Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A return, just in time for Halloween

Wow!  It has been a long time since I blogged last. What can I say, I've been busy... HAHA!

For those of you who have been in touch, you'll have a fair idea of the adventures I've been getting up to, for the rest of you, lets just say that I've been living the dream! Debauchery, kink, and a few items kicked of my (imaginary) bucket list! Why imaginary you ask? Because bucket lists are for losers who don't actually do anything with their lives! My "bucket list" process goes something like this....I wake up, decide what I want to do today, then set about making it happen! And yes, sometimes the achievement of the goal takes a little bit of time and effort to realise, but isn't that part of the fun of life? Being in a position to pursue whatever it is that you want to achieve or experience?

Speaking of experiences, have you ever imagined what it would be like to know...deep down inside, that you are unfulfilled, that there is a part of you that isn't able to express itself, an experience that you crave, a fantasy of how you NEED to feel? ...Of course you do!

We've ALL had moments where we identify an aspect of our lives that could be improved, but not ALL of us instantly know what path to take in order to make the necessary changes. So what to do?

Well, one of the most rewarding aspects of doing what I do; not just online, in the phone-sex world, but out in the physical world too, is having the opportunity to connect with people who are looking to experience something....it might be something that they are able to define clearly, an experience they want to revisit or variation on a theme, but often, it's something they *feel* they need, a craving, a yearning for a particular type of experience, a state of mind that is hard to achieve in their day to day lives...and for me, being a part of that exploration is like a drug.

Take for example the latest little endeavour I've been working on: a previously dominant kinkster wanted to explore submission. It was daunting to them, the idea of finding someone to trust, someone with enough experience, imagination and the right temperament to be able to coax out those submissive traits, to train them, mould them to my own desires, whilst still managing to tailor the experience down the right track so that all of those hot, arousing buttons where pressed....well, for those of you that have spoken to me, you'll know that investing a few precious minutes in exploring with me yield HUGE returns, now imagine that face to face, being able to enjoy the physical as well as the mental...yeah...I think you can imagine the intensity of the experience...and YES, I collared that previously dominant kinkster, and now have a new living, breathing, fuck toy to add to my little collection! HAHA!

So for all you kinky perverts, fags, and losers, rest assured, I'm still here, still available, and ALWAYS ready to engage and explore with you, whatever your fantasy, kink or fetish, just understand that when you step into my world, it can be as intense, and arousing as you let it be...but most of all it can be addictive! You have been warned! HAHA!

I'll be online for the next few hours, so if you have something on your mind, a deviant sexual fantasy that you want to explore with a hot, straight dominant English guy, well...you know what to do - call me!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Spring time again!

Wow! it's been a while since I've had time to update this blog, but yes, I'm still here, and still taking calls, so none of you losers have to fear, you will all still have the chance to worship a REAL MAN who knows exactly what it is that you need! HAHA!

So, it's been a busy few months for me, I've been working on a few new projects, one or two of which might be of great interest to some of you (and a few of you might already know what I'm talking about too!), but most of that is still in development right now.

One thing that I am pleased to be able to share though, is that I'm finally starting to roll out some of the advanced erotic-hypno service I've talked about before, especially for all of you mind-control freaks out there!

Hypno-fetish you ask?  Well, for the uninitiated this is how the journey goes:

You discover submission, you discover how incredibly hot it can be to let a dominant man take charge of you, relinquishing control to him, and embracing the fact that your sexual being, your body, simply *needs* to be used for someone else's sexual pleasure...

You read.. you explore, and you accept that you are, in fact, a kinky little fuck, and you discover just how heart-poundingly hot it can be to set aside your expectations and simply - submit.

Maybe you explore these feeling on the phone with me, living out fantasies that you can't (for whatever reasons) enact in real life, or maybe, when you call me, it's to re-live real-life experiences with an intelligent, articulate straight guy who is as kinky as it gets...

And then....THEN - you realise that you want....no.... you NEED ...to go deeper...you NEED to let someone start to lead you even deeper into a more immersive, more vivid experience of submission...well, this is where erotic hypnosis starts.

The beauty of this particular journey is that it's just as safe as regular phonesex (your subconscious mind will only accept suggestions that are in line with your own deeper sense of morality), but erotic hypnosis gives you permission to go as deep as you feel comfortable with, overcoming the inhibitions that many people feel frustrated by.

The first steps into this exciting new area can throw up a lot of questions, and that's why I've teamed up with another very experienced British erotic hypnotist to offer any willing subjects the chance to try out different kinds of experiences both on the phone or face to face via Skype.  If you think this might appeal to you, drop him an email directly (englishharry@hotmail.com) or contact me here and we can explore the possibilities!

So, a short post this time, but more to follow soon!  I'll be online for the next few hours, so if you want to explore more, or maybe indulge in a different kind of hot, intense, erotic call, you know what to do.

Call me now!


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