Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Time Flies

Hello my little toes suckers, foot sniffers, sluts and whores... what a busy week I have had... Work work, work, and hardly anytime to play with all of you - althought - that said I HAVE had ALOT of fun this week despite that - but again - how many times do I have to tell you that I AM the luckiest guy I know - and - deservedly so! After all - how often do you really meet an intelligent, good looking, fit, athletic, charming, flirtatious, witty and DOMINANT guy like me? Well - it is rare - and some of my famous luck must be rubbing off on you becasue - as impossible as it sounds... you found me! LOL ... Oh - BTW - did I mention modest too? ;-)

Firstly shouts out to the beautiful Karen (you still owe me some piccies sexy), whose had a BIG adventure recently... I think she has found a new and interesting way of stretching herself beyond her previous boundaries, and she has truely straddled the horse and hung on regarless of how wildly he bucks. I'm so proud of her! Also a breathless and bewildered shout to MCPLy - WOW! - what can I say? - it is a rare pleasure when I actually have a chance to meet a woman who is as - hmmmm - whats the word? as dedicated... to her casues... her many and varied causes... or should that be vices? What a babe!

So now onto my biggest losers - top of the list - AGAIN is Stud Ruler - I'm not gonna name any names now - 'cos he asked me not to BUT "the stud's" friend has been joining in with me - teasing and tantalising "the ruler" into a crecsendo of frustration the like of which I haven't seen in quite a while - how little does he know that this is just the warm-up! HAHA

Competing for 2nd and 3rd spot at the moment are urinalslave - re-christened recently - but I'll wait for him to reveal his new name for himself... and my little silver-collared slave footwear slave... although I fear that urinal slave maybe be doing slightly better that footwearslave at the moment - still - hopefully footwear slave will buck his ideas up and call me with the riding crop in hand before matters get very much worse.... will he resume a better standard of service if he realises that his Master expects more form his pathetic little loser fags, queers and sissies I wonder? Only time will tell.

Onto other things - how many of you pathetic little fuck trawl the internet looking for ways to get off? ALL of you I bet - well - think of this - your master - me - merely logs on and within 5 minutes I can be chatting to as many hot chics, or dominating as many of you pathetic little fags as my ego desires... you have NO idea what its like being this powerful... its like having x-ray glasses that can see your deepest vulnearbilities and exploit them for my advantage - HAHA... stop wasting time now - you know that your path will inevitably lead you back to me again and again - call me now you pathetic little fuck and get totally OWNED by me.... or if you are one of those rare and ravishing creatures - and you need your hot little pussy to cum while you talk to a real man... then you - call me too!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Taking Confessions

Confess your dark secrets! For those perverts amongst you who have a taste for something more than regular phonesex fantasies - my new confession line will take you to the next level. I've had a few really intense calls on my regular domination and fantasy lines talking about some of the real life situations that some of you pathetic losers have gotten yourselves into - and how you've either been completely dominated by a well-deserving superior man like me, or ridiculed and humiliated for all the right reasons.

So, I thought I'd setup a dedicated line for you sad little queers, sissies and cuckhold losers ... you can cum and tell me all about how your wife made you watch while she was fucked by another guy and then made you lick her pussy clean, or how you like to dress up in ladies underwear when you out and about... or maybe you'll tell me exactly what it was that you did the last time you got drunk - did you enjoy it? HA-HA I bet you did perv.

Either way - this line is especially for all of you that need to get something off your chest - and don't worry - you'll be getting penance - after all - I like to have fags and losers like you at my service.... and by the way - if your pathetic account of perversion is simply too tame to warrant me listening to it - then you will be given some homework to MAKE your story worth telling - don't ever say that I'm not a kind and generous Master.

So my pathetic little miscreants - I think that's all I'm going to write about today - my biggest losers role call next time - I haven't forgotten about you little worms - don't think for a second you have escaped my notice.

I'm suddenly feeling pent up and frustrated - I'm gonna vent my frustrations on someone - however, the prospect of entertaining myself with one of my pathetic little slaves has quite cheered me up. I wonder - will it be you? - Call me now.

The Englishman

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