Monday, 3 August 2009

Long HOT Summer

So... its come to my attention that some of you little gay phonesex faggots are getting hot under the collar at the moment - so what is it? The weather? Is the hot humid air making you feel all hot and sticky? HAHA... Do you need to find some way of freeing your tiny perspiring mind from the cramped little shell of your head? HAHAHA!

Well -the weather... they say its the British pre-occupation... and that's because we're an island and because its so changeable discussions about it become the national pass time:

"Morning John!"
"Morning Dave, its brightened up a bit" replies Dave,
"Yes, it has mate," continues John...and....wait for it...."...looks like rain though for this afternoon."
"Ha!, typical in'it.... blah blah"

This conversation will be echoed all over the UK every day... although not everyone is called Dave and John, so, could be that they use different names.... "What is he talking about the weather for?" I hear you ask! This is a blog more typically associated with the sexual domination of worthless faggots, sissies, and cuckolds.... or the passionate woo-ing of sexy ladies who like intelligent, sensual conversation on the phone... not some sociological commentary on the tedium of British small talk?! HAHA!

But, dear reader, what you fail to see, is that these banal conversations so often form the precursor to the more torrid and tempestuous! HAHA! There happens to be a real life debauched, perverted little cuckold, with whom I am acquainted (I will let you guess at the detail of the relationship). Suffice it to say that, as part of the homework he was assigned, he was required to negotiate certain.... services.... with a stranger. HAHA! Oh - the fun I had supervising THAT particular little adventure... and needless to say I commanded my usual fee for the privilege (a fee payable in two parts... one fiscal, and the other... carnal... and the "focus" of *his* cuckolded existence seemed delighted with the carnal). HAHA!

So... the banal can lead to the perverted, in such simple small steps that you might not even be able to perceive the transition. It might be that you are out wondering around in your own little world, and you are approached by someone that starts a conversation by asking you for the time, or if you happened to know the way to the bus stop... and before you know it you are sharing more information, they are asking personal questions, getting inside your head...they have read your every innermost thought, fear, and sordid fantasy... YES - that is what I do.... and I will strip your mind and extract the darkest and the brightest, most heart pounding fantasies from deep inside you and then entice you to live them out in such vivid details....HAHA.

Does it sound like your cup-o-tea? HAHA! But be warned - when we talk, I will push you to where *I* want you to be in *your* fantasy - and that ultimately is always at my whim and beckon-call. I am the alpha, top dog. You are my bitch. I determine your worth, and believe me when I tell you - that I don't get it wrong... if you *think* you are worth something but deep down your heart knows different... then *I* will know it - and you will be exposed as the belly-crawling, shoe-licking worm that you are. HAHA! And I won;t be held liable for any confusing erotic feelings that this realisation might invoke! HAHA! If you want to see how far you dare go, then call me.

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