Thursday, 30 October 2014

Balloon Fetish

Well now, I thought it was about time to pick up my theme on the multitude of kinks and fetishes that I've come across (pun intended, and, yes... sometimes I do!) in my travels, as a little diversion from my more routine phonesex related musings.

This time it's a rarer one, I guess, but still an interesting one for those of you who, like me, enjoy exploring aspects of sexuality in all its forms.

Ballon ask?

For the uninitiated this may seem a stretch too far and might make you wonder if people are just making these things up to give themselves an over inflated sense of their own kinkiness (again, puns intended!).

But infact, no.  "Looners" (as some of the passionistos, who share this kink, refer to themselves) have one thing in common, their love of big, rounded, rubbery, turgid, playful ballons.

This, however, is where the common ground can sometimes stop abruptly. Looners, as with almost every "branch" of kink that I've ecountered, can have very different views on what exactly it is about balloons that make them hot, and what kind of balloon-related practices are a turn on.

For some, its all about the personality of the balloon, how it makes them feel, the quality of the sexual energy they feel emmanating from the balloon, the vibe they get when they handle it and squeeze it, the colours, patterns or pictures that adorn it's surface.

For others, it's about the shape and size of the balloon. There is a general trend towards the larger balloons amongst looners; the balloon becoming a bigger physical presence, but there are some that seek a very particular size or shape.

The materials, and especially the thickness of the rubber is a factor, it defines so much about the texture, warmth and feel of the balloon (as well as the durability)...which leads on to, the biggest split within the looner community....

To pop, or, not to pop?

Indeed, one of the discoveries I recall from my youthful exportations of balloons (albeit in the non-sexual sense) is the shocking, but exciting, moment that they... POP!  Well, this experience is at the core of the erotic experience for some looners who find that the moment that they pop their balloon is often the moment that they pop themselves, whereas for others, the wanton distruction of their special round-bodied friends is absolutely sacrosanct.

This debate is so emotionally charged for some looners that discussions on forums have heated to the point of threats of physical violence being made, and I have to say that I don't recall discussions about any other fetish illiciting such furour (other than perhaps some strongly worded exchanges from well meaning but ultimately misguided age play commentators).

So, if ballons are your thing, then leave me a comment, I'd love to learn more about the fetish, or if you have any views on fetishes in general, especially phonesex then get in touch.

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