Monday, 13 September 2010

Summer Ends

Well, autumn is nearly here, its time for the leaves to start turning to those beautiful golden browns and start falling... as the nights draw in and the days get shorter... and its also the time when all you pathetic little faggots (and all you horny little minxes) usually start getting even more desperate for the attention of an intelligent, dominant, straight man to put you into your place! HAHA!

I don't know why it works - I'm sure some new-age guru would be able to describe it in terms of planetary alignment, evolutionary biologists would probably link it to some desire to for security and safety in readiness for the winter. My theory is that when the seasons change people like to reach for something comforting, and for some of you little worms that means grovelling on your belly, begging for the chance to put your worthless face under my big white feet... for others it might be the chance to be trained and punished, or to be made to perform for my delight and entertainment (or that of my friends).... or *maybe* you want to star in a vivid fantasy, living out your darkest, deepest, most secret desires, knowing that a cocky, arrogant English guy is relishing dominating you every step of the way.

I love the opportunity to show you what a REAL man is like - there are so many pussies out there pretending to be REAL men, but the truth is most of them are just playing a role and are so sadly out of touch with what true masculinity is all about that they come unstuck at the first turn. I make no apologies for my opinions, and I have nothing to prove to anyone, this is the source of my power. Its the source of any REAL man's power. I can hold my own physically, mentally and spiritually with anyone - and I won't be beaten down, no matter what it costs.

Does this mean that I don't listen and can't learn - of course not!! LMAO! That's the trait of a wanna-be - not the real deal! The fact that I have nothing to prove frees me to focus my attention and actually learn about what make you tick *quicker* allows me to explore you, and uncover all those delicious little buttons and switches that I can press to put you into whatever state *I* want and dominate you...exposing your confused thinking and behaviour.

I am the one that can provide the order, structure and security that you crave, and I know that while most people agree at first glance that I'm a superior *physical* specimen, that its actually my intellect that intimidates most of them.

Why am sharing all this with me? ...its so that before you call me, you understand that when you are performing for me, when you are living out some sordid fantasy, that you understand that you are responding to my superiority, my talent, my masculinity... and that its this energy that you crave more than anything else.

So... now that you are convinced....Call me.

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