Monday, 2 April 2012

Kinky Frolics and FREE Erotic-hypnosis

How many of you have noticed how those feelings of kinkyness seems to come in waves? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it ever *really* goes away, its just that, sometimes, you feel SO desperately kinky that nothing less than the most depraved kinky, fetish, phonesex will do.

You find yourself craving something a little bit... more, something a little bit... special.

Well, that's when you call me of course, silly.

It's when that urge really grips you, that you can have the HORNIEST phonesex you ever dreamt of - when you feel compelled to talk to someone, you feel SO submissive and dirty, and you just want to be used, abused and manipulated by a fit, sexy, arrogant, straight English guy...just like me! HAHA!

Well I guess the moon must be inline with Mars AND Venus, or something, because at the moment, in my estimation, we must be in a period of serious astrological kinkyness. The calls I've been taking have definitively brought me to the conclusion that you little pervert, fags, losers and wannabe whores must be absorbing some seriously twisted cosmic rays because you're going out of your tiny little horny minds!

I love it when I get those sorts of calls where I can hear just how hungry you are to have your reality twisted and massaged and eroticised by yours truly. Creating those vivid, red-hot experiences when we talk is something that I know you'll enjoy, and when I start speaking to you and I can hear that hunger in your voice, I KNOW its gonna be a another mind-blowing call. Hmmm - maybe mind-fucking call would be more appropriate! HAHA!

And... I've had ONE particularly enjoyable call that I would LOVE to share with you all, and maybe I will very soon - but I'm waiting to see if I was right about the effect of a certain...message I sent HAHA!

Oh yes ...which reminds me; for all you erotic hypnosis and hypno-fetish fans, I've no got my hypno induction recorded and ready for you to listen to over and over. I created this recording after some big time BEGGING from one of my little slaves who was desperate to experience Englishman style hypnosis on tap, So, listen to this recording in preparation for LIVE or custom made recordings, after all, if you're paying for a custom recording it would be SO much hotter if you were ALREADY pre-programmed to drop into a relaxing hypnotic trance WITHOUT having to go through all of that every time wouldn't it? HAHA! Of course it would.

Now, just for you, my loyal little blogees, I'm offering you a one-time chance to get my hypno-induction, (which is just over 15 minutes long and contains light erotic suggestions, and a trigger to help you get into trans more easily in future) for FREE...yes you heard me right FREE!

To qualify you must have paid for my services on Niteflirt in the past (recordings OR live sessions) and then send me a message on NF quoting this 'unique serial code' : HOTENGLISH69

HAHA! Now remember fags and losers, this recording is a short little taster, if you want more then - just ask...Oh and Ladies, if this kind of thing might be something you would like to experience too then rest assured we can create something deliciously unique for you too.

In the meantime - what are you waiting for? You want Jupiter to align with Uranus too??

Call me.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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