Monday, 21 January 2013

Frozen roads

Who would have thought that a drop in temperature of just a few degrees could make such a difference?

But its true, the roads are iced over here at the moment, and no one is managing to do much of anything. But again, I guess its like that in other areas if life too, right? Subtle shifts can produce dramatic effects, sometimes unexpected ones.

Certainly when it comes to managing the subtle nuances of a submissive spirit, whether it be based in humiliation, forced encounters, the willing servitude to a superior being...or maybe just a little plain old fashioned masculine seduction, it takes a degree of finesse, yes, even binding you and punishing you takes finesse, after all, you want to feel every moment of the experience as keenly as you can don't you?

HAHA!  Of course you do....and that's what I'm here for, to make certain you do.

Call me.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Magic of Submission

So, I've had the chance to chat to quite a few new callers this week as well a some old 'friends'. Its been a kinda fun filled week actually (and quite an exhausting week for one or two of you "repeat" callers) HAHA!

Seriously though, I like building up a sense of connection with whoever it is that I speak to.  As any of you who speak to me regularly know, I'm serious about us having fun when we talk.  The way I see it, if you  sense a need inside you, whether it be an yearning to submit control for a while, a craving to be used and humiliated, or simply the desire for an escape into fantasy, and you can articulate that sense to someone who has the power, imagination and intellect to be able to fulfil that need...then you have the foundations of a fun encounter!

Sometimes, when those familiar feelings and needs to give up control become really intense, when the desire to be put in your place, to made use of, to be whisked away into that alternative realm, when those feelings reach a climax AND you find that outlet for them, somewhere where you can safely indulge all of your wildest dreams it can be a magical experience.

I know someone that I would class as the perfect sub (a GIRL before you fags get all hot and bothered thinking it might be you).  She was describing to me how submission feels when its done right (and was in the context of how it felt for her to submit to ME).  She talked about how a part of her that in everyday life had to be aware of herself, validating and checking her actions, constantly monitoring and controlling her environment - in essence her rational mind-  could just - Switch Off.  She described that moment of switching off as being akin to when a magician asks you to turn over the card you where holding, for you to discover that its transformed from the two of clubs to the queen of hearts.  You know instantly that it was impossible, and yet at some deeper level your mind seems to accept it and tells you it was 'magic'.

Well, it was a lovely complement, and no doubt influenced by the fact that she'd not long finished her third orgasm of the session...she did have to earn them tho - HAHA!

So, I don't know if everyone sees submission the same way - but when I'm talking with some of you phonesex addicts, dominating you on the phone, have you submit to the sound of my voice, I sense that more than one of you will be able to relate to Angel's insights.

I'm online now, so if you want to feel weave an illusion or two for you - you know what to do - Call me!

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