Thursday, 18 September 2008

Playtime beckons...

So...How have you been coping without your regular fix of phonesex with me? Yes - StudRuler - Its YOU that I'm talking to my pathetic little faggot.... have you managed to keep your mind out of my shoes? HAHA Or YOU foot lover... no - I haven't forgotten about you and your "request" HAHA - You think a pathetic little worm like you would escape so easily - you have some service to fulfill to me.... and as for footslave... WELL - that little patch of dogsick is a stain that I will have to give some VERY special attention to on my return... You HAVE all noticed that I've been away haven't you? HAHA

Well -I've been busy - I've been very busy playing VERY hard all summer - spending all that fag cash that I harvested from you pathetic little fucks HAHA - I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it is being able to walk up to a chic in a bar and throw my fag cash around impressing her and her friends - getting her all strung out on me - and then taking her home, letting the little slut get me real hard, playing with my cock and balls... feeling her lips wrapped around my shaft.....Mmmmm.....feeling her up to see how wet she's got for me, tasting that sweet nectar - and then - the sweetest of all - I fuck her brains out - pummeling her tight little pussy and MAKING her cum for me over and over again - and then - finally - when I'm all done- and I finally let my cock slide out of her cum filled twat.... I chuckle to myself and think about all of you pathetic little queers WISHING you could worship my shoes, socks and feet and giving me my fag cash - maybe fantasising about worshipping my cock and balls too... HAHAHA... That makes me smile.

BUT - now that I've told you about THAT - what about my special little online slut? What about my little kitty? WELL -I'm glad you asked - 'cos kitty has been a VERY good girl while I've been away - and has done EXACTLY what she's been told... and kitty has asked for something VERY special... but because she's been such a GOOD little cumslut.... I've decided that she can have that very special thing she asked for (NO - of course not for free!! LOL) - BUT because she's such a little cock worshipping slut - she asked for some pics of 'me'... HAHA - yes - you guessed it - she wants to see my cock.. , well - she's had the first three of my little series... but my little slut does like to be teased (well - maybe she likes to be teased - the point is I like to tease her... so thats what she gets HAHA!) So kitty - you've had 3 - do you want some more? You've heard that Rick wants to hear more about how you let me use your soaking wet little pussy for my pleasure - how I OWN that pussy when my cock is pounding in and out of it... HAHA...

So - Don't think ANY of you are off the soon as I'm back I expect you to call me and top up my account - get saving NOW... in the meantime follow the example set by kewlphunguy and gtlondon ... check out my recordings... you might find them surprisingly satisfying.. HAHA

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