Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fresh start for the New Year...? What do you think?!

Happy New Year! OMG what an incredible two weeks I've just had. Needless to say the party season in full swing I was busy busy busy, with hardly any time to phonesex fun! Two fancy dress Christmas parties (you would have thought the cold weather would encourage the sexy girlies to wear more clothes, happily, you would be wrong!) with a scantily clad she-devil, two scandalously dressed angels (they claim to be sisters but definitely weren't) and a very retro wonder-woman were the highlights of those two events for me personally. And don't even get me started on the New Year's party celebrations.... all I will say is that you have no idea the kind of situations that a little arrogance, a quick tongue and a cheeky smile can land you in! Yum!

So, my little phonesex perverts, what have you resolved to do? Would it be to wank yourselves silly while speaking to a REAL man like me on the telephone? Or perhaps you recognise that you don't deserve to orgasm unless I give you express permission, and so you've resolved to serve me and submit me and act out my every dominant whim? Well, I've got news to you, resolutions are supposed to be different from what you've already been doing, so those wouldn't count! I've already heard from one of my little faggots, who has resolved to endure greater tortures than ever before, have less orgasms and generally live out 2011 in as wretched a state as possible! HAHA!

But, what about me, I hear you ask. Do I have any resolutions? No, of course not! I don't need the excuse of the New Year to effect changes in my life. If I feel that something needs changing, then I just get on and do it. But then, in my opinion, this is the hallmark of a dominant individual, someone who determines their own future, and quite often someone who determines other people's futures too! So, now that you've read all this, do you still have any resolutions? HAHA!

On a serious note though, I really do believe that for some people the beginning of the New Year can be a strong symbol of a fresh start. It gives people a chance to take stock of where they are, where they are heading and whether that set of circumstances is really where they want to be. We all need to pause for reflection from time to time, to take a step back from our regular routines and assess whether or not changes need to be made. For me personally this process doesn't take very long, I know what I want I go after it with passion and commitment. And woe betide anybody who stands in my way! HAHA!

So, enough of the seriousness and onto a brief comment on two of my favourite calls this last month. The first was from Black Tulip, who I can honestly describe as being one of the most perfectly subservient faggots I've ever had the pleasure of speaking with. He turned himself into my perfect toy, compliant, supplicant and attentive. To be honest he was acting so much like obedient little girl, that if I had any bisexual tendencies I probably would have bent him over and fucked his pussy like he was one of my sexy little female subbies! Seriously, talk about the perfect submissive! The second call worthy of mention was Nick (you know who you are). And although Nick was certainly subservient, it was more the delicious fantasy that we explored that brought him to mind while blogging. To to put this into context, I have a few cuckholds that I speak to (or 'deal' with!) regularly, and I have a wonderful time listening to how it makes them feel when they realise how inadequate they are compared to me in their wive's eyes (and hearts...and pussies!!) HAHA! The role of cuckold Bull is one that I have a certain amount of experience in, and I have to confess that dominating a woman in front of her pathetic husband or boyfriend is a personal favourite of mine. So, imagine if you will, when Nick (self-confessed faggot) expressed his wish that he was married ( and presumably bi) so he could pass his wife to me for servicing, in all sorts of delicious ways! It was BRILLIANT!

Anyway, I hope that the new year finds all you little faggots (and any of you hot sexy girlies that might be reading) in fine fettle. I'll be online at the usual times again now, ready for some hot phonesex with you with you. Don't forget to leave me feedback after our call, and, of course, if you have any special requests feel free to e-mail first or mention them when we speak. All you have to do is click on the little link back to NiteFlirt (up there on the right!), or if you're calling from the US just pickup the phone and CALL ME!

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