Thursday, 16 April 2015



So I had an awesome call just now that inspired me to was  when the subject of saving someone from themselves came up (in the context of blackmail fetish!) my caller's response was "Never deprive anyone of the awesome feeling they get from giving".

This is a fetish like no other.   You meet, you grow closer, you exchange intimacies, then one of you proceeds to exploit those intimacies for their own gain, often financial.

Where is the buzz? I hear you ask...well the buzz, a bit like with financial domination, can be elusive and ever so hard to grasp, but when it can be breath taking - for all involved! HAHA!

Imagine the situation; someone is committed to giving up every modicum of control to another.  What better way to do it than to deliver into their lap all the means you can find to enable them to extort what they want from you, threaten to destroy you and ultimately shatter your world if you fail to comply with their every whim?

Too much, you say? I'm inclined to agree, but, for the devotee of this most committed of fetishes, the desire to be utterly at the mercy of another, the feeling of their life only existing in the form it presently does, because of the indulgent whim of someone who regards you s nothing more than a play thing or cash dispenser can be electrifying.

Having no choice but obeying.

Having no choice but complying.

Having no choice but to become whatever that other entity, that master....that OWNER decides you will become.

It is a form of total power exchange, and with it comes all of the issues of the more "mainstream" form of this kind of play, but laced irrevocably into this fetish is the very real aspect of consensual non-consent.  If I fail to follow instruction, personal information can and will leak out into the world, threatening my 'cosy' little setup.

So, for such a stark topic I will leave the post short and sweet, suffice it to say, that I will be online for the next few hours taking calls, your secrets are safe with me...unless you tell me that they shouldn't be! HAHA!!

Call me.

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