Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Englishman still lives!

YES! I'm still alive! You can relax now! LOL!

As you may have gathered NF isn't playing ball right now for international calls, and, as some of you have discovered, there are ways and means of overcoming any adversity. BUT as a consequence of overcoming this adversity - I don't blog on here so often... doesn't make any sense? Well message me and I'll fill you in!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Autumn bites

So... did you miss me my little fuck-holes? After a truly relaxing summer, I find myself feeling relaxed, and in a calm and tranquil state of mind, the thing is - for those of you who know me... you'll understand that this calmness, the kind of zen tranquillity that I'm talking about, is more akin to the calm before the storm, rather than the feeling you get on a long hot lazy summer day.

Practitioners of many and various (sometimes questionable) mind hacking techniques talk about an aspirational state know as "relaxed attention". Truly dominant people know what this state of relaxed attention feels like. They have crystal clarity over where it is they want to go, and don't mind what it will take to get there. They are prepared to take everything they want, from whoever it is that has volunteered to give it... but they WILL hold you to your own account, and perhaps levy some payment for themselves. HAHA! - NOW if you haven't quite followed the last few lines, then don't worry. Its perfectly normal for subbies to be confused when these sentiments are shared. You see, there is no great secret to being dominant, nor is there any covert technique employed. It has only to do with one simple truth. I am superior in every way to you. I can dominate you in ways that will disorientate you, relax you, frighten you and energise you. Ultimately, what I enjoy if to have you in the palm of my hand (metaphorically of course....since you're real position in life is to be under my feet - HAHA!).

So... if this is your first visit to my blog, I do hope that I have whet your appetite for what there is to come. We are but a short phone call away from making that first connection, all you have to do is pick up the phone...and CALL ME. If you've been reading me for a while now, then this little defillè should come as no surprise to you, and if you want to catch up on my more... personal news... HAHA well - Call me!... and finally - if we haven't spoke for a while, and you recognise that a certain energy has been lacking in your life recently - well - Do I really need to spell it out for you? ...I didn't think so....HAHA!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Long HOT Summer

So... its come to my attention that some of you little gay phonesex faggots are getting hot under the collar at the moment - so what is it? The weather? Is the hot humid air making you feel all hot and sticky? HAHA... Do you need to find some way of freeing your tiny perspiring mind from the cramped little shell of your head? HAHAHA!

Well -the weather... they say its the British pre-occupation... and that's because we're an island and because its so changeable discussions about it become the national pass time:

"Morning John!"
"Morning Dave, its brightened up a bit" replies Dave,
"Yes, it has mate," continues John...and....wait for it...."...looks like rain though for this afternoon."
"Ha!, typical in'it.... blah blah"

This conversation will be echoed all over the UK every day... although not everyone is called Dave and John, so, could be that they use different names.... "What is he talking about the weather for?" I hear you ask! This is a blog more typically associated with the sexual domination of worthless faggots, sissies, and cuckolds.... or the passionate woo-ing of sexy ladies who like intelligent, sensual conversation on the phone... not some sociological commentary on the tedium of British small talk?! HAHA!

But, dear reader, what you fail to see, is that these banal conversations so often form the precursor to the more torrid and tempestuous! HAHA! There happens to be a real life debauched, perverted little cuckold, with whom I am acquainted (I will let you guess at the detail of the relationship). Suffice it to say that, as part of the homework he was assigned, he was required to negotiate certain.... services.... with a stranger. HAHA! Oh - the fun I had supervising THAT particular little adventure... and needless to say I commanded my usual fee for the privilege (a fee payable in two parts... one fiscal, and the other... carnal... and the "focus" of *his* cuckolded existence seemed delighted with the carnal). HAHA!

So... the banal can lead to the perverted, in such simple small steps that you might not even be able to perceive the transition. It might be that you are out wondering around in your own little world, and you are approached by someone that starts a conversation by asking you for the time, or if you happened to know the way to the bus stop... and before you know it you are sharing more information, they are asking personal questions, getting inside your head...they have read your every innermost thought, fear, and sordid fantasy... YES - that is what I do.... and I will strip your mind and extract the darkest and the brightest, most heart pounding fantasies from deep inside you and then entice you to live them out in such vivid details....HAHA.

Does it sound like your cup-o-tea? HAHA! But be warned - when we talk, I will push you to where *I* want you to be in *your* fantasy - and that ultimately is always at my whim and beckon-call. I am the alpha, top dog. You are my bitch. I determine your worth, and believe me when I tell you - that I don't get it wrong... if you *think* you are worth something but deep down your heart knows different... then *I* will know it - and you will be exposed as the belly-crawling, shoe-licking worm that you are. HAHA! And I won;t be held liable for any confusing erotic feelings that this realisation might invoke! HAHA! If you want to see how far you dare go, then call me.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Mid-Summer Solstice Phonesex

Wow, its been a while since I posted here huh? Did you miss me? Of course you did! I doubt there's any of you little fucks who has spoken to me for more than 10 minutes who forgets me, and for those with the intellect to grasp where I'm coming from the addiction is probably pretty much instantaneous - HAHA!

So - yeah - I've been busy. Sadly real-life sometimes encroaches on my play-time here - and the result is something has gotta give - and I gotta say - that while real-life play beats phonesex, phonesex or phone-domination is still one of my favorite things to do... particularly when I'm in the bullish mood I'm in now HAHA!

Now, for the uninitiated, the title of this post is on account of the fact that here in the UK its the summer solstice (or it was last night). Its a time when, some say, the mystic forces converge and a time when the life giving energy of the sun should be revered as an attestation to the fragility of our ecosystem, and a celebration of the life-giving energy that our beautiful sun bestows on our small planet.... I have to say that, while I share this view and all of its consequences, that for me the solstice its more about it being a great day to party all through the night! A day (and night) when its particularly easy to get alot of drunk hippy-chics, who have alot of love to give to me, to strip naked and cavort around in a field in the middle of the countryside, before I find the horniest one (or two if I'm lucky) who beg me to fuck their hot, gaping little pussy all night long HAHAHA!

I fucking LOVE being ME!

You know - I honestly feel kinda sorry for the chics that I haven't met and fucked yet, and I even feel kinda sorry for you pathetic little fags that will NEVER be able to please me sexually, but at least have the chance to try and entertain me with being so perfectly pathetic HAHA!

So anyway - I clicked online when I started writing this post and I have to put two shouts out already - one to Gianna - she is such a good little subbie - she takes WHATEVER I give her and is so totally there for my delight - no matter what form it takes - and the other is to one pathetic little cock-sucking homo- notstr8enough - HAHAHA! What can I tell you about this guy (and I only use the term "guy" loosely - cos, to be honest, putting this little waste of space in the same category as me doesn't sit well) suffice it to say - he is heading towards the top of my biggest losers list - and as for the little journey that I took him on - two word PUBLIC HUMILIATION... I so want to go over the WHOLE story with you all so that you can share in my delight (and of course add to his humiliation) - but I'm gonna fight the urge and just say I'm REALLY looking forward to the next time... the little worm has it coming! HAHA!

So - I'm gonna go reply to my emails now, and for you belly-crawling little fags, and sexy hot chics I have one thing to say - don't forget to leave me some feedback after you CALL ME.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Can I mould YOU?

Well, its pretty clear to me that spring is in the air... you only have to look around and you can see that *everyone* is walking around with a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye... and the spring-time weather and rising sap seems to make all the little phonesex subbies in the world that little bit more pliable, that little bit more maliable.... HAHA! - JUST the way I like them.

Have you noticed, for instance, that when you are horny, when you are feeling that yearning deep down inside, when the little voice is begging you to release them and expose your TRUE self to the world, its at those time that the urge to pick up the phone and ask a REAL MAN to take over for you becomes overpowering? Its like when you are *desperate* for the toilet... you start feeling all those muscles twitching.... the urge for release is almost unbearable... You just HAVE to press that button so that you can hear my commaning, uncompromising voice giving you permission to release....

BUT - what you little faggots, sluts, and sissies don't factor on is that, when you put that power into my hands...well - you are about to put your reality into my hands too, and then: When Where and How are ALL decided by ME... HAHA! Sure - I like to know what it is that starts to spin your mind... I like to know if you have particular fetishes.... but ultimatley *I* will be deciding how to rig your world, how to pull your strings and how to weave your reality so that when *I* decide that the moment is right - that's when the release will feel like the intervention of the divine.... sublime, complete and shattering.

And then, once you are shattered, I will remake you in whatever form I choose.... Do you know why slave? Because I get a kick out of Dominating you... I enjoy the power that I have, I enjoy wielding that power like an almost tangible force of knotted sinew and electricity that can direct through your mind and at your body to transform you into whatever form I choose. HAHAHA!

For those of you who have called me - you will have tasted that power and might relish and dread the next time it touches you... if you HAVEN'T spoken to me before - then hear that voice that you know will compell you to do all the things you crave....and ask yourself this... "How will I ever be satisfied unless I call him?". HAHA! You have no power in my presence.. you are completely vulnerable and exposed in the deepest and most intimate ways you can imagine.

Call Me.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

OMG - How long??

LMAO - you fuckin' loosers - that title isn't supposed to refer to my substantial manhood - LOL - although - speaking with some of you phonesex addicts - I realise that the prospect of being in the presence of a well-endowed REAL man would intimidate and arouse you - No. What I was referring to was how long its been since I last updated my blog! Well, you know how it is - busy, busy, busy.... Its the spring time here in the UK, and that means two things - warmer, longer evenings and warmer, hornier chics - HAHA!

C'mon - you can't seriously expect me to keep quiet about liking girls can you? Especially not when just the other day I met a new little playmate - Gianna. Damn - all I'm gonna say is: Horny.... Fuckin' .... Bitch.... LOL - she's tries to come off as just you're average girl-next-door, but I don't buy that - if you know what to look for, and you know how to expose those special little buttons...and you know how to tickle and tantalise them....LOL - well - I DO - and the result?....EXPLOSIVE!

BUT - I have to confess that Gianna wasn't the inspiration for updating my blog, and nor was the horny little exchange I had with my naughty little Kitty-Kat (who, incidentally, is being ESPECIALLY naughty at the moment - I'm not gonna get into it here - because we haven't finished discussing all of the implications of her latest - shenanigans - LOL)...No...the reason that I've been inspired to come on here is none other than...Stud Ruler..... HAHAHA!

Did you think I'd forgotten about you? LOL - You REALLY don't know me that well if you thought I does that song go again....Dum-dada-da " your feet..." Da-dee-dada "...and I cum real neat!" LMAO - HAHAHAH! Oh - A recording of that and I would have made a fortune selling it as a ringtone for cell-phones... but here's the thing - it was beautiful.... LOL

See - what "Stud Ruler" COMPLETELY failed to understand - is that when you CALL ME - you are entering into MY world - and in THAT world, for the duration of the call ... and sometimes... even longer - I AM GOD. I will control your mind and body and I will penetrate your soul in ways that you have ABSOLUTELY no control over... and the "Stud".... HAHA - he forgot that - so when I twisted his mind and put him in the place that I wanted him - Hehe - well - you just imagine.... He was totally and completely at the mercy of ME! HAHA!

So - other than "The Studs" wonderful call - I'm gonna send out a hello to the Tickler, and to my special friend - who knows his place - yes - you boy... you know who I mean, and of course to DB - it was REALLY nice of you to let my use pretty much anything that belonged to you for my entertainment. HAHAHA!

Finally - one other bit of news, the auction I mentioned previously went off perfectly - congrats to MiguelZ who coughed up significant sums of fag-cash to own The Englishman's battered abused old trainers - he's promised to leave a comment on here at some point so - I'm hoping that this entry will prompt that... if not - he'll get his punishment the next time I speak to him. HAHA!

Now remember faggots, losers and sissies - callers that leave me written feedback will earn my special appreciation, you gotta work hard to impress me. So stop fucking around and Call Me.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Foot lovers

So... have you been anticipating? You have?! That is WONDERFUL news - extra ruthless phonesex for you then! HAHA!

Seriously though - I have been out of circulation for the last week or so - a little thank you to those that wondered where I was - but I'm back now after a well earned break.

The problem was that I had to spend some of the fag cash that I confiscated from you worthless little fuckers - so I treated myself to a little winter sunshine - for those with the means - I strongly recommend it... and of course.. you pathetic little fucks make sure that dominant REAL men like me always have the means - right? HAHA!

Since I've been away I don't have any biggest losers to post this time, so instead I will keep this short and sweet - very sweet for the belly-crawling little maggoty, footlovers among you, yes my pathetic little faggot friends.. its your lucky day!

You will have the chance to purchase a pair of my stinky old trainers (sneakers to you) - *gasp* YES! Its true - I will be sending out details of this one time only offer to a select few through the NF website - if you haven't received an invitation to bid for my stinky old scally-trainers (along with a snapshot of the trainers in question) ...which I have worn for every trip to gym that I have made for the last 4 years... can you imagine....just try to for a second... picture the aroma that you'll be able to inhale as often as you like when you cradle that loved and used trainer in your trembling hands....HAHAHA... well - if you HAVEN'T received an invite and you want one then drop me a message!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Anticipating...Pt II

And speaking about anticipation....can you guess what will happen next week....?

Thursday, 12 February 2009


You know, whenever you think about the thrill that you get from talking about taboo subjects like kinky sex or domination or fetishes on the phone with someone... and you imagine the sound of their voice... the rhythm of their breathing.... imagine their accent and the emphasis they put on certain words... and how it makes you feel when, by only giving the slightest indication of what might be on your mind, it's as thought they can see your every thought, that they're able to spin your dirty, seedy fetish into a scenario that plays out and takes you on a heart-pounding, stomach-churning trip, so real that it's almost tangible.... revealing your pitiful inadequacies to all around - HAHA! .... sounds good huh?

Well that's what notstr8enough was lucky enough to experience when he called last week.... don't take my word for it - go and check his feedback for yourself! LOL - now I'm not gonna get into *exactly* what *his* particular trip was all about because he hasn't *earned* that privilege yet, but suffice it to say that the little faggot has embarked on the beginning of a journey. Now I KNOW that he's too much of a pussy to actually feel *brave* about embarking on this journey - its more that he can't help himself - HAHAHA! We'll have to see where I decide to lead him for our next merry dance... but since he played along SO nicely I thought he earned a mention here on my biggest loser's list! I wonder if he's anticipating the next one yet...

And speaking of anticipation - my little kitty-kat must be anticipating the punishment that she'll be getting for failing to stick to my instructions... OF COURSE you need punishment sweetie LOL - and afterwards I want to take you on another kinda trip entirely - mainly because I think its too long since you were so strung out that you're panting and gasping between orgasmic spasms... I guess we'll have to see about what we do with your new girlfriend while I'm taking you for MY pleasure.... and interestingly it seems that kitty might not be my only "furry" little friend - yes - you KNOW I mean *you*... LOL - we'll see if you actually deserve a real mention on here in time.... but for now let me say that *anticipation* is what its all about for SO many of you right now - LOL.

That's all for now - but remember - leave me written feedback after our call and you stand a chance of attracting my favour and attention.

Call me.

Friday, 6 February 2009


Why is a male phonesex blog entitled pumped? I hear you ask.... LOL - What could it possibly be a reference to? Is he talking about some male dominant hetero-act that I know nothing about? HAHA Well... try and do a search for the definition of pump and you will get about a dozen different variations .... but what I'M talking about is mix of certain delicious things.

MY pump is the feeling I get after having gone to the gym and had a really good workout. I trained my back and legs yesterday and, while the *real* pump was experienced last night, with all my muscles engorged with blood, leaving me feeling 100% the dominant alpha-male that I am, its the feelings in the mornings that I like best... when I can feel all my muscles responding to the pounding that they've taken the day before.

Its at times like those, when I am completely pumped at the gym, or feeling the warm glow of power the day after, that I *know* why all you little faggots can't help but want to bask in my power, hoping for a morsel of attention from me. The power that I feel radiating from my body, blending with my superior, dominant mind will crush any and all resistance, and DEMAND your compliance, submission and service... HAHA!.... and that's when I start to PUMP your tiny, pathetic, twisted, minds HAHAHA! Whats that?? You think you are smart? Ohhh - I don't doubt that *out there* you can probably fool most people into thinking that you have it going on upstairs.... but not in my world. HAHA! In my world I see though your pretenses, and its that power that gives me the choice as to whether I will pump your mind and wallet dry, and its up to me whether anything else gets pumped dry too (Dru - how is that going BTW?). HAHAHA!

And what about the pumping that my little kitty yearns for whenever we are in touch? Well that pumping is the pumping and pounding that I deliver to whichever of her slutty little holes I decide to abuse HAHA - Rick, you know what I'm talking about, right? HAHA! Its that kind of pumping that engorges other parts of me too!

So, pump is just about a perfect word for the title of this blog - wouldn't you say? HAHA! Now - its almost 9am over here in the UK, and I'm gonna be online for the next few hours Call me.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Enter and submit

So its been over a week since I last updated my niteflirt phonesex blog - very bad I know, but hey, what can I say. I been busy! Busy doing what? ask... well - let me tell you.

For the last two weeks I've been spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to sort out some major pain-in-the ass technical problems with my network here. Suffice it to say that trying to get the problem solved *without* first understanding the root cause was a bad idea - and strangely not usually a trap I fall into. The net result (pun-intended) was that I was in a REALLY pissy mood, so when the almighty Stud Ruler (yeah - you remember him huh! LOL) called in - and tried to tell me some bullshit about NOT submitting to my control - HAHAHA - well - he almost made my week... suffice it to say I think he now understands his mistake, as I eluded to in my last post.

See, the thing that you guys have *got* to remember is that there is NO WAY I can live with anyone calling me up and NOT paying their respects... You must understand that I am superior to virtually every guy you will ever meet, in almost every way imaginable. I have not met *anyone* who I can't *totally* dominate, intellectually, spiritually, academically and in most cases physically. I know it must be hard for some of you guys to understand what its like to have the substantiated self-belief that I do, and that you might even doubt my claims - well figure this - I don't give a F*** HAHA!! Ask ANY of the lowlife faggots that have called me... if you come at me grovelling and belly-crawling begging to lick my shoes, then you already know your place, and the biggest joy I get is using you as my little play-thing, having you perform for me and my buddies, or just demonstrating to you how totally pathetic you are and how a Dominant Straight guy like ME will own you. For you guys that think you can make demands of me, challenge me, or *actually* stand up to me - HAHAHA! Well its you guys that find out EXACTLY how far The Englishman will go to break you down and force you to submit to me on your knees, abuse, humiliation, or whatever twisted fantasy or roleplay it takes to MAKE you bend to my will. HAHAHA... and believe me YOU WILL do as I tell you.

So anyway - now that I feel that I have cleared up that little issue - you might have read the comments on my last post .... mmmmm - what can I say - kitty is SUCH a good little kitty-kat, she makes sure her little kitty-box is nice and wet before she writes to me just the ways I asked her too - I wonder if kitty might be due a reward soon - once she's paid her dues of course... and kitty - the account is kinda overdue for payment baby. LOL - we'll have to talk about how exactly your gonna settle up soon.

So, that's all I'm gonna write this time, I'll be online now for the next few hours, feel free to drop coments, or browse my listings on niteflirt, but ultimately you know what you have to do is stop procrastinating, get on your knees, pick up the phone and Call Me. HAHAHA!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Phonesex with a Dominant straight guy...

Well, who would have thought it.... Back for a little under a week and I've spoken to almost everyone that I need to already. Phonesex with this straight, dominant Englishman MUST be addictive, huh? HAHA! I should hope so you faggot losers! HAHA!!

Amongst the usual losers, that those of you who read regularly will recognise, was Stud Ruler. He popped up to say "hi"... I'm not gonna get into exactly what else he said....HAHAHA! ... well - not for now anyway - I got to give the guy a chance to redeem himself from his ...little "faux-pas"... but suffice it to say that, when I asked him to think about the most humiliating experience he could remember ... he told me it was the conversation we were having there and then! HAHAHA! - Honestly it was one of the *funniest* things I think I ever heard, I was almost crying with laughter - and I have to confess to thinking to myself that if he thought *that* was bad... then he's probably in deeper trouble than he knows! HAHAHA!

But anyway - enough about that looser... I'm going to opening up my kennel again soon... so if any of you little submissives, slaves or sissy-boys have aspirations to serve a highly intelligent, articulate and above all dominant straight guy, then make yourselves known now (chris- this means YOU).

One more mention I'll make today is for my little kitty... she's been *such* a good little kitty-cat... doing *exactly* what she's been told and making sure that *my* little kitty-box is nice and wet and ready for me.... Mmmmm, she is *such* a naughty girl, I can't seem to help myself whenever I talk to her - I get SO f*****g hard, I just want to do the meanest, nastiest things to her hot, open little....ANYWAY... Rick - just FYI - you'll be pleased to know that I hope to have more of kitty's adventures to share with you real soon, HAHA!

As some of you, who have had the sense to pick up the phone and call me, already know, the kicks I get from putting you through your paces, only *start* with the fact that I'm stripping you of your hard-earned cash for the pleasure of listening to me .... But its when I'm stripping you of - every - single - layer of protection that your pathetic, twisted-little-minds have conceived of (both psychological AND physical) that I *really* start to enjoy a session.

Talking to you, humiliating you, having you serve me in the way that only a good for nothing belly-crawling queer like you could serve a REAL man like me, and of course punishing you when you fail..... HAHA! That's the real fun of it!

So - what are you gonna do faggot? We both know what you want to do... Call me.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Return of the Englishman

HAHAHA! Your dominant, straight male, phonesex dream is back! Yes it's true loosers... Did you miss me? I bet you did. Well rest assured that I'm in the mood to be making up for lost time. StudRuler, urinalslave, bimbosklave... you know who you are - I expect you have been whining and whinging and being your usual pathetic-selves in my abscence... well rest assure that I'm back to see that you get EXACTLY what you deserve - you pathetic little worms... For all you foot-fetish lovers - I have a whole wardrobe full of shoes that need cleaning (footwearslave, your tongue will be raw by the time you are half way through) - bearjock... yeah - you are in for it too... I want you nealing your submissive supplication in front of me.... and as for my faithless little faggot slaves; foot lover and zxlove.... you pathetic little worms are in for some extra specially intense attention....

So... what are you waiting for? - I'm not about to start posting all about how AWESOME the last 4 months have been - spending all my "hard earned" - HAHAHA - fag cash.... all I will say for now is that every time I bought a pretty girl a drink, or got another round in for me and the boys... well - I'd be lying if I said I was thinking of you... but it was all down to your weedy, pathetic subordinate asses that let REAL men like me live the way we are supposed to!

Now - I will be expecting some messages from all you loosers - and remember - the same rules apply as before - after you've paid for the privilage of talking to me (call it phonesex if you like - but the only sex you'll be getting is with the soles of my shoes HAHA!) leaving me feedback,is always appreciated, and if you want a mention here in the Biggest Loosers lists then make sure you make your call memorable... for all you one-minute-wonders out there - I'm happy to take your cash... but understand that to EARN the title of biggest looser - well - you have to EARN it dummy! Hopefully that will clear up any confusion.

So its getting late - I'm online taking calls NOW... so - call me.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

See all my lisiting at: Englishman
Phone Number: 1-800-TO-FLIRT, ext: 02659740 OR: