Monday, 2 November 2015


Hi there losers, kinksters and sluts!

So, "For what..." I hear you ask, "are you searching - 'O wise and sexually explicit one?".

Well my little kinksters, let me reassure you that nothing has suddenly changed overnight, I still have a wonderful supply of needy, desperate little fags and sluts to worship me...But recently, I have found myself in need of a very specific kind of assistance...I'll come back to that in a moment.

Firstly though I want to ask you a question:

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your lustful, wanton desires have gotten you so deep into a situation that you surprised yourself with how powerful your sexual desires really are?

I'm thinking about a time when, maybe, you found yourself kneeling, worshipping your Dom (or maybe Domme if that's your experience), and you realise that your filthy, dirty, horny desires have driven you to degrade yourself for their amusement, entertainment (and maybe even, arousal) *such* an extent... that you actually feel your cheeks heating, and you start to feel the pang of tears of humiliation springing to your eyes, and you feel your arousal thumping like a hammer in your chest....and *then* you realise exactly what a filthy, dirty little fuck toy you really are!

You are so driven and compelled to turn yourself into a sex object for the one who controls you... so driven to submit and make yourself useful to them in *whatever* way you can... that you are able to do things, able to lower yourself, in ways that you never imagined.

HAHA!  Well THAT is what I want for you.  I want to set you free so that you can delve into the darkest, seediest, MOST arousing...MOST exciting...(maybe even most frightening) parts of your sexuality....and I want you explore all of that safely, and securely, on the phone with me.

Indeed, a recent call I had, from a self confessed "no taboo" fuck slut went that way.  It is this new connection that has  me "seeking" a very unique asset in order to create the perfect punishment for her.  You see, dear reader, she *loves* women, she truly finds them arousing, but apparently *only* when she is charge...  and she also owns a couple of unruly dogs, and when I suggested that her pets might be lacking a little discipline, my little slut had to momentarily compose herself in order to take on board this feedback without allowing her unchecked sassy side to respond first.... (she did a good job to give her her dues, but it still gave me a new button to play with)...

...And, as those of you who have submitted to me will know, if you offer yourself to me, to be truly owned during our session, then *You-Are-Mine* and 'sass', no matter how witty, intelligent or amusing, simply has no place! Haha! 

Consequently, my new little plaything has given me the motivation to put out a call for a bi- (-or gay), dominant lady, who is also adept at dog discipline, and would like to see a smug little slut kneel and service her, however she needs!

Now I realise this as an unlikely request (don't let that put you off applying for the role if this happens to describe you!), but the point of sharing this is less about finding a suitable volunteer, and more about making the point that *punishment*, is just that.... punishment.  Don't be naughty if you enjoy being spanked, and then think that a spanking is what you'll get as "punishment" from me...a spanking is a reward for those that enjoy it, and only a punishment for those that don't.  And trust me when I say that I *can* tell the difference between genuine enjoyment and genuine discomfort - Haha!

So...A Kinky, Lesbian, Domme dog-trainer for my fucktoy's punishment, who would have though anyone would need such a unique combination!? Haha! (...and no, just to be clear... this isn't a thinly veiled request for something *truly* taboo - this is just one of those funny combinations that you never thought you would find a need for in life!

In other news...I've had a couple of request for updates on my upcoming hypno-recordings, they are in hand, of course, but if you do have any special requests, or ideas for guided visualisations, full body emmersive hypnotic experiences or kinky behavioural modifications that you'd like to hear, then don't be afraid to leave a comment or two!

And for a more interactive experience, you know what to do - Call me!

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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