Thursday, 13 September 2012

95% real sexual encounters.

So, the evenings are starting to draw in again here in good old Blighty, which means that the wonderful summer of long warm days, short skirts and willing sluts is soon to be replaced with long warm coats, chunky sweaters,  and ...yep you guessed it - willing sluts! HAHA!

It doesn't seem to make any difference how cold it is, how miserable the weather, or how thick the clothing... we still all love to fuck!  Admittedly, there are some of us who like to stay 'on top' of the situation, whereas others like something a bit more, restrictive, shall we say?  But none-the-less, dirty, filthy sex is what it boils down to.

Of course, given that my blog, is all about dirty, filthy phonesex, it only stands to reason that the adventures we go on, are going to be more mental, than physical.  But, I read somewhere once that sexologists (yes, this is a real job) judge that sexuality, arousal and orgasm are all overwhelmingly mentally driven, with less than 5% of the stimulus being physical.  I can't say I was surprised to learn that, after all, there are plenty of situations where we can be in receipt of physical stimulation without feeling even the tiniest twinge of arousal, even when, under other circumstances, those physical stimuli could be super-hot.

Take, for example, pain. Unless you are in a very small minority, you have to be mentally geared up to receive pain in a sexy way, and if you really think about it, once you are geared up that way, almost ANYTHING could be sexy; humiliation, degradation, worship of my sexy feet (and for some of you perverts almost everything IS sexy! HAHA!).

So in that case, doesn't it suggest that phonesex; and I mean GOOD phonesex, the kind that sets your heart thumping, the kind where you feel a genuine connection between the participants, the kind where you can almost taste the sex oozing up between you...THAT kind of phonesex is working you up in a frenzy of excitement, passion and lust that is that all important 95% of what you get in real life...and its probably the most important 95%, since even the very BEST physical 5% will still only be 5% of an experience.

Interesting thought, huh? The fact that, when you treat yourself to an experience like a really enjoyable phonesex session it really is the best part of a sexual encounter. And you lucky little fags get to talk to me! HAHA!

Trust me, you don't get consistently excellent feedback unless you are good at what you do.  It doesn't mean I'm a mind reader, so let me know what you want.  You can be subtle if you want, or blunt and to the point. Trust though that I will put MY spin on your fantasy. After all, I am a Dom, a real-man that knows what he likes, and knows how he wants things to go down, and if you are kind enough (or foolish enough!) to share your particular sexual fetish with me, you can guarantee that I will exploit that fact in the most erotic ways I can, to reduce you to a quivering, submissive little slut, ready to obey me totally. HAHA!

Sounds good doesn't it - so treat yourself, call me!

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