Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wow - that's hot.

So, as I'm sure you will be aware I've been away for a while again. Real Life has a habit of making unavoidable demands sometimes, even when those demands are AWFULLY pleasant - it does sometimes mean that you can't be everywhere at once!

However, it has come to my attention that some of you needy little phonesex fags (and a couple of you naughty little subbie girlies) are in desperate need of some uniquely flavouredEnglishman Domination.

What's that you say? You don't know what flavour "Englishman Domination" is? Well, imagine this... you are in a comfortable place, sitting down, feeling safe and relaxed....and maybe just a *little* horny, can you imagine it? Take a moment - really picture that scene. Picture where you are sitting, what is around you, how it sounds in this safe familiar place, how it smells....and now feel that little tingle of hornyness...HAHA! That's right. You're feeling it already, and if, right now, you can only barely feel it, you might find that as you read on that it grows, and might even start pulsing ever so gently... THAT's just the start... because Englishman flavoured domination just gets juicier and juicier...

I have to confess that I get hard just thinking about how strung out you're going to get when you call - the fact that you are so ready to come and submit yourself to MY will - entrusting your reality to me for the time that we talk. Its so hot. THAT's what Englishman flavoured domination is all about. Its intense, rich, balanced, but above all it's raw sexual energy.

For all you fags, know this, I'm straight. Surprised? Don't be! Rather, imagine being dominatedby a cool, calm and collected straight English Master. You've got NOTHING but your uttersubmission to offer me. Well - I say nothing...I like having you worship my feet, sometimes I like inflicting pain and humiliation on those of you who deserve it, but most of all...the thing that really sets MY pulse racing when I answer the phone and we start sepaking... its that I KNOW you so desperately need me to control you.

You NEED me to take control of you and you need me to force you to bend to my will - to serve me, and to service me... and when we speak - when that all consuming sexual energy starts flowing, THATs the moment when that spark inside you will blossom into flame and you come to life for me.

That is Englishman flavoured domination.... care for a taste?

Call me.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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