Thursday, 12 March 2015

AB/DL fetish

Grettings all!

Well, finally it feels like spring is on it's way, and typically that means that the sap starts rising and some of the kinkier sides of people begin to creep out of "winter hibernation".

So, I  thought for this post I would look into the intriguing and kinky land of AB/DL, which to the uninitiated is the abbreviation for Adult Baby / Diaper Lover.

Now before you grab your pitchforks and begin to make associations with child abuse or under-age sexual activities, let me begin by reassuring you, that although this can seem edgy to some, this fetish exists firmly within the confines of Risk Aware Consensual Kink (or SSC if you prefer that acronym), and recognition of one of the risks of anything involving age play of any kind is, of course, that it mustn't be seen to give permission for any ACTUAL under-age play of any sort (pseudo-consensual or otherwise).

So with that little "disclaimer" out of the way, it probably also worth noting that the amalgamation of the Adult Baby fetish together with the Diaper Lovers fetish doesn't always make for happy playmates, as the two fetishes only really seem to share diapers (and perhaps loss of control/submission) as common ground.

For those of us on this side of the pond, the word nappy is used in contrast to  (the vastly inferior US word ;-] ) "diaper" to describe that object of common interest, and both groups seem to spend a good deal of time focussed on nappies (or diapers); the feel of them, their construction, their absorbency, and, for some, the look of them is also critically important.

As always my interest and curiosity becomes much sharper when I receive a phonesex call from someone keen to explore that fetish, and of course AB/DL is no exception, but one of the interesting things about these calls is that the range and style of the domination is broader than most, and in particular, for the Adult Babies, is very broad.

Take for example the topic of my last entry, when I blogged on macrophilia.  It's very rare in those calls when the caring or nurturing side of the dominant party ever manifests. In contrast the AB fetishists might need everything from a loving caring nurturing "parent" figure, a lover... all the way through to a super strict disciplinarian, corporal punishment and humiliation.  In contrast the DL's arousal "sweet spot" tends to exist at the more degrading end of the spectrum and often see their nappies as an object of humiliation, being "forced" to wear them and use them, perhaps without control over who sees them in such an embarrassing state.

So, of course, for me it gets particularly interesting when I have the chance to exploit those particular fetishes and draw some of that delicious submissive energy out of my willing callers.  Weaving hypnotic fantasies that nurture and coddle, weaken control of bladders, and bring about that pure, innocent submission,  or perhaps  draw spine tingling attention at the utterly humiliating way that your bottom bulges because of the big, thick (and maybe soaking wet) nappy between your legs, that you are compelled to wear.

The fantasies can be as pure or as nasty as they get, and that is certainly a big part of what makes this fetish so interesting.  The contrast between a fresh, snuggly, playful little one, ready for cuddles or a bedtime story...all the way through to the dirty, naughty little sex fiend, all bound up in their nasty diaper being made to do the most degrading and humiliating things...orgasms denied, or maybe forced, and with the constant threat of a spanking if they misbehave.


So is this one that speaks to you? Do you have a secret inner little one waiting to get out, or maybe the idea of giving up THAT level of control stimulates something deep down that lets you drift into your darker, submissive side? Either way, I'll be taking calls for the next few hours, if you feel inspired to explore this or any other fetish or fantasies; Call me!

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