Thursday, 18 September 2008

Playtime beckons...

So...How have you been coping without your regular fix of phonesex with me? Yes - StudRuler - Its YOU that I'm talking to my pathetic little faggot.... have you managed to keep your mind out of my shoes? HAHA Or YOU foot lover... no - I haven't forgotten about you and your "request" HAHA - You think a pathetic little worm like you would escape so easily - you have some service to fulfill to me.... and as for footslave... WELL - that little patch of dogsick is a stain that I will have to give some VERY special attention to on my return... You HAVE all noticed that I've been away haven't you? HAHA

Well -I've been busy - I've been very busy playing VERY hard all summer - spending all that fag cash that I harvested from you pathetic little fucks HAHA - I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it is being able to walk up to a chic in a bar and throw my fag cash around impressing her and her friends - getting her all strung out on me - and then taking her home, letting the little slut get me real hard, playing with my cock and balls... feeling her lips wrapped around my shaft.....Mmmmm.....feeling her up to see how wet she's got for me, tasting that sweet nectar - and then - the sweetest of all - I fuck her brains out - pummeling her tight little pussy and MAKING her cum for me over and over again - and then - finally - when I'm all done- and I finally let my cock slide out of her cum filled twat.... I chuckle to myself and think about all of you pathetic little queers WISHING you could worship my shoes, socks and feet and giving me my fag cash - maybe fantasising about worshipping my cock and balls too... HAHAHA... That makes me smile.

BUT - now that I've told you about THAT - what about my special little online slut? What about my little kitty? WELL -I'm glad you asked - 'cos kitty has been a VERY good girl while I've been away - and has done EXACTLY what she's been told... and kitty has asked for something VERY special... but because she's been such a GOOD little cumslut.... I've decided that she can have that very special thing she asked for (NO - of course not for free!! LOL) - BUT because she's such a little cock worshipping slut - she asked for some pics of 'me'... HAHA - yes - you guessed it - she wants to see my cock.. , well - she's had the first three of my little series... but my little slut does like to be teased (well - maybe she likes to be teased - the point is I like to tease her... so thats what she gets HAHA!) So kitty - you've had 3 - do you want some more? You've heard that Rick wants to hear more about how you let me use your soaking wet little pussy for my pleasure - how I OWN that pussy when my cock is pounding in and out of it... HAHA...

So - Don't think ANY of you are off the soon as I'm back I expect you to call me and top up my account - get saving NOW... in the meantime follow the example set by kewlphunguy and gtlondon ... check out my recordings... you might find them surprisingly satisfying.. HAHA

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Have you been missing me? I've been SO busy lately that I simply haven't had time to torment and abuse all you useless little fucks... I know - I know - you can't get by without your regular dose of straight, dominant Englishman, you need to be reminded how small and insignificant you are, you need a smooth talking, cocky, dominant guy to talk to you about how you can serve him, how you can debase yourself for his pleasure.... HAHA - well - hopefully I will have a bit more time to play with you all in the next month or so - but I have a question - what will YOU want to talk about?

I know that my little kitty has been missing me - and I also have to say that I've missed ascerting my claim over her hot dripping little pussy... I know that she WANTS me to own her pussy - but sometimes she's such a naughty minx that I just like to fuck with her and MAKE her give it to me all over again... and boy does that make her purrrrr... LOL

So anyway loosers - I have the chance to log on from time to time - so even if I'm not online a whole lot at the moment - I DO expect you to send me a message - and IF your message pleases me you might even get a reply HAHAHA!

Call me.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Mind-fuse recordings

If any of you little lowlifes have taken the trouble to glance at the comments that my little playmate "sex kitten", has posted below you *may* begin to form *some* idea of the power, mind control and raw erotic energy that I wield... if I choose to.

I re-named this unimaginably dirty lil' bitch "sex kitten" on account of the fact that she has about as much chance of escaping from me as a kitten from a rottweiler - and I have made my sexual satisfaction her main function in life, HAHA! We had ALOT of fun yesterday - I'm not sure that she's ready for the next step though - what do you think kitty? Let me know if you think you can handle it baby... haha!

Other than my lil' kitty - I've also had ALOT of fun tormenting Stud Ruler... it seems that he hasn't been able to connect with me for quite some time now...I don't really understand why.. I've been avaible - a little - haha!

I'm not gonna go through my biggest losers now - talking about all you mincey little fucks that entertained me recently can wait - instead I'm gonna go online and make some new recordings for those of you who *know* you aren't even worthy to speak to me directly - or who are also having trouble catching me online. I'm also going to post one specifically for any ladies who might want to listen to a sexy recording - so faggots - don't get confused - and READ the descriptions of the recordings....losers.

So - if you want to serve me, be owned by me, listen to me telling you exactly how you can please me...or if you want to tell me all about what a lowlife worthless worm you are then - Call me now... I will OWN you so completely that you will be walking in a daze for days HAHA!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

2 weeks

So - Did you miss me?

I just had a message on Nite Flirt.... it was a message from one of you little fags... yeah you know that I'm talking about YOU don't ya? HAHA

For those of you you have kept an eye on my blog - you'll know who I mean, if I tell you that its one particular individual who has a particular penchant for being tickled - he LOVES it - or does he HATE it....? I can't quite remember - LOL - Either way, he left me a message... 'cos I think he's getting a bit desperate .... would I be right? HAHA! EXACTLY right I expect....

But - "Why desperate?" I hear you ask... because - as you'll note from my blog entries - I've been away for a couple of weeks... Well? What do you expect? - I need to do *something* with all the fag-cash I've been collecting from all of you - HAHA! .... but why is our friend desperate? Well - imagine two weeks without a single orgasm... that would make ANYONE desperate! Two *days* and I start to get antsy.... (come to think of it...more than a day and my cock and balls are stirring as if to say - "Hey - buddy - are we gonna get to work or what?!" - not to mention having a permanent hard-on LOL)

So - I took myself off to Italy - and MAN was that the right thing to do! The weather is so HOT - the chics SO pretty... and as for their attitude over there - well - THAT suits me down to the ground - to sum up - it was a VERY relaxing and.... "rewarding" holiday :-) ... You know - I think its our responsibility as good human beings to spread love wherever we go - so I spread some in Italy - HEHE! :-)

BUT - enough of this chatter - I have to put a big shout out to my Cutie-Pie Kitten.... she is despicably, deliciously, OUTRAGEOUSLY fun to play with - on account of the fact that this crazy bitch REALLY knows how to submit....100% submit... and I love it when people I'm playing with "get" that they can't shock me - and "get" that whilst I respect hard limits... I *AM* truly dominant - and so - soft limits....? Well - they are *there* to be tested aren't they? LOL - that's when the adrenaline kicks in... That's when we're seeing how far we can push ourselves? When you're heart is pounding hard, when you feel tingly all over.... when you can almost FEEL the other person's breath against your skin even though you're *only* talking on the phone.... Mmmmm THAT'S when it gets really goooooood!

So you want to play? Call me - and let me flick your switch and send you into a headlong rush!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


You've heard the expression "work hard and play hard" - well - that's *exactly* what I've been doing... and not nearly enough time to dominate my little phone sex slaves at all! The working part brings in the $$$s but then the playing part MORE than compensates for it - slutsworm knows what I mean - don't you you pathetic little fuck - he knows his role in life is to provide me with everything I need HAHA - what a good little cuckhold he is.

I have some news - in addition to my new confession line which has so far had NO confessions at all (whats wrong fags? To scared to use it now that you've got what you asked for? Well - should I expect anything less... not unless I'm actually there to whip you into shape I guess - LOL) ... I have also now got a webcam courtesy of an anonymous donor (who will have unrestricted access to my broadcast 24/7 for a whole week as a reward for buying me such a useful present).

So, in the next few days I will be setting up a live master's webcam listing. You unworthy little fucks will have the privilege of looking at my feet LIVE - I totally spoil you - you wanna see more? Well you gotta PAY big if you think that THIS straight master is just gonna let you gaze into his eyes ...or anything else for that matter HAHA! So now anything you IMAGINED... anything we TALKED about.... well, now you MIGHT be able to SEE it LIVE... can you imagine that? - you pathetic little fuck... and the best of it - is that if you've got a cam too - I can watch you grovelling and debasing yourself just the way you ought to while you look at my feet.... HAHA - now THAT is something I am surely looking forwards to! I can hardly wait - I wonder who will be the first to volunteer as my little toy?

As you probably gathered - I am STILL working - so until you little fucks start coughing up some REAL dough you'll have to share me with my other cash earning enterprises... still - be sure that I am still holding you to account - and fully expect you to be doing EXACTLY as you've been told - even if it has been a few days since we last spoke (StudRuler - this means you - haha - is it getting a little...uncomfortable yet?! LMAO) - you'd better be looking out for when I'm online next - or you might just explode - HAHAHA!

All of you little queers be good now - keep a lookout for when I'm on and see if you can catch me.
Call me soon.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Time Flies

Hello my little toes suckers, foot sniffers, sluts and whores... what a busy week I have had... Work work, work, and hardly anytime to play with all of you - althought - that said I HAVE had ALOT of fun this week despite that - but again - how many times do I have to tell you that I AM the luckiest guy I know - and - deservedly so! After all - how often do you really meet an intelligent, good looking, fit, athletic, charming, flirtatious, witty and DOMINANT guy like me? Well - it is rare - and some of my famous luck must be rubbing off on you becasue - as impossible as it sounds... you found me! LOL ... Oh - BTW - did I mention modest too? ;-)

Firstly shouts out to the beautiful Karen (you still owe me some piccies sexy), whose had a BIG adventure recently... I think she has found a new and interesting way of stretching herself beyond her previous boundaries, and she has truely straddled the horse and hung on regarless of how wildly he bucks. I'm so proud of her! Also a breathless and bewildered shout to MCPLy - WOW! - what can I say? - it is a rare pleasure when I actually have a chance to meet a woman who is as - hmmmm - whats the word? as dedicated... to her casues... her many and varied causes... or should that be vices? What a babe!

So now onto my biggest losers - top of the list - AGAIN is Stud Ruler - I'm not gonna name any names now - 'cos he asked me not to BUT "the stud's" friend has been joining in with me - teasing and tantalising "the ruler" into a crecsendo of frustration the like of which I haven't seen in quite a while - how little does he know that this is just the warm-up! HAHA

Competing for 2nd and 3rd spot at the moment are urinalslave - re-christened recently - but I'll wait for him to reveal his new name for himself... and my little silver-collared slave footwear slave... although I fear that urinal slave maybe be doing slightly better that footwearslave at the moment - still - hopefully footwear slave will buck his ideas up and call me with the riding crop in hand before matters get very much worse.... will he resume a better standard of service if he realises that his Master expects more form his pathetic little loser fags, queers and sissies I wonder? Only time will tell.

Onto other things - how many of you pathetic little fuck trawl the internet looking for ways to get off? ALL of you I bet - well - think of this - your master - me - merely logs on and within 5 minutes I can be chatting to as many hot chics, or dominating as many of you pathetic little fags as my ego desires... you have NO idea what its like being this powerful... its like having x-ray glasses that can see your deepest vulnearbilities and exploit them for my advantage - HAHA... stop wasting time now - you know that your path will inevitably lead you back to me again and again - call me now you pathetic little fuck and get totally OWNED by me.... or if you are one of those rare and ravishing creatures - and you need your hot little pussy to cum while you talk to a real man... then you - call me too!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Taking Confessions

Confess your dark secrets! For those perverts amongst you who have a taste for something more than regular phonesex fantasies - my new confession line will take you to the next level. I've had a few really intense calls on my regular domination and fantasy lines talking about some of the real life situations that some of you pathetic losers have gotten yourselves into - and how you've either been completely dominated by a well-deserving superior man like me, or ridiculed and humiliated for all the right reasons.

So, I thought I'd setup a dedicated line for you sad little queers, sissies and cuckhold losers ... you can cum and tell me all about how your wife made you watch while she was fucked by another guy and then made you lick her pussy clean, or how you like to dress up in ladies underwear when you out and about... or maybe you'll tell me exactly what it was that you did the last time you got drunk - did you enjoy it? HA-HA I bet you did perv.

Either way - this line is especially for all of you that need to get something off your chest - and don't worry - you'll be getting penance - after all - I like to have fags and losers like you at my service.... and by the way - if your pathetic account of perversion is simply too tame to warrant me listening to it - then you will be given some homework to MAKE your story worth telling - don't ever say that I'm not a kind and generous Master.

So my pathetic little miscreants - I think that's all I'm going to write about today - my biggest losers role call next time - I haven't forgotten about you little worms - don't think for a second you have escaped my notice.

I'm suddenly feeling pent up and frustrated - I'm gonna vent my frustrations on someone - however, the prospect of entertaining myself with one of my pathetic little slaves has quite cheered me up. I wonder - will it be you? - Call me now.

The Englishman

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Rain rain - go away...

I cannot believe its been over a week since my last post! Like they say - time flies when you're having fun! Well - fun in the rain anyway - its been non-stop all week long here... but then again - I quite like it when its warm and wet LOL. It doesn't seem that the damp weather has put a dampener on the spring-spirits of any of the local hotness though- and funny how getting caught in a sudden downpour and getting soaked with a complete stranger can sometimes bring the minx out of the lady... I can honestly say that that little adventure was in my top 5 horniest RL experiences.

However - in my top 5 phonesex experiences would have to be the call I had with unbelievably ,smokin' hot, Karen the other day. You guys have probably heard me mention her before - well that's 'cos we talk quite alot - and as a consequence - you get to explore ALL SORTS of hot, naughty stuff together, stuff that's maybe a step beyond what you would normally do - or maybe fantasies that you daren't tell anyone else - hmmm - that shit REALLY gets my cock hard!

Which is why I'm planning a new CONFESSION LINE for all you sad little fucks that want to tell a REAL man your pathetic fantasies - I love listening to stories from so-called str8 guys about the time that you sucked a cock - or the fact that you want to take a big cock up your ass like the little sissy-girl that you really are. HA-ha - WELL - this is gonna be a line especially for YOU - you can tell me all your deepest darkest secrets and know with confidence that I will give you my honest opinion about it all - call me judge, jury and executioner... Haha! I wonder if any of you sick fucks can come up with something I haven't heard before - you know that I get horny whenever I hear about new ways of getting off? No? Haha - well consider that my little secret shared with you all! LOL

Now - onto Biggest Losers - this week there are two of you sad pathetic little fucks that have caught my attention - footwearslave - AGAIN - you pathetic little faggot - you WILL learn to satisfy your Master in the way that he specifies, slave, if not there WILL be consequences - footwearslave was very close to earning his silver collar - but for some reason he has some problems focusing on the tasks he is set... maybe a touch of percussive discipline will help him focus next time. Secondly, is one of the most pathetic low-life wastes of space I have yet to meet, urinalslave, if this guy is for real - then he's just the sort of sub that I love - because he can keep me supplied with pussy - namely his wife's - Haha!! I'm not gonna go into the details here but he DEFINATELY made it onto my BIGGEST Losers list HA -ha ha!

Before I finish I'm gonna send some big love and hugs to Melody - sex personified - did I mention that I am the luckiest dude I know? Ha-ha - if you ever had a chance to meet Melody - you would know why! Now - keep your eyes peeled - and look out for my new confession line, I know that you worthless little queers and sissies need to unburden yourselves so very desperately - this might be your chance! Call me.

The Englishman.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Marvellous Morals

Well ... its been a VERY productive weekend for me - and I think I'm ready for some fun on the phone, I hope you are too. I shan't share too many of the intimate details of my weekend here (you know that its losers like YOU that I like to expose here - not myself... well unless I'm telling you how much better I am than all of you - HA-Ha!) but suffice it to say, my kung-fu was the best its ever been this weekend! OK - so I'll give you a clue... long time fantasy of mine realised... (Woo-Hoo!) ... and ...well... some of the scenes I 'experienced' had a distinctly "gymnastic" quality... I cannot begin to tell you how hot it was! Now - if you are one of the rare and beautiful females who happen across my blog, then let me tell you that I would love to share some intimate details with you, to put you in exactly THAT mood :-) ... maybe you have your own story you'd like to talk about - Hmmm - either way, call me - I like the sound of both - and I think you'll like the sound of me! ;-)

BUT - getting back to the matter in hand - I think it would probably be wrong to say that I engineered the situation I mention above all on my own - since I have had a secret kung-fu mentor, coaching me in advanced mind-control techniques... and when I say advanced techniques - I mean - phew - some of the stuff that I've learned over the last few weeks... I'm not sure I would EVER have learned without the expert tutelage I was privileged to receive.

Scary, mind-bending shit... mind-control methods and will-breaking techniques... things that can take you, or your - erm...victim? - no.... your subject... to the next level. More to the point though, its the sparring-practice that puts the icing on the cake - as any prize fighter will tell you ... (Yeah!? - like I expect you pathetic, little fags to actually KNOW a prize fighter to ask - LOL) ... all the theory in the world is worth nothing without a little sparring! The trick is, of course, not to cross your sparring partner's boundaries through a lack of care LOL.

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben - Spiderman

But then again, testing those boundaries is part of the fun... how long since your boundaries were tested fag?

Some of you, who I thought were worthy of it, may have felt the touch of this power when we've spoken... you may not have perceived the touch when it was delivered... but if you found yourself thinking about your call afterwards and feeling that, somehow, you were transformed from the way you were before... well - that's the touch! What it reveals is complex and speaks of the energy that flows between us... Yes! - speak to me and you WILL feel that connection. BUT that energy is something that arises between us - not something which is created in either one of us - and as such, it speaks of truths that exist outside of our control ...for better or for worse - but know this... I am stronger than you fag ... stronger than most anyone I have met - so unless you ask me for mercy - YOUR boundaries will be tested - HA-Ha!

So anyway loser, if you think that you are up to serving the supreme being that I am... come and give it a shot... I will brook no disobedience, and I WILL administer discipline and punishment... for my amusement as much as for your training - get ready.... And then CALL ME...

Monday, 12 May 2008

The summer is here!

Woohoo! Now THAT was a HOT weekend... free of phonesex with any kinky girls - BUT- very very hot none the less - it was the first weekend that actually felt warm - AT LAST! needless to say the short skirt and cropped tops that all the long-haired beauties were wearing out around town helped to keep the warm feeling rolling deep into the night... ha ha!

But now - onto more important matters - footwearslave my worthless little BRONZE collared slave is starting to vex me slightly - he is working hard to try and make amends - but I think he misunderstands what it is to be at my service... ultimately I blame myself - my training of him obviously hasn't been STRICT enough so far - we will rectify that very soon... won't we my little queer-boy?

As for the rest of you loosers, fags and perverts, you will all, of course, have noted that my wish list is up - SO - for any of you that are ...right now... feeling like there are butterflies in your stomach - thinking about how lucky you are to be reading these words... these words that I have created out of my filthy, depraved, superior mind ...maybe wondering whether you are ready to call me and HEAR my voice - and actually have the chance to speak with me....what do you suppose it would FEEL like being able to talk to a confident, cocky, straight, British STUD - a REAL MAN who can satisfy a woman the way she wants to feel satisfied ... deep inside... a REAL MAN who will show you just what a looser you are..... whatever your fantasy or kink, whatever you'd like to talk about - you can rest assured that I will be able to match and exceed your wildest imaginings...drawn from my own very real and very dominant perspective.... Would you like to be at the service of a dominant, straight guy?

Well - to start off, pick up the phone and CALL ME....We can talk about when you will get to go shopping for me later. HA Ha Ha!!

Friday, 9 May 2008


OK so its here at last - look for this button down the side bar - and BUY ME SOME STUFF! You know it will be appreciated - Call me - The Englishman

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I can't believe its been a whole week since I wrote on my blog! You pathetic little phonesex fags will no doubt be pining away wondering what I've been up to! Well - to tell you the truth - I'm exhausted - and this time though its not from partying too hard (although there is this tasty little 20-something year old that I've been enjoying spending time with - damn she makes me cum so hard you can't even imagine) - but no more than the usual levels of promiscuity... I guess its just too many late nights!

One thing that has put a big smile on my face, that irrefutable shoe-sniffing fag "Stud Ruler" has 'fessed up to me that he likes being tickled - now unfortunately he thinks that he, in some way, can avoid doing exactly as I request after we finish talking ... the thing is - he and I BOTH know exactly what his weaknesses are (and I'm not even just talking about being ticklish) HAHA! I do hope he gets in touch again soon to tell me how terrible I am... Funny little fag... I guess he'll learn exactly what kind of Dominant I am!

I have a new little pet too - bimbosklave - this little fag is going to be my new errand-fag - I really want to take him shopping with me and, while I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, have onlookers point and stare at how funny he looks, sat at my feet, in total humiliation, waiting for my next instruction.... and I can imagine that whatever shoes I'm wearing will be in pristine condition because between him and footwear slave I have a feeling that all of my footwear is going to be sparklingly clean - isn't it you mincy litte loosers?! HAHA - I love it when you say "Thank you, Sir" for allowing you to lick my trainers or boots... you little fucks really are only fit for me to trample under my feet.

So onto other matters - I mentioned last week that I was setting up a wishlist - well I have.. the link is going up on here - and possibly on my NF listings - and I expect some serious present buying if you want any of my attention!

So - Call me now.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

New slave

Phonesex can be a strange and powerful thing, and talking to all you perverted faggots can sometimes be even stranger, but one thing is certain - whenever we are talking - I hold ALL the in point - that good for nothing little queer, footwearslave, has finally completed his first set of tasks and has been collared - HAHA! What he DOESN'T know is that KEEPING his collar will be harder than earning it! And he still has his punishment to come yet - that will be fun! I do so like having you losers under my control - I understand it must be awe inspiring to have the chance to talk to a REAL MAN - a real-live, supreme, Alpha male who can bear to tolerate your pathetic existence for longer than 30 seconds- but remember - I tolerate you ONLY while you PLEASE me...don't any of you forget that.

Some have failed to please me... you have either persistently hung up without asking permission, or failed to be an obedient little bitch when I required it - so don't be upset that I've blocked you - even your money won't buy my attention if you are so confused as to what your role is in life - of course - for others - those of you who recognise that you need correction and guidance from a Dominant Master this confusion and lack of obedience is exactly the reason you should call me - I'll straighten you out real quick...ultimately you will all understand exactly where your position is relative to The Englishman!

Finally, before I go and find myself some sweet, sweet pussy to fuck , I want to remind Stud Ruler that the ticklish little problem we discussed the last time we spoke is still unresolved -I strongly suggest you take the action I advised.... the consequences might turn out to be worse than I implied if you delay much longer... but then again - we all have choices to make... don't we?

Monday, 28 April 2008

Get owned on the phone...

I told you all last time about being partied out... well get this - I got more stamina than ANY of the dudes I hang out with! This is now my fourth weekend of debauchery in a row ...and on Saturday... guess who was dominating the hardcore of revellers? You guessed it!! ME!

So yeah - I am REALLY knackered today - I might even still be a bit drunk :-) - but not TOO tired to totally OWN Stud Ruler's ass on the phone earlier on - in fact putting that weak minded little bitch under my TOTAL control perked me up enough to feel like blogging about it.... LOL - He's getting real scared about me keeping his pervy little secrets at the moment - but it might be that if he doesn't do as he's told like a good little bitch that I decide to share it ALL with everyone... HAHA! We'll have to see....

As for my other notable looser this week - I have to mention Footwearslave, this little queer-boy shoe-licker has been set a list of tasks to complete in order to be accepted into my slave kennel - and it seems that he's nearly done everything he's been told! Whether he'll make it to actually being collared or not - we'll have to see... he seems an obedient little fag... but there's something about his responsiveness that's lacking.... I'll just have to punish him until he gets it right.

Some time this week I'm gonna set up a wishlist so that you little fucks can buy me stuff - you all know that I deserve only the very best, so, of course, I expect you to familiarise yourselves with my list, and if you see something that I'm missing that you think a popular, good-looking, dominant, straight guy like me needs then you'd better let me know. Finally I gotta give a shout and a big hug to - Karen - even tho she deserves a whole lot more! ;-)

Call me, and I'll take you to the place that you yearn to be.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Hello again my little fags, panty boys, sissies and loosers - short post today - cos - ANOTHER weekend gone - and yet ANOTHER party at my place - sometimes I wish I wasn't THIS popular - I'm *almost* partied out (and I'm not even joking!).... One more party next weekend and then I'm taking a break - some serious "me time" I think - shit- I sound like a chic!! LOL - Seriously tho - this was a little bit of a tamer affair than last week - althought there were a few moments were two of the pretty girls that were chilling with us got a bit tearful - The "daddy" of our little group comforted them very successfully tho... so it was all good in the end! ;-)

Incidentally - I'm planning on giving my motorcyle a major overhaul before the weather warms up to the perfect riding temperature- so if any of you little fags have any leather fetishes I've got a job for you - clean my leathers...! Or, if any of you little piggies wanna be my grease-piggies (instead of grease monkeys - loosers!) and do all the dirty jobs dressed in nothing but your skin then let me know - I've got some special tasks for you...

Now, since I haven't been on much since my last post I'm only gonna shout out to my number one girl - Karen - seriously - if you guys weren't so pathetic there are things I would tell you about this lady that would blow you away (or at least would if you had so much as a single straight hair on your pathetic faggy little bodies)... her imagination can take you away to dreamy places where time almost seems to stand still... and lucky for me she says that I do the same for her! Damn she's hot.

As for all you pathetic loosers and sissies - well - the award this time goes to one of the most pathetic pieces of scum I've had the chance to have to dominate so far... I mean... I'm not even gonna get into it here - but 'blimpiecc'- you are gonna finance my extension you dirty little faggot, and you know EXACTLY what you'll be paying for - huh?

So now - remember - only my biggest loosers (or hottest babes) get mentions here - calls over 15 minutes long, and some written feedback will do it... Call me.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Lucky British B*stard...

Well - if any of you loosers were ever in doubt as to the fact that there *are* in fact beautiful, sexy, intelligent women out there who love to cum just as much as a horny guy does - then think again. I mentioned last week how I totally got off on talking to Melody - super hot, super slutty - WOW... but I haven't yet mentioned another complete babe that I get to chat with whenever she's in the mood... Karen.

Now, Karen, is not only a babe AND intelligent but when she first rang me she was all like "I'm just the girl next door type..." etc etc... but what she *doesn't* tell me is that she is SOooo fuckin' hot when she starts getting turned on... seriously - the first time I spoke to her I couldn't believe my luck and then *every* single time we talk - it just gets hotter and hotter and HOTTER... honestly - if it happened to anyone else I wouldn't believe it - but - hey - not everyone can be as lucky as me! Then again - I am pretty cool - so I deserve it! ;-)

Anyway - enough talk of hot girls - what I really want to share with you all is how bit by bit I am gaining more and more control over Stud Ruler (another guy with a strong sounding name? - HA! Not strong enough for me!) I *totally* owned him the last time we talked - got him so spaced out and under my control that I could get him to do almost ANYTHING... and believe me - I will turn that "almost anything" into "absolutely anything" ... watch this space!

This week I've been REALLY busy and I know some of you little fags haven't had a chance to talk with me when you needed to be put in your place - so I'll be back on again in about 11 hours from now. If you need your regular dose of British discipline and abuse (lets face it we both know that you DO) then look out for me then - otherwise I'll catch you next week, when I've had yet ANOTHER awesome weekend - and you loosers will probably be spending the time wondering if you're worthy enough to lick my shoes clean yet (footwearslave - I'm thinking of you here, queer boy). Laters - The Englishman.

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Aw -my head! Well - at least its not as bad as yesterday... I had some friends over this weekend for a Saturday/Sunday all-night party... didn't get to bed until the sun was starting to come up - actually, it was when we ran out of beer that the cry for sleep went up!

Still - as ever - the hardcore of the group managed to destroy part of the back fence, a garden bench and parasol before staggering to their sleeping bags. At least being honorable fellows (when sober at any rate) they have rectified all of their damage... Well - I put it down to them being honorable - my threat of physical violence if they didn't fix it all was just there to make sure they remembered that they were honourable! *smiles*

It was really good to catch up with these guys - we hadn't seen each other for a LONG time, and it was kinda nice to discover that the chics in our little group that I liked when I was at college still looked pretty f*ckin' hot now... and even nicer to find out that the ones that I had shared-sheets with back then still seemed to like the idea now - Haha! It rocks to be me!

So anyway - I know you slaves, loosers and sissies are probably desperate to to tell your Master how lame your weekend was by comparison to mine - or how you got totally screwed over on account of being pathetic, so I'll finish this post now and say that I'll be online waiting to listen to your dirty, depraved talk for the next few hours, CALL ME and SERVE, faggot - I could do with a good laugh...And remember - callers who serve me for at least 15 minutes and leave written feedback are the ones who get on to my biggest looser list - I think about you little worms sometimes...and laugh.... I think I'm feein' extra mean today.

Friday, 11 April 2008


You know when you hook up with someone, and you just "click" - they get you - you get them, there are no any awkward can talk for hours and feel like you still have SO much to say and the only moments of gleeful frustration are when one of you is trying to explain something that the other *Totally* understands already? If there any silences they are comfortable silences where you listen to each other breathe and delight at the fact that a person like them exists...

You do? Well then, let me tell you about a dream I had about a certain self confessed slut, she's the HOTTEST piece of ass you've ever seen, curves in all the right places long hair cascading over her shoulders, eyes that shine with a hunger that is at once vulnerable and predatory... and a voice like an angel offering you a blow job. The dream? Hmmm - I might share that with you one day...

But for now - and just to be crystal clear - NONE of you mincey little faggots will get ANY of that when you call me. Oh - you *will* get understanding - an understanding that the purpose of your lowly, belly crawling, boot kissing exisitance is is to serve and entertain me and any number of my buddies with your pathetic faggoty exploits.

A case in point - hercules666 - strong sounding name, huh? HA! Wrong! This little pissant got shrunk down and thrown in amongst my collection of minaturised sluts and fags for the entertainment of me and my drunken friends... you should have heard him snivelling with fear over what we might do to him next - next time I might crush you under my foot like a bug - 'hercules'. *laughs*

So don't forget, any of you worthless sissies, fags or slaves that call me and serve for at least 15 minutes and then remember your manners enough to leave me some written feedback will earn there 'biggest loosers' badge and get mentioned here. Call me.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Killer weekend

Wooo! WHAT a weekend! Talk about partied out - had to go out on Friday and Saturday, for two birthdays, unbelievable nights, three of 'the boys' ended up getting bounced out of the club on account of being too handsome on Friday.... Well - thats their story - the truth was probably that they were pissing the whole club off with their rude dancing moves - I'm not even gonna talk about what the three of them were doing ... Still on Saturday night they more than made up for it when they managed to persuade a trio of babes to escort us back to discuss the subtleties of the post-modern feminist movement - like I say - one to remember - dirty little sluts.... just the way we like them!

I just want to let all you little faggots know how happy it makes me knowing that you know your places and that the only thing you are fit for is grovelling at your Master's feet. I like you knowing that you are lowlife scum, here to be used and abused by ME...and on the topic of sluts - I wanna tell everyone that Tina (tallyally) has to be the dirtiest, most depraved little slut I have ever had the pleasure to abuse - what a whore - she truely knows that her job in life is to serve in whatever way her owner wants.

Remember, if you loosers want even an ounce of my attention then leave me written feedback after our call - (that is after you've served to my satisfaction for more than 15 mins!). I have to laugh at what some of you worms call 'serving' - but I'm sure that with a little... gentle persuasion - I can have you suitably humilated for my pleasure.

If I'm not online right now, then listen to my new recording - and on the topic of recordings - if there's anything you'd like me to record for you then let me know, if I judge that its suitably demeaning for you then I might indulge myself. ;-)

Friday, 4 April 2008

So you wanna check me out?

Welcome to my new blog! With so many of you asking about what I get up to when I'm not actually talking on the phone (that is - talking to YOU, telling you exactly whats gonna happen), I thought I would save myself the effort of having to repeat myself and start a blog. That way you can read ALL about what I get up to the rest of the time, aren't you lucky? Now - since this is MY blog, I get to talk about absolutely ANYTHING I like in here, and that includes my review of the weediest, most pathetic little fags that I've spoken to recently. My biggest losers are the only ones I remember or pay a jot of attention to... You think you're up to it?

This is what it takes to make it onto my Fag List you've got to take your punishment, 15 minutes MINIMUM for scum like you, and leave me written feedback. So for all you 2 minute wankers - nahhh - your not even worth me getting angry about...

So - take this as fair warning - if you called and got owned by me, you'd better ask me in advance not to mention the pathetic details of your sad little life. Otherwise, everyone will know what a loser you are, fag boy.

Since this is my first post - I'm gonna keep it short and sweet (completely the opposite of one essential part of ME). Feel free to leave me comments - I love to hear about how great you little cock-suckers think I am. And don't start trembling in your little faggot boots - I'll be back to post more real soon.

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