Monday, 12 December 2011

X-mas time!

Well the festive season is certainly here! Less than two weeks to go -so tell me... have you got all your preparations complete? Any last minute shopping or wrapping to do? Well - all my admin is done and dusted, presents are wrapped, cards sent out - I am the pinnacle of organised, disciplined, efficiency!


But then I guess that being organised and self-disciplined is one of the hallmarks of a dominant character. The outlook I have in life, by necessity, permeates into every aspect of all the different things I do. I know what I like, I know when I would like it, and - I ensure that the people around me deliver to those standards, it makes me happy when they deliver for me, and they, in return, get to enjoy being useful to me. Sounds perfect doesn't it? HAHA!

I've noticed that, both online and in real life, one of the ways that the world can be perceived is as a power exchange, between those that dominate and those that ARE dominated. Its seems so obvious, particularly at this time of the year, when so many weak minds are persuaded to part with their hard earned cash for the promise of happiness in the form of a new pair of jeans, or a bottle of perfume...whereas REAL happiness comes from first recognising who and what you are, and then seeking to find a way to express yourself for the benefit of others....too deep for you? HAHA! Well it is X-mas after all!

Incidentally, that last part, the part about benefiting others - that goes for dominant characters too. We all enjoy feeling that we are of value and are of service, in one form or another, and for a Sexaully Dominant character like me, I enjoy nothing more that being able to seize control from you and instil order and discipline to your world. The particular form of that order and discipline will depend on you just as much as it depends on me, but in the end it is ME that will be setting the agenda... and *I* will be calling all the shots! HAHA!

All of this is not to say that someone is necessarily dominant in EVERY aspect of their life, but at their core they will probably make a choice over more aspects than not, and they tend to CHOSE the areas in which they prefer to be submissive...whereas for others, like the beautiful little submissive fucktoys that enjoy calling ME, you are the ones that enjoy placing your sexual gratification in my hands, looking to serve me, and looking to be used by me, looking to give me whatever I want to take from you - no matter what... little subbies like you will find that you struggle to cope without that infusion of dominant masculine strength and control that I bring to your lives.

I have a couple of little subbies that, no matter how hard they try, they simply CANNOT achieve the things that they SAY they want to without my direction, without me holding them to a steady course. Sometimes that course will be nothing more than leaving them feeling utterly humiliated and used, all for for my pleasure and entertainment… other times it might be that I use their own sexuality and fetishes, twisted and blended to take them to new heights of sexual bliss…and for others still, for the ones that are prepared to make that extra commitment it will be to drive them and push them to achieve deep personal goals that they would simply NEVER achieve without me in their lives.

So…whatever you desire this x-mas, if you want to feel that thrill of dominant masculine energy, and experience what its like to be directly connected to an intelligent and articulate straight British Dom…then you know what to do – don’t you?.... Call me.

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