Thursday, 18 August 2011

...and Another Triumphant Victory!

Well, I know its not THAT been very long since my last phonesex post bragging about how great I am, and about how REAL MEN like me, superior men, who take what they want WHEN they want it, and always find a way to get their way... but I thought this news was worthy of mentioning sooner rather than later.

So, not only have I collared another little wannabe slave this month, but I've also shifted into the next gear with my hypno training. I've got my two little hypno guinea piggies drooling and twitching at the prospect of being my fully mind-fucked slaves, bereft of any desire, save to obey my every command! I've already got to stage one with BOTH of them (not bad going after only three sessions) - Oh wait... you don't know what stage one is? Really? Well of course not you pathetic little fuck. Submissive little cock-worshippers like you have to learn little patience - Stage one is that part of the process (my process, incidentally) where you see automatic behaviour manifesting in response to specifically programmed commands. Its really not that difficult - well not for someone like me anyway. I kept hearing how SMOOTH my voice is - and how EASY it is to listen to - how my English accent made my words sound *almost* hypnotic... so I guess with those talents and skills at my disposal - I really shouldn't be surprised to find that I fuckin' rock at this too! HAHA! Oh and two more custom recordings completed too - some VERY interesting stuff in both of them - I like when you guys set me a challenge and give me the chance to flex my perverted imagination. Oh! You got something in mind that you'd like to have recorded? Then mail me!

But anyway - enough about me - how are you? HAHA! Whats that? You're horny? Well of course you are! Why else would you be reading what a straight, dominant guy has to say, unless you are a kinky little perv who is into trying to get closer to an arrogant, confident, good looking and HIGHLY intelligent REAL MAN - just like me.

Yes, that's right - highly intelligent. If you're looking for dumb jocks to dominate you, or play the bull in your cuckhold fantasy, then I'm a different kind of jock.

Oh yeah - I still count myself as a sportsman - just not a dumb one! How else do you think I manage to pull the hottest chics around - some of them like that I can recite french poetry to them - but most of them - yeah - well most of them just want me to talk to them nicely for a little while - just long enough to satisfy their need to be seen to respectable, and then al they want - the ONLY thing their horny little minds, and wet little pussies REALLY want - is to be grabbed by a big strong guy, thrown on the bed, held down and fucked like I'm trying to break them. HAHA!

Seriously - if anyone has stumbled across this post in search of Pick Up Artist tips - then all I can say is: talk to them for AT MOST 20 minutes (an I'm really thinking 10-15) - then make your move - if they slap you - great - you know not to waste any more time on the bitch - but chances are - they won't... and once you've kissed her, then the game is on - take what you want! HAHA! Now OBVIOUSLY - I'm gonna say that if you're playing with a stranger where no limits have been agreed then "No" - means NO! That said, rape-fantasies, forced sex, and all that really dark stuff.. don't even get me started! If I thought a few more GIRLS were reading my little phone sex blog I might get quite carried away writing about THAT particular kink!

But, back to the matter in hand (What? You already have it in your hand - dirty little faggot!) HAHA! If you want to try out a new fantasy - or explore a cherished old one, with a real life honest to goodness GOD among men, then, seriously, you need to call me, I'm as real as they come baby.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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