Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pain Sluts and Masochistic Fetishes

So...its been a little while since I caught up on my little series of blogs on different fetishes, far too much gorgeous weather over here, and I've been out enjoying the sunshine and getting up to the occasional adventure, on of which was in the great outdoors and involved a little experiment with a sub's capacity to enjoy stinging nettles - HAHA! It was an intense, but successful experiment!...So I thought I'd pick an appropriate topic for this post and talk about pain sluts and the masochists that like to abuse them!

Being mainly based in phonesex domination (yes, I did say MAINLY) the physical side tends to be much more limited with what I can dole out to prospective pain sluts that come to serve me online, but with a little imagination, and some obedience on the part of the pain-slut, its not impossible to find ways to press those delicious buttons and get you squealing and squirming, just like I do in a real-life session.

Here's a little bit of science that you may have heard already; the pain centers in the brain are located very close to, and in some cases overlap with, the pleasure centers  What this means in practical terms is that when you are having those erogenous tender parts gently caressed, teased and played with, your nervous system relays those playful caresses back to the brain, which registers them as pleasurable. We've all had the experience of being played with too roughly, and that that sometimes shocking sensation can be a real passion killer for some people, as the pain registers in a different (and not so sexy) part of the brain, presumably alerting us that we are at risk of suffering physical harm....HOWEVER, If its done right, and the transition between gentle and hard sensations is managed correctly, and, most importantly, the context (i.e. the atmosphere and setup) is right...well - that is when those not-so-gentle caresses can start to feel VERY sexy indeed.

Most pain-sluts describe a progression from their early experimentation with light pain into heavier kinds of play through explorations of their sexuality. This also points towards the idea of training which fits very nicely into the slave/Master dynamic in a lot of kinky play. The idea that the submissive on the receiving end of all of the torment can be pushed harder as their bodies (and minds) become accustomed to the overlap between pain and pleasure is pretty hot, and can reach a point with some of those dirty little perverts that they cum just from being hurt...and that in itself is a big turn on for the masochist! HAHA!

So, since we are talking about sexy pain, its not surprising that the usual array of ways to deliver pain to be centered on the naughty bits.  Nipples, cock and balls / pussy, ass, ass-hole...the list goes on... interestingly there are some patterns that separate the genders - girls, in their development, quite quickly progress from light spanking of the buttocks to floggers over their thighs and backs, and before too long can find their hot little pussy's dripping at the thought of having their backs and buttocks striped by a cane... not altogether surprising since lots of girls tell of their enjoyment and arousal and having their backs played with (makes me wonder if its down to a bit of primordial wiring where the feeling of being mounted doggy-style, with their backs exposed that leads to that particular transition).

Guys on the other hand tend to be much more focused on their cock, and in particular their balls, with all manner of devices invented to create discomfort down their, which combined with a feeling of panic as their most tender areas are held in positions that provide easy access to exact carefully measured levels of pain. Its truly amazing what you can do with a ruler (plastic or wood) and elastic band, some thumb tacks and a willing obedient fag who is ready to serve his Master in whatever way he is told.

Nipples and feet are less gender specific, both areas are very sensitive with a lot of nerve endings that provide all of that delicious stimulation to your brain, getting you hard/wet when the stimulation is managed just right.

As for managing it "just right" HAHA! Well that's where skill, imagination and a touch of experience combine to allow the masochist to take the pain-slut to the edge and hold them there without stepping over the line, allowing that buildup to take place, enjoying watching the exquisite pleasure and torment build and fucking hot!

If you find yourself curious about how exactly you can achieve this during a hot phonesex session... well I can't give all my secrets away here, but there's one sure way to find me! HAHA! If any of this post has stirred you then you might find yourself compelled to learn more...And don't forget to check out my other posts on other fetishes, you never know what you might discover!

I'll be online for the next few hours now, so if you find yourself wanting ...needing to be played with, in whatever way, just call me, now.

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