Monday, 13 December 2010

Decemeber ALREADY??

So it's seemingly become a monthly phonesex blog rather than a weekly one, what can I say - too much to do, not enough time!

Its been bitter over here in the UK for the last couple of weeks, and everyone has been moaning (not in ecstasy oddly) about how terribly cold the winter has turned out to be blah blah - I don't mind it. I find that when the weather turns colder people are SO much more likely to be civil to each other, taking time to say good morning as the navigate frosty slippery pavements (side-walks - for you US fags) - and for those of you that have talked to me on the phone, you will know that I appreciate good manners from the little submissives that I dominate on the phone.

Yes, its true, if you first present yourself to me and demonstrate that you are good for NOTHING but being verbally abused and humiliated, well, in that case you WILL be verbally abused and humiliated, after all, if a worthless little piece of doggie-doo, that under normal circumstances you would seek to avoid at all costs, becomes unavoidable...well - you will get EXACTLY what you deserve. For "santi789" that meant quite literally being reduced to tears!! HAHA! He called me up trying to tell me how he wasn't a pussy, and how he was only calling to tell me that he thought that all British guys were too arrogant...yeah we talked for a while, but, for poor little Santi, the conversation, and my indomitable intellect and masculine superiority must have got overwhelming, cos after about 7 minutes...he was crying like a little girl who lost her Mommy...sobbing down the phone, unable to hang-up because he knew he had to ask permission first...LOL Talk about a pussy...and talk about humiliated!!

The weird thing was - I wasn't even TRYING that hard...HAHA!! You have to understand that I don't have any weaknesses the way that most guys do. Does that mean I'm arrogant? - yeah I guess it does, but its arrogance based on the fact that I *know* that I'm not just some-other-guy I AM different to the rest and the girls that I date, and the faggots that I dominate (either in real-life or on NiteFlirt's phonesex lines).. they KNOW what its like to be in the presence of a guy who; emotionally, physically and (most important of all) *intellectually* dominates them... apparently it makes you feel all 'squishy' inside when you know that a guy like me has turned his attention towards you... and all you want to do is melt into a puddle at my feet and do WHATEVER it is I want...Perfect.

But, for the rest of you losers who are seeking something other then simple ego-destruction when you call... (and for all you beautiful, horny LADIES, of course!) you will have my undivided attention focused on making sure that every fibre of YOUR being is teased, and tickle, bent and twisted, massaged and moulded to MY desires... and YES, you *might* earn yourself a little pleasure through your service, but ONLY if you give yourself to me in totality first! HAHA!

So yeah - in summary - I don't mind the cold weather (after all, its fun being able to threaten sending you out in the cold naked!!).

Now the BIG question - have we all got our Christmas shopping done yet? NO? Why the fuck not you loser?? You should have at LEAST sent your favorite Master his X-mas tribute by now! It just takes three little clicks (that was *clicks* worm...not PRICKS ...although I'm sure you fantasise about MY big prick often enough to be seeing it three times at least HAHA!).

Get over to NF and send me a tribute. I'll be online now taking calls for the next few hours, so at the very least CALL ME.

Monday, 1 November 2010

As The Dark Nights Draw In

Hello girls and boys, I can't believe that its been nearly 2 months since my last post - well its testament to what a busy fellow I am. it seem that the demands from all you phonesex perverts for a REAL-MAN to dominate you are almost never ending! HAHA!

interestingly, it looks as though the dark nights have brought out a fleet of little cuckolds to my doorstep...and all of you little cuckies are to be to put fimrly in your place! I guess I would have to say that it started a with my new servant "mark", he recognises that his role is to prepare his wife for whatever SHE choses to do, regardless of whether that means keeping faithful to him or not! LOL! Good news for me I think you'll agree, but I don't like my girls to look TOO slutty when we first go sadly mark fucked it up - he got his punishment though, and his wife got what she deserved to... HAHA!

I love playing the role of cuckold-bull, satisfying those woman that all you pathetic losers would have NO chance to satisfy in any way shape or form. Number two on the cuckies losers list was Glen, or Glenda as he was renamed by his girlfriend and full time mistress, Katy. Now HE is a funny one. He (like so many of you pathetic little wretches, only had a teeny tiny little 4" cock, and by all accounts it only ever gets to its full magnificent 4" length when he is *terribly* excited... which according to Katy, usually results in his little weener getting all wet and dribbly from pre-cum, so much so that she calls it a "diclit" (dick-clit - get it?) and he tells me that when he's been VERY good and done a nice job of cleaning up Katy's cream-pie pussy once she's been serviced by a REAL-MAN like me, that he's allowed to rub it like an engorged clit and make himself about 30 seconds flat!!! HAHA!! What a loser.

Perhaps the best though is "greg", this guy is really special...LOL... he has a hot girlfriend (and guys...I mean HOT - gorgeous body, pretty face, a real cutey) and he managed to get her despite* the fact that he is a total wimp - pretty special I think you'll agree. The REALLY ironical part though is that I KNOW his girlfriend - and I KNOW him!! HAHA! I met them a while back at a judo tournament where I totally kicked his skinny ass in front of EVERYONE ...and his girlfriend was so turned on by watching me manhandling her weak little boyfriend, stuffing his face into my chest and crushing his head between my big-biceps and firm-forearms that when she saw me on NF she recognised me instantly as "that guy" who kicked greg's ass and she just had to get in touch.... How cool is that? But wait - you don't know the best of it... *because* greg is SUCH a loser, and deep down he *knows* that his girlfriend is WAY too good for him, he has to endure ringing me up and reliving the entire judo match from beginning to end...right up to the part where he starts crying (CRYING!!!) because I dominated him so thoroughly! HAHAHA! Have you ever heard anything so pathetic? The guy is totally weak in EVERY way you can imagine...and I honestly think that he knows that, which is why he lets his girlfriend get her sexual kicks from REAL-MEN like me! Yep, that's right, his girlfriend won't fuck him until she gotten all nice and hot and wet from the thought of me making her wimpy little boyfriend cry... i wonder who she's thinking about when she does eventually fuck him! HAHA!

So... Dark nights...cuckold fantasies...if you are looking for a REAL-MAN to service your wife...well you know what to do... and as for all you faggots... it looks like you'll have to get in the cue and try harder to grab some of my attention next month! CALL ME.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Summer Ends

Well, autumn is nearly here, its time for the leaves to start turning to those beautiful golden browns and start falling... as the nights draw in and the days get shorter... and its also the time when all you pathetic little faggots (and all you horny little minxes) usually start getting even more desperate for the attention of an intelligent, dominant, straight man to put you into your place! HAHA!

I don't know why it works - I'm sure some new-age guru would be able to describe it in terms of planetary alignment, evolutionary biologists would probably link it to some desire to for security and safety in readiness for the winter. My theory is that when the seasons change people like to reach for something comforting, and for some of you little worms that means grovelling on your belly, begging for the chance to put your worthless face under my big white feet... for others it might be the chance to be trained and punished, or to be made to perform for my delight and entertainment (or that of my friends).... or *maybe* you want to star in a vivid fantasy, living out your darkest, deepest, most secret desires, knowing that a cocky, arrogant English guy is relishing dominating you every step of the way.

I love the opportunity to show you what a REAL man is like - there are so many pussies out there pretending to be REAL men, but the truth is most of them are just playing a role and are so sadly out of touch with what true masculinity is all about that they come unstuck at the first turn. I make no apologies for my opinions, and I have nothing to prove to anyone, this is the source of my power. Its the source of any REAL man's power. I can hold my own physically, mentally and spiritually with anyone - and I won't be beaten down, no matter what it costs.

Does this mean that I don't listen and can't learn - of course not!! LMAO! That's the trait of a wanna-be - not the real deal! The fact that I have nothing to prove frees me to focus my attention and actually learn about what make you tick *quicker* allows me to explore you, and uncover all those delicious little buttons and switches that I can press to put you into whatever state *I* want and dominate you...exposing your confused thinking and behaviour.

I am the one that can provide the order, structure and security that you crave, and I know that while most people agree at first glance that I'm a superior *physical* specimen, that its actually my intellect that intimidates most of them.

Why am sharing all this with me? ...its so that before you call me, you understand that when you are performing for me, when you are living out some sordid fantasy, that you understand that you are responding to my superiority, my talent, my masculinity... and that its this energy that you crave more than anything else.

So... now that you are convinced....Call me.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Return of the Kitty?

Well... well... well - This is an occasion worth a short blog entry ALL to itself ... out of the blue who should I find prowling and meow-ing on my doorstep... why - little kitty of course... HA HA!

Its made my day knowing that, even if I haven't had the chance to tease and tantalise and torment and tickle her into a submissive frenzy yet least I know that the possibility might be there.... how VERY intriguing. (NB For those of you you haven't had the chance to speak to me yet... or perhaps haven't had the guts to risk submitting to me... this little bit of "poetry" roughly translates as me filling her hot little kitty-box and getting her puffy little pussy so wide open that I can do ANYTHING I like with her...) HAHA!

So - me thinks it might be time to start putting out some cat-nip and see if i can entice her in.... Oh look! I did already! HAHA!!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Winners, Losers...and LOSERS - LOL

Phonesex, particularly fetish phonesex will always have its winners and losers. Happily for me - I'm almost always on the winners' team. However, as I'm sure you can imagine, for some of you pathetic little miscreants... losing comes so naturally that I feel the need to celebrate how big you've lost HAHA!

So, this week there are two noteworthy players to make soem noise about... StudRuler... my old favourite, who simply can't escape my grip... and the second, my American foot-loving friend.

I still remember the very first time I spoke to "the Stud"... he made the foolish mistake of giving me the tiniest of glimpses into the inner workings of his perverted little mind... HAHA - and me, being the consummate gentleman, TOOK FULL ADVANTAGE!! Do you remember it too, Stud? The intoxication that you felt as I described exactly what was happening inside your mind , what if felt like to feel every ounce of self control draining out of your body as you fell completely.... and utterly under my control? HAHA! So! ... Stud.... you are hereby crowned in the hall this week...LOL

As for the other snivelling worm... I'm not going to say too much about him, because I wouldn't want to scare any of you little fags by giving you too much a of a glimpse of exactly what happens when my sadistic streak is revealed... suffice it to say - he knows his place EXACTLY... and now he knows how to dry my feet properly after he has cleaned every inch of them...JUST the way I like them cleaned.

So, now that we've got THAT out of the way let me tell you that for the next few weeks I will have a bit more of a regular schedule than I've been able to manage recently. Take advantage of it, I've got a few adventures planned that have the strong possibility of dragging me away later on in the summer time, so NOW is the time to pick up the phone and discover how deeply submissive you can become when you're in the presence of a superior, dominant REAL-man.

If you're not sure that you can handle actually speaking to someone on the phone, then rest assured - you can... how do I know? HAHA because from the moment you hear my voice you'll understand why, despite the relatively limited hours that I am available (thanks to being on UK time), I still have the ratings and feedback that I do. Still not confident enough? Pick a recording, and see how it FEELS when I start to penetrate your mind. Now - imagine that in a LIVE conversation. Call me.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Rock 'n' Roll

Good morning phonesex loving boys and girls...are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Woo! - well another week or two has passed since my last post, bad me, still, the main thing is that I'm here now, so stop your bitchin'!

I've been busy... had a trip abroad, had a trip here in the UK - Yes, I've been a busy bunny... albeit a bunny with particularly sadistic tendencies, and a penchant for seeing little faggots squirming and mincing around his every whim...HAHA - but a busy bunny non-the-less.

I got asked last week whether I was REALLY as dominant as I sound. I thought it was one of the strangest question I'd been asked. ANY of you little phonesex fags that I've spoken to, or the pathetic losers that have only read my listings on NiteFlirt and seen the feedback I consistently get, should have a very clear idea of two basic facts: 1) ) I am far more than your average Dom-wannabe, I'm superior to you in every way imaginable; I'm smarter, better looking and more powerful than you so, OF COURSE I'm going to dominate YOU. 2) The success of my phonesex domination relies uniquely on my ability to psychologically manipulate you to the place that I want you to be. In person I wouldn't hesitate to physically dominate you if the urge took me, and seeing your weakness and compliant submission can have that effect on someone like me sometimes... but on the phone... when all I have is the power of my voice to bend you, degrade and humiliate you into a frenzy... that's when the style of my dominance, its subtlety, its is pervasiveness....that's when you can find yourself drawn in over your head, desperate to please me, and begging me to use you. HAHA! Feeling horny at the thought of it? HAHAHA!

...And that's just a few lines that I've thrown up here to tease you with. Just imagine what it would feel like when your telephone rings, you know its the call you've been itching to make, you can almost taste your anticipation of being able to actually hear my voice directly, with all of my attention focused on penetrating your mind and transporting you into that special place where you become like a quivering jelly ... just waiting to be squished. HAHA!

Well, you know what you have to do now don't you... scrape together a few cheap phonesex pennies, charge up that account and call me. Oh, and do you remember the "Biggest Losers Hall of Infamy" - Well - YES! Its coming back! You will have the honour of seeing your name featured in my blog IF you please me enough... it shouldn't be that difficult, you just have to be your usual, perverted, pathetic-faggotty little loser self...Oh! AND leave written feedback at the end of the call, of course...HAHA! I'll be online now for the next few hours - here's your chance- don't blow it. Call me.

The Englishman

Monday, 29 March 2010

Returning is such sweet sorrow...

Phonesex quote of the day: "Please... just let me smell your feet" HAHA! Well... barely have I touched back down and already one of my favourite little foot-sniffing friends calls me up to say welcome back!

I'm not going to humiliate him anymore for now, I think the little phone-fantasy mind-fuck I've started him on is going to be burning in his brain for the next few days... and I wouldn't want him to blow a fuse just yet! Alhtough first-week in June might be different... HAHA!

Right - enough of that bullshit, I just want to say "Hi" to all you cheap phonesex losers out there - if you've only just found this blog, come in, make yourself at home... no- actually strike that - come in... and GET ON YOUR FUCKIN' knees... This is MY house.. and when you call me - expect nothing less than to be used for MY entertainment.

If you've been here/read this blog before then I'm guessing that the paragraph above would not have taken you by surprise! HAHA!...

OK - so first question - what have I been up to? Well, truth be told, since NF decided to "revamp" their sytems (and by revamp I think they mean fuck-up) I've been spending my time playing in the real world for a little while. I AM a real-life Dom (not a part-time pretender like alot of actors that you can waste your time and money on) So, whilst NF sorted their shit out I've been making some money training, and taming and punishing some real-life losers and little miscreants... and teasing them too - it has to be said.

For those of you who have had the privilege of speaking with me, you will know, I'm strictly straight, but I DO so get off on demonstrating my superiority in everyway I can. If you are looking for a monosyllabic bully-boy, go elsewhere - I have a keen intellect and I WILL use it to tie your mind in knots so that I get my own way. I enjoy creating the most vivid waking dreams you can imagine, all to tease, torment and excite you into a mind bending frenzy... Why you ask? So that you do EXACTLY as you are told of course! HAHA!

Second question - How can I talk to you? Easy! Follow the link in the side bar -> (the one with the little telephone on it) and follow the instructions. Check out my listings and call the one that best fits what you are looking for (note that you can email me too if you want to be assured of jumping straight into a particular scene - just make sure I've read the email before calling otherwise you'll just have to explain yourself anyway!).

Third question - What if I'm a girl and not a guy.... can I still call you? Errr.. Yes! ;-) in fact - you get a special cheap-rate (Fags- don't even think about it - it really is JUST for the ladies... the REAL ladies!) and you'll see from my rating that I'll make sure you enjoy the call just as much as I do! ;-). I'm a straight, dominant REAL MAN and a perfect gentleman on the phone too... you'll get a clear idea from all of the stuff above that I like to be in control, and have a broad imagination... but rest assured that when I'm chatting to the fairer sex you you will have my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, and I ALWAYS respect your limits (unless I can see that you don;t want me to! ;-)). I love the company of women and thrive on the energy you give off, so if you do want a fun, relaxed chat, about anything - then just call me.

OK - so now you know... I'll be waiting for your call, and when we speak and you first hear my voice, take a second to introduce yourself, calm yourself for a moment and then brace yourself before the RUSH carries you away. Call me.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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