Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer Phonesex Slaves...just perfect!

Well - it seems as though my last post was something of an underestimate of things to come I have no fewer than five, yes FIVE!, new little phonesex faggots begging me, literally BEGGING me to spare them just an ounce of my precious time in the last couple weeks!

The summer really does seem to have an effect on you little subbies, sluts and sissies doesn't it?

Is it the warm weather?

To quote my favorite new pets of the moment (my new little 'worm') who is possibly the least eloquent slave I think I've EVER had the fortune to receive emails from, he says:

"..i have an insane desire to be used humiliate and degraded by you you are a Superior God..i am a idiot worm..."

Well - that may not come as no great surprise to those of you who have talked to me, and certainly, if your particular kink is to be dominated, degraded and humiliated for your own twisted sexual gratification - well then you've come to the right place. Although I'm straight, there is something very potent about pure submission. Its something to do with being able to engulf you, fill you, and suffocate you with my intoxicating power...not so that you benefit from it as such, just so that I can enjoy seeing the effects of my potency on your weak and pathetic little minds....its delicious...and the icing on the cake is that I'm getting all your £££s at the same time ...HAHA! That takes the power exchange from the purely mental into physical for me... That's what makes it real.

That said another little subbie of mine described my finest attribute as being my "exquisite and unique imagination, combined with pure masculine irresistible sexyness..." I liked that. Sounds like the recipe for a pure masculine irresistible PHONESEX experience! Doesn't that sound like JUST the thing you are looking for? HAHA! Of course I am!

As I've told a couple of my new ...err ....'toys'... there's got to be more than just a simple transactional exchange for my time in order for me to be REALLY interested in you... there's got to be a connection - something that I get out of the deal personally...when that happens - that's when you get the earth shattering experience that you are looking for, and its so EASY to make that happen.

Do you want to know the secret?

Well, all it takes for you to get the most mind blowing, ORGASMIC, phonesex... the kind of elite phonesex that feels like you've had your mind ravaged in the most sexually obscene way possible... all it takes is - genuine - submission ...that's all.... genuine submission on your part... think about that for a moment before you call me. When you pick up the phone ready to answer any and all questions I have, ready to obey, ready to be used in WHATEVER way I choose....that's when you get EXACTLY what you NEED... How does that work? You way ask yourself - Ha! Well - it works because I am a dominant, superior REAL MAN... just the kind you crave.

So - lets see what next week holds... any more little perverts just itching to explore your fantasies? If you've been thinking about getting in touch, then there's no time like the present - if I'm not online, then drop me an email, introduce yourself. Hesitation is not something you want to become a hall-mark of your life. If anything that you've read here, or even thought I might be hinting at, has giving you that little tingle of excitement that you want to pursue now, then pick up the phone and call me.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hot - Summer - Kink

Well the summer is here and its BEAUTIFUL. Hot sunny days, perfect. Now, I realise that some of you superstitious little phonesex-addictted faggots might be thinking "oh no - he's jinxed it now! Its going to rain...blah blah..." But, it might not surprise you to hear that I don't believe in any of that crap.

The weather is what it is - and we make the most of it in whatever form it comes. Hot summer afternoons where you can stroll around wearing as little as possible with nothing on your feet but a pair of flip-flops feeling the cool breeze blowing by (HAHA! Yes Drew - that little foot-fetish reference was for you!) ... Or cooler evenings when some warmer clothes might be appropriate (but maybe not the furs *just* yet Bob..:-) - but soon...!)... Either way suits me... even rain and thunderstorms -cos' thunderstorms seem to have a particular effect on the fairer sex - at least on the slutty, dirty variety that I have a particular taste for (yes Luna...that means you! HAHA!).

Its seems that the summer time has brought alot of you little faggotty worms up just like the rain brings up real worms... the number of requests I've had to arrange kinky calls, or make some perverted custom recordings (and sometimes more!) has been great - all that lovely fag-cash to spend on whatever I like...I know that you guys (and the occasional girlie) have a soft spot just for lil' old me... and it only stands to reason that since I have the looks, the brains, the body and the attitude that people will recognise me as someone that they have to worship and adore... and the best way of doing that? Cold hard cash of course.

Oh? What's that? - I sound a little cocky and arrogant? Well - let me break it down for you... there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. When its born out of nothing more than self belief and its oblivious to the reality of the outside world -THAT is pure arrogance...nothing else... its fragile and that little bubble can be pricked with nothing but a well chosen word or two

On the other hand... if you've taken a long hard look at the world and you've weighed and measured've sought to understand and manipulate it... you've sought to test yourself against it....and THEN you've turned that same cold, hard, analytical eye in on yourself, and you've recognised that you have talents that very few possess, and that even fewer possess in combination. Well then - that's arrogance born from genuine supremacy.

And, my little faggotty friends, if we've had the chance to speak, if you've called to have phonesex with me (or if you've have seen the feedback I have on NF) then you will appreciate that my claims are not just the empty braying that so many are tempted to try and echo - but rather something of substance.

If you want to be humiliated and broken down so that you are exposed as the pathetic little pretender that you are... no problem - my intellect alone can dismantle you and penetrate your veneer of bullshit...add to that the fact that I have real physical presence (real as in a REAL MAN in the REAL WORLD) and I know that I look the part means that I will dominate you intellectually, physically and emotionally.. yeah... that'll be intimidating for just about everyone...

Problem? not for me - because I'm comfortable with being dazzling, I've had it all my life.

People confiding in me that they were impressed with this particular aspect of me, or that particular aspect...does it go to my head? No! half the time those fuckers are wanting something from they get it? Well - let me tell you a secret...if I feel that the person I am talking to needs and deserves some support - then I lend that support selflessly and with all the charm and warmth that you would expect from a true gentleman... It makes me feel good to be able to genuinely touch someone just when, and just where, they need to be touched....BUT- I also exercise judgement as to when its appropriate to share that charm, warmth and care - and believe me when I tell you that if you are ANYTHING but honest about what you need... honest with me AND honest with yourself...then you will be put firmly and unequivocally back in your place like the belly crawling faggot that you are...HAHA!

Since I'm sharing secrets today... you want to know the wierdest thing? I'm a straight guy - there's nothing about another guy that turns me on sexually (I'm not gonna labour this point - cos' you either believe me or not) But...girls, Girls, GIRLS! THEY are super fucking hot - I like looking at them touching them playing with them...even just typing these lines is getting me hard...but with all of that said - *sometimes* hearing one of you little faggots submitting to me just like a good girl...and hearing you humiliating yourself for my pleasure and entertainment...being prepared to dance to my tune and do WHATEVER it is that I decide is the best thing for you at THAT particular moment...being in a position to dominate and torment you with whatever it is that presses YOUR buttons...whether its my feet, my mind or my dark sadistic tendencies...when its right... fuck ....that *is* hot....Just like the summer! HAHA!

So...I'm online now and taking calls for the next few hours - so why don't you click on the links on the left and CALL ME, right now.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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