Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Winners, Losers...and LOSERS - LOL

Phonesex, particularly fetish phonesex will always have its winners and losers. Happily for me - I'm almost always on the winners' team. However, as I'm sure you can imagine, for some of you pathetic little miscreants... losing comes so naturally that I feel the need to celebrate how big you've lost HAHA!

So, this week there are two noteworthy players to make soem noise about... StudRuler... my old favourite, who simply can't escape my grip... and the second, my American foot-loving friend.

I still remember the very first time I spoke to "the Stud"... he made the foolish mistake of giving me the tiniest of glimpses into the inner workings of his perverted little mind... HAHA - and me, being the consummate gentleman, TOOK FULL ADVANTAGE!! Do you remember it too, Stud? The intoxication that you felt as I described exactly what was happening inside your mind , what if felt like to feel every ounce of self control draining out of your body as you fell completely.... and utterly under my control? HAHA! So! ... Stud.... you are hereby crowned in the hall this week...LOL

As for the other snivelling worm... I'm not going to say too much about him, because I wouldn't want to scare any of you little fags by giving you too much a of a glimpse of exactly what happens when my sadistic streak is revealed... suffice it to say - he knows his place EXACTLY... and now he knows how to dry my feet properly after he has cleaned every inch of them...JUST the way I like them cleaned.

So, now that we've got THAT out of the way let me tell you that for the next few weeks I will have a bit more of a regular schedule than I've been able to manage recently. Take advantage of it, I've got a few adventures planned that have the strong possibility of dragging me away later on in the summer time, so NOW is the time to pick up the phone and discover how deeply submissive you can become when you're in the presence of a superior, dominant REAL-man.

If you're not sure that you can handle actually speaking to someone on the phone, then rest assured - you can... how do I know? HAHA because from the moment you hear my voice you'll understand why, despite the relatively limited hours that I am available (thanks to being on UK time), I still have the ratings and feedback that I do. Still not confident enough? Pick a recording, and see how it FEELS when I start to penetrate your mind. Now - imagine that in a LIVE conversation. Call me.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rock 'n' Roll

Good morning phonesex loving boys and girls...are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Woo! - well another week or two has passed since my last post, bad me, still, the main thing is that I'm here now, so stop your bitchin'!

I've been busy... had a trip abroad, had a trip here in the UK - Yes, I've been a busy bunny... albeit a bunny with particularly sadistic tendencies, and a penchant for seeing little faggots squirming and mincing around his every whim...HAHA - but a busy bunny non-the-less.

I got asked last week whether I was REALLY as dominant as I sound. I thought it was one of the strangest question I'd been asked. ANY of you little phonesex fags that I've spoken to, or the pathetic losers that have only read my listings on NiteFlirt and seen the feedback I consistently get, should have a very clear idea of two basic facts: 1) ) I am far more than your average Dom-wannabe, I'm superior to you in every way imaginable; I'm smarter, better looking and more powerful than you so, OF COURSE I'm going to dominate YOU. 2) The success of my phonesex domination relies uniquely on my ability to psychologically manipulate you to the place that I want you to be. In person I wouldn't hesitate to physically dominate you if the urge took me, and seeing your weakness and compliant submission can have that effect on someone like me sometimes... but on the phone... when all I have is the power of my voice to bend you, degrade and humiliate you into a frenzy... that's when the style of my dominance, its subtlety, its is pervasiveness....that's when you can find yourself drawn in over your head, desperate to please me, and begging me to use you. HAHA! Feeling horny at the thought of it? HAHAHA!

...And that's just a few lines that I've thrown up here to tease you with. Just imagine what it would feel like when your telephone rings, you know its the call you've been itching to make, you can almost taste your anticipation of being able to actually hear my voice directly, with all of my attention focused on penetrating your mind and transporting you into that special place where you become like a quivering jelly ... just waiting to be squished. HAHA!

Well, you know what you have to do now don't you... scrape together a few cheap phonesex pennies, charge up that account and call me. Oh, and do you remember the "Biggest Losers Hall of Infamy" - Well - YES! Its coming back! You will have the honour of seeing your name featured in my blog IF you please me enough... it shouldn't be that difficult, you just have to be your usual, perverted, pathetic-faggotty little loser self...Oh! AND leave written feedback at the end of the call, of course...HAHA! I'll be online now for the next few hours - here's your chance- don't blow it. Call me.

The Englishman

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