Monday, 13 December 2010

Decemeber ALREADY??

So it's seemingly become a monthly phonesex blog rather than a weekly one, what can I say - too much to do, not enough time!

Its been bitter over here in the UK for the last couple of weeks, and everyone has been moaning (not in ecstasy oddly) about how terribly cold the winter has turned out to be blah blah - I don't mind it. I find that when the weather turns colder people are SO much more likely to be civil to each other, taking time to say good morning as the navigate frosty slippery pavements (side-walks - for you US fags) - and for those of you that have talked to me on the phone, you will know that I appreciate good manners from the little submissives that I dominate on the phone.

Yes, its true, if you first present yourself to me and demonstrate that you are good for NOTHING but being verbally abused and humiliated, well, in that case you WILL be verbally abused and humiliated, after all, if a worthless little piece of doggie-doo, that under normal circumstances you would seek to avoid at all costs, becomes unavoidable...well - you will get EXACTLY what you deserve. For "santi789" that meant quite literally being reduced to tears!! HAHA! He called me up trying to tell me how he wasn't a pussy, and how he was only calling to tell me that he thought that all British guys were too arrogant...yeah we talked for a while, but, for poor little Santi, the conversation, and my indomitable intellect and masculine superiority must have got overwhelming, cos after about 7 minutes...he was crying like a little girl who lost her Mommy...sobbing down the phone, unable to hang-up because he knew he had to ask permission first...LOL Talk about a pussy...and talk about humiliated!!

The weird thing was - I wasn't even TRYING that hard...HAHA!! You have to understand that I don't have any weaknesses the way that most guys do. Does that mean I'm arrogant? - yeah I guess it does, but its arrogance based on the fact that I *know* that I'm not just some-other-guy I AM different to the rest and the girls that I date, and the faggots that I dominate (either in real-life or on NiteFlirt's phonesex lines).. they KNOW what its like to be in the presence of a guy who; emotionally, physically and (most important of all) *intellectually* dominates them... apparently it makes you feel all 'squishy' inside when you know that a guy like me has turned his attention towards you... and all you want to do is melt into a puddle at my feet and do WHATEVER it is I want...Perfect.

But, for the rest of you losers who are seeking something other then simple ego-destruction when you call... (and for all you beautiful, horny LADIES, of course!) you will have my undivided attention focused on making sure that every fibre of YOUR being is teased, and tickle, bent and twisted, massaged and moulded to MY desires... and YES, you *might* earn yourself a little pleasure through your service, but ONLY if you give yourself to me in totality first! HAHA!

So yeah - in summary - I don't mind the cold weather (after all, its fun being able to threaten sending you out in the cold naked!!).

Now the BIG question - have we all got our Christmas shopping done yet? NO? Why the fuck not you loser?? You should have at LEAST sent your favorite Master his X-mas tribute by now! It just takes three little clicks (that was *clicks* worm...not PRICKS ...although I'm sure you fantasise about MY big prick often enough to be seeing it three times at least HAHA!).

Get over to NF and send me a tribute. I'll be online now taking calls for the next few hours, so at the very least CALL ME.

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