Sunday, 4 January 2015

Macro / Microphilia

Fee fye fo fum, I smell the blood of ....the Englishman....?

Well, actually no, my nickname wasn't, in fact, a reference to the children's fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk, but having said that, this genre is one that I really enjoy.

Any of you guys that are regular readers of my blogs know that I've been trying to write a few entries on the various noteworthy fetishes that I've encountered  through my NiteFlirt phonesex calls, or through other area's of my activity and antics (both adult industry orientated, and social).

Now, this is one area that really intrigued me when a friend of mine first mentioned it to me. The idea of wielding powers that can shrink a person down to just a few inches tall, or being invovled in a situation where a person might find themselves "accidentally" shrunk all the way down to the size of a bug....Haha! Just imagine my delight when I first got the chance to explore more doing some particularly hot phonesex calls. 

I want you to imagine it for a second for yourself...really visualise it ... picture yourself as being so small that it would take all of your weight to press down one of the keys on a computer keyboard. 
Imagine the size of one of your tiny little feet compared to one of those keyboard keys....Imagine being inside someone's pocket with your face pressed up against the screen of their smart phone, being jostled and bumped as they walked.... can you imagine the heat, the smells, the feel of the fabric of that pocket abrading your tiny little naked body...Oh? didn't I mention that you were completely naked - HAHA!

Well, those experiences more involved, adrenaline tinged situations just like them are what the devotees of macrophilia or microphilia (depending on your point of view) enjoy.  That feeling of being TOTALLY at the mercy of a (typically) sadistic, cruel and uncaring GIANT.  Their very existence only continues at the giant's whim, and they are completely powerless to prevent anything from happening.
Needless to say that my victims...err... sorry, my caller's... imagined diminutive stature opens up all sorts of twisted possibility for someone with an imagination as vivid as mine.  The weird and unusual sexual acts its possible to perform on... and with, a tiny little four inch high person are, understandably, quite different to those you might try with a full sized person, and the unquestioning, unflinching power I wield over my tiny playmate, well, THAT is intoxicating!

Ultimately all of the little shrunken urchins are in constant peril of being squished like a bug, and it goes without saying that one of the hottest things about his fetish is the total power exchange that exists in that situation.

Not for the faint hearted, and not for those without an imagination to match mine, but still and interesting and engaging topic, and one that I always enjoy!
So, if you are in the mood to see what it's like to be shrunk down and turned into a miniature sexual plaything, or you want to explore any other sexual fantasies CALL ME!
I'll be online taking calls for the next few hours, and equally if you have any experiences, stories or ideas, on this subject or any other phonesex related areas, you know I love to read your comments!

Until next time perverts! Haha!

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