Thursday, 15 May 2014

Erotic Humiliation

Good morning Kinkyland! OK, so it's probably not morning for you, but it is for me, and a beautiful one at that.  I have a day of play planned, so I find myself in an even better mood than usual, and its been a busy couple of weeks!

Now, before we get started I have a few noteworthy mentions to make. For those of you reading and wondering what I mean by a "noteworthy mention," let me explain.  I am straight, I am dominant, and I enjoy dominating, sexually, on the telephone; a term I like to use is "phonesex domination". HAHA!  Not very original, I know, but it does what it says.  So, despite being straight, my enjoyment of phonesex domination includes domming guys (gay or otherwise) as well as playing with some very sexy girls (and yes ladies, I am the *perfect* gentleman, so rest assured that if you are looking for something more sensual, less aggressive, but deeply sexy, you will have a wonderful time with me).

So.... Noteworthy mentions are what someone gets if they fall into one of a few specific categories, either they entertain me to such an extent during our call that I feel compelled to share the experience with the entire world (oh yes, this blog can be read by ANYONE, no membership required!), or maybe I found their call particularly interesting or thought provoking, OR if I deem that they need a little encouragement /reminding /convincing of the unquestionable, total and overwhelming power I have to hold THEM to account.  HAHA!

Now, I wasn't actually planning on blogging about erotic humiliation this week, but its down to a couple of callers that are due noteworthy mentions that prompted me to post it a little early.

So, Tom and Drew, consider yourselves mentioned, in a noteworthy fashion! HAHA!

You see, both of these guys have a connection with /appreciation for/ need for humiliation. They recognise that because of the way that they are, because of their kinky, twisted fetishes, that they are in fact deserving of only hearing, mocking laughter ringing in their ears, and that they need to be used, and abused for other people's enjoyment and entertainment. Interestingly they don't share the same kinks at all.  For those of you you have been following my blog for some time, you will have seen Drew's name come up now and again (and might have an idea of what's at the foot of his fetish), he's looking forward to posting a comment on my blog very soon, and will one day confess EVERYTHING he's told me, just because I chose him too, but that day is not here yet. Tom, in contrast,  is a brand new caller, but despite that, was able to share a very secret, and quite honestly, dirty part of himself, which will too remain our little secret for now, but suffice it to say that both these guys understand the erotic potential of being placed at the mercy of a cruel, mocking, arrogant guy who loves nothing more that watch his victims...err sorry...*callers*... twist and squirm in erotic, bliss-filled, crimson-cheeked humiliation at the end of the phone. HAHA!

The power of erotic humiliation can be utterly overwhelming for some people, feeling that heart-thumping moment when you confess your secrets... hearing the laughter, disgust or outright contempt for what a pathetic little worm you are, and then being *forced* to act out (or abstain from) those debauched, dirty acts that get you so very, VERY turned on, all the while being taunted and ridiculed by someone who is so breathtakingly attractive, confident and successful, oh, and who LOVES the idea of "outing" you just to see whether you will actually cry....HAHA! Well, who wouldn't be tempted to cum in their pants at the very thought of it!? Right?? HAHAHA!

So, enough about erotic humiliation, after all, its not for everyone, but  noteworthy mention number two (three?) which is certainly less connected to the topic in hand, has to be Mark who could be described as a "shrinking violet", and must have been going for a personal record! HAHA! Well done Mark, your stamina impressed me! ;-)

I'm going to sign off now, and I'll be online and taking calls for the next few hours, so when you feel that you are ready to place your next red hot erotic adventure in my hands, you know what to do, click the little telephone button on the right hand side of the screen, and Call Me!

And don't forget to leave me feedback at the end of your call, its always appreciated.

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