Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Filthy dirty... Phonesex most of you already know, (and have first hand experience of) I provide online phonesex services for financial reward. A few of my friends are aware of this fact, and as you can imagine have a healthy curiosity about the nature of the calls, and what goes on etc... Don't worry! Like any professional, all confidentialities are observed. (Although, if I *were* to share more details (fetishes, positions, devices....),  the names of the participants needn't be changed to preserve their innocence...because *most* of the stuff we talk about... well... innocent? - it ain't!). HAHA!

But, alongside the general questions, a friend recently asked me if I preferred the longer calls or the the shorter ones. Just to give a little context - this was after I mentioned that I'd had a two hour long call earlier that day, and had bragged that my personal record was a single call of 6 hours (and yes, that one was with a lady).

So it got me to thinking about whether there was an optimal length of call for me? Needless to say the really short (< 3 mins) calls with new callers are pretty hard to get engaged with.  I can read people pretty quickly, but unless they give me a detailed breakdown of the fantasy or kink they'd like to explore (or they are a regular caller and I already know them!), 3-4 minutes is isn't much time to develop a really engaging fantasy. Beyond that little exception though, I had to answer that there really wasn't an optimal length of time. Some fantasies are so beautifully detailed (one in particular, which is about to head into "Part 4", springs to mind) and so engaging, that I can lose track of time myself, and begin to get immersed in the story we build. Ok, so needless to say, as a dominant straight guy, I'm probably not going to be as "lost" in the story as you will be, unless there are some sexy ladies involved... Haha! But you know what I mean!

So it was a pretty interesting discovery to make, comparing an engaging 90 minute call with an engaging 10 minute call, neither one is better for me (beyond the obvious $$$ difference)! The only challenge with the longer calls is fitting them into my tight schedule! HAHA!  The key to what makes a great session for me though, is a fantasy that has the right level of depth for the duration of the call, and that you are able to communicate to me the kind of experience you are looking for. Armed with that information I will blow your mind!

As any of you who have called me before will know, I have a vivid imagination and can dip in and out of all sorts of kinks, fetishes and scenes effortlessly and fluidly. I guess then that it isn't a great surprise that it doesn't come down to the duration of the call. It comes down to my ability to get inside your mind, and start pressing all those buttons...  setting your heart pounding, your head spinning and letting you experience a truly mesmerizing erotic adventure...  And if you haven't called me yet, well, read some of my feedback, and judge for yourself!

I'll be online for the next few hours, as usual, so whether you've called me before or not, and you fancy exploring a little filthy dirty phonesex fantasy, right now, you know what to do:
Call me.

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