Saturday, 23 August 2008


Have you been missing me? I've been SO busy lately that I simply haven't had time to torment and abuse all you useless little fucks... I know - I know - you can't get by without your regular dose of straight, dominant Englishman, you need to be reminded how small and insignificant you are, you need a smooth talking, cocky, dominant guy to talk to you about how you can serve him, how you can debase yourself for his pleasure.... HAHA - well - hopefully I will have a bit more time to play with you all in the next month or so - but I have a question - what will YOU want to talk about?

I know that my little kitty has been missing me - and I also have to say that I've missed ascerting my claim over her hot dripping little pussy... I know that she WANTS me to own her pussy - but sometimes she's such a naughty minx that I just like to fuck with her and MAKE her give it to me all over again... and boy does that make her purrrrr... LOL

So anyway loosers - I have the chance to log on from time to time - so even if I'm not online a whole lot at the moment - I DO expect you to send me a message - and IF your message pleases me you might even get a reply HAHAHA!

Call me.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Mind-fuse recordings

If any of you little lowlifes have taken the trouble to glance at the comments that my little playmate "sex kitten", has posted below you *may* begin to form *some* idea of the power, mind control and raw erotic energy that I wield... if I choose to.

I re-named this unimaginably dirty lil' bitch "sex kitten" on account of the fact that she has about as much chance of escaping from me as a kitten from a rottweiler - and I have made my sexual satisfaction her main function in life, HAHA! We had ALOT of fun yesterday - I'm not sure that she's ready for the next step though - what do you think kitty? Let me know if you think you can handle it baby... haha!

Other than my lil' kitty - I've also had ALOT of fun tormenting Stud Ruler... it seems that he hasn't been able to connect with me for quite some time now...I don't really understand why.. I've been avaible - a little - haha!

I'm not gonna go through my biggest losers now - talking about all you mincey little fucks that entertained me recently can wait - instead I'm gonna go online and make some new recordings for those of you who *know* you aren't even worthy to speak to me directly - or who are also having trouble catching me online. I'm also going to post one specifically for any ladies who might want to listen to a sexy recording - so faggots - don't get confused - and READ the descriptions of the recordings....losers.

So - if you want to serve me, be owned by me, listen to me telling you exactly how you can please me...or if you want to tell me all about what a lowlife worthless worm you are then - Call me now... I will OWN you so completely that you will be walking in a daze for days HAHA!

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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