...oh BEST call of the week (which was the one that dropped out a couple of times) was with a super hot lady, who, for obvious reasons, made the fantastic choice to come and spend an hour of her time in my company. 

Now, as you know, I count myself SUPER lucky to have the chance to use my erotic imagination to weave seductive, sexy, sultry fantasies that will get a beautiful hot pussy, pulsing and throbbing.  Being able to share in those filthy, dirty, intimate fantasies that you might not dare to share with anyone other than yours truly. 

But, when all of that happens with a girl who can also, unashamedly, describe every detail of what she would do, how she would use her body, how she feels about the filthy conversation we're having as it happens... and who obviously knows her way round every inch of a man's body, AND isn't afraid to open herself *completely* to the experience, THAT is what makes truly hot phonesex!

Sweetie, that was mind blowing!

So, I'll be online taking calls for a few more hours now, if you would like to explore your own fantasies with me, and have your imagination ignited, or your  reality twisted into a throbbing, orgasmic wet dream, then click on the little telephone there on the right hand side and CALL ME!

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