Thursday, 30 October 2014

Balloon Fetish

Well now, I thought it was about time to pick up my theme on the multitude of kinks and fetishes that I've come across (pun intended, and, yes... sometimes I do!) in my travels, as a little diversion from my more routine phonesex related musings.

This time it's a rarer one, I guess, but still an interesting one for those of you who, like me, enjoy exploring aspects of sexuality in all its forms.

Ballon ask?

For the uninitiated this may seem a stretch too far and might make you wonder if people are just making these things up to give themselves an over inflated sense of their own kinkiness (again, puns intended!).

But infact, no.  "Looners" (as some of the passionistos, who share this kink, refer to themselves) have one thing in common, their love of big, rounded, rubbery, turgid, playful ballons.

This, however, is where the common ground can sometimes stop abruptly. Looners, as with almost every "branch" of kink that I've ecountered, can have very different views on what exactly it is about balloons that make them hot, and what kind of balloon-related practices are a turn on.

For some, its all about the personality of the balloon, how it makes them feel, the quality of the sexual energy they feel emmanating from the balloon, the vibe they get when they handle it and squeeze it, the colours, patterns or pictures that adorn it's surface.

For others, it's about the shape and size of the balloon. There is a general trend towards the larger balloons amongst looners; the balloon becoming a bigger physical presence, but there are some that seek a very particular size or shape.

The materials, and especially the thickness of the rubber is a factor, it defines so much about the texture, warmth and feel of the balloon (as well as the durability)...which leads on to, the biggest split within the looner community....

To pop, or, not to pop?

Indeed, one of the discoveries I recall from my youthful exportations of balloons (albeit in the non-sexual sense) is the shocking, but exciting, moment that they... POP!  Well, this experience is at the core of the erotic experience for some looners who find that the moment that they pop their balloon is often the moment that they pop themselves, whereas for others, the wanton distruction of their special round-bodied friends is absolutely sacrosanct.

This debate is so emotionally charged for some looners that discussions on forums have heated to the point of threats of physical violence being made, and I have to say that I don't recall discussions about any other fetish illiciting such furour (other than perhaps some strongly worded exchanges from well meaning but ultimately misguided age play commentators).

So, if ballons are your thing, then leave me a comment, I'd love to learn more about the fetish, or if you have any views on fetishes in general, especially phonesex then get in touch.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Filthy dirty... Phonesex most of you already know, (and have first hand experience of) I provide online phonesex services for financial reward. A few of my friends are aware of this fact, and as you can imagine have a healthy curiosity about the nature of the calls, and what goes on etc... Don't worry! Like any professional, all confidentialities are observed. (Although, if I *were* to share more details (fetishes, positions, devices....),  the names of the participants needn't be changed to preserve their innocence...because *most* of the stuff we talk about... well... innocent? - it ain't!). HAHA!

But, alongside the general questions, a friend recently asked me if I preferred the longer calls or the the shorter ones. Just to give a little context - this was after I mentioned that I'd had a two hour long call earlier that day, and had bragged that my personal record was a single call of 6 hours (and yes, that one was with a lady).

So it got me to thinking about whether there was an optimal length of call for me? Needless to say the really short (< 3 mins) calls with new callers are pretty hard to get engaged with.  I can read people pretty quickly, but unless they give me a detailed breakdown of the fantasy or kink they'd like to explore (or they are a regular caller and I already know them!), 3-4 minutes is isn't much time to develop a really engaging fantasy. Beyond that little exception though, I had to answer that there really wasn't an optimal length of time. Some fantasies are so beautifully detailed (one in particular, which is about to head into "Part 4", springs to mind) and so engaging, that I can lose track of time myself, and begin to get immersed in the story we build. Ok, so needless to say, as a dominant straight guy, I'm probably not going to be as "lost" in the story as you will be, unless there are some sexy ladies involved... Haha! But you know what I mean!

So it was a pretty interesting discovery to make, comparing an engaging 90 minute call with an engaging 10 minute call, neither one is better for me (beyond the obvious $$$ difference)! The only challenge with the longer calls is fitting them into my tight schedule! HAHA!  The key to what makes a great session for me though, is a fantasy that has the right level of depth for the duration of the call, and that you are able to communicate to me the kind of experience you are looking for. Armed with that information I will blow your mind!

As any of you who have called me before will know, I have a vivid imagination and can dip in and out of all sorts of kinks, fetishes and scenes effortlessly and fluidly. I guess then that it isn't a great surprise that it doesn't come down to the duration of the call. It comes down to my ability to get inside your mind, and start pressing all those buttons...  setting your heart pounding, your head spinning and letting you experience a truly mesmerizing erotic adventure...  And if you haven't called me yet, well, read some of my feedback, and judge for yourself!

I'll be online for the next few hours, as usual, so whether you've called me before or not, and you fancy exploring a little filthy dirty phonesex fantasy, right now, you know what to do:
Call me.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Erotic Humiliation

Good morning Kinkyland! OK, so it's probably not morning for you, but it is for me, and a beautiful one at that.  I have a day of play planned, so I find myself in an even better mood than usual, and its been a busy couple of weeks!

Now, before we get started I have a few noteworthy mentions to make. For those of you reading and wondering what I mean by a "noteworthy mention," let me explain.  I am straight, I am dominant, and I enjoy dominating, sexually, on the telephone; a term I like to use is "phonesex domination". HAHA!  Not very original, I know, but it does what it says.  So, despite being straight, my enjoyment of phonesex domination includes domming guys (gay or otherwise) as well as playing with some very sexy girls (and yes ladies, I am the *perfect* gentleman, so rest assured that if you are looking for something more sensual, less aggressive, but deeply sexy, you will have a wonderful time with me).

So.... Noteworthy mentions are what someone gets if they fall into one of a few specific categories, either they entertain me to such an extent during our call that I feel compelled to share the experience with the entire world (oh yes, this blog can be read by ANYONE, no membership required!), or maybe I found their call particularly interesting or thought provoking, OR if I deem that they need a little encouragement /reminding /convincing of the unquestionable, total and overwhelming power I have to hold THEM to account.  HAHA!

Now, I wasn't actually planning on blogging about erotic humiliation this week, but its down to a couple of callers that are due noteworthy mentions that prompted me to post it a little early.

So, Tom and Drew, consider yourselves mentioned, in a noteworthy fashion! HAHA!

You see, both of these guys have a connection with /appreciation for/ need for humiliation. They recognise that because of the way that they are, because of their kinky, twisted fetishes, that they are in fact deserving of only hearing, mocking laughter ringing in their ears, and that they need to be used, and abused for other people's enjoyment and entertainment. Interestingly they don't share the same kinks at all.  For those of you you have been following my blog for some time, you will have seen Drew's name come up now and again (and might have an idea of what's at the foot of his fetish), he's looking forward to posting a comment on my blog very soon, and will one day confess EVERYTHING he's told me, just because I chose him too, but that day is not here yet. Tom, in contrast,  is a brand new caller, but despite that, was able to share a very secret, and quite honestly, dirty part of himself, which will too remain our little secret for now, but suffice it to say that both these guys understand the erotic potential of being placed at the mercy of a cruel, mocking, arrogant guy who loves nothing more that watch his victims...err sorry...*callers*... twist and squirm in erotic, bliss-filled, crimson-cheeked humiliation at the end of the phone. HAHA!

The power of erotic humiliation can be utterly overwhelming for some people, feeling that heart-thumping moment when you confess your secrets... hearing the laughter, disgust or outright contempt for what a pathetic little worm you are, and then being *forced* to act out (or abstain from) those debauched, dirty acts that get you so very, VERY turned on, all the while being taunted and ridiculed by someone who is so breathtakingly attractive, confident and successful, oh, and who LOVES the idea of "outing" you just to see whether you will actually cry....HAHA! Well, who wouldn't be tempted to cum in their pants at the very thought of it!? Right?? HAHAHA!

So, enough about erotic humiliation, after all, its not for everyone, but  noteworthy mention number two (three?) which is certainly less connected to the topic in hand, has to be Mark who could be described as a "shrinking violet", and must have been going for a personal record! HAHA! Well done Mark, your stamina impressed me! ;-)

I'm going to sign off now, and I'll be online and taking calls for the next few hours, so when you feel that you are ready to place your next red hot erotic adventure in my hands, you know what to do, click the little telephone button on the right hand side of the screen, and Call Me!

And don't forget to leave me feedback at the end of your call, its always appreciated.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Power God

Phew - what a busy week I've just had, between trips to visit family, a ton of little jobs that demanded my urgent attention, and a flurry of calls from NiteFlirt, its no surprise that I'm typing this a few days later than I had planned... So, I thought I'd stick to my little run of fetish related posts this week, but this time I'd pick a highly topical one.  Highly topical? I hear you ask HAHA!  Well, yes indeed.

Let me explain...A friend of mine who knows about my little phonesex hobby asked me  - what's it like?

He wanted to know what it was like taking a call from someone who is looking for a sexual adventure...Being invited to manipulate someone's senses, get into their mind... have them share their dark and intimate secrets, and then to use that knowledge to spin an erotic, immersive reality, in which exploitation of every nuance of that person's personality and kinks results in a headlong plunge to the depths of horny, filthy arousal, from which the highest peaks of ecstastic release can be reached....sounds good?

It's a power trip.

Even though most of my callers will remain almost annonymous to me, I know their weaknesses, and I know how to press them... when you call, you step into my world.  That's what prompted me to blog about the  Power Gods this time, because this last week I've had a few really hot calls with a couple of guys (yes Chad, one of them is you) who recognise that when they  pick up the phone and call me, they step through into my world and submit to my power.  Its the complete and utter lack of control that they crave.  Just stop, and imagine for a second what it would feel like to be kneeling in front of a being who, simply with the power of their mind can alter the state of things around you, who can alter you, who can seize control of anyone, anything and bend it to their twisted, sexual desires.  You are a plaything for that being, you are utterly at their mercy and incapable of ANY action that could possibly affect the outcome for you (except maybe make it worse! HAHA!).  The very best course of action to you is complete and total submission to this omnipotent being, who can appear in any form; that helpful young guy from round the corner, your neighbour, the pizza delivery guy... your control shrinks and almost winks out of existence in his presence, and you realise that you are completely and utterly helpless.

That feeling of being completely and utterly helpless, knowing that your very existence hangs in the balance of this most beautiful, perfect, hot-as-fuck being, THAT is what its all about, and when you call its up to you how deeply you want to submit.  There is no limit to the fun we can have, and especially when you combine my imagination and intellect (not to mention how smoking hot I am- Haha!) with a filthy phone-fuck fantasy...Haha! Well - that's when the fireworks start to explode!

The nature of the fantasies we explore together can be many and varied, and as you might expect from someone who enjoys delving into sexual adventures as much as I do, there are really no limits to where we can go in the realms of fantasy! So, if you feel inspired to take a walk on the wild side and treat yourself to an exploration of your own wildest fantasy, you know what to do. Call me.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Foot Fetish

So I thought it might be time for another little blog focussing on some of the kinky fetishes that I'd come across while having phonesex with you guys on NiteFlirt. The title kinda gives it away a little bit I'm guessing, and I gotta tell you, this one is one of THE most popular fetishes out there, so much so that, for you guys that have seen my listings on NF already, you'll know I have a line dedicated to the worship of this hot, straight, dominant guy's feet and shoes! HAHA!

Now I gotta tell you, when I first started doing professional phonesex domination it was a surprise to me just how popular this fetish is, and I also have to confess that when I first heard about it, I wasn't really sure what to make of it.  But happily, I had my mind expanded by a few particularly colourful callers, and along with a few of my own little real life experiments (yes, they were inspired by some of the calls I've had) my understanding grew dramatically.

I guess the biggest turn on for me personally is watching the act of TOTAL submission on the part of someone kneeling at my feet and reverently sucking my toes, purely because I told them to. It feels great, and additionally, even though I'm straight, I so so love having fags submit to me! HAHA!

But what happens when that act becomes fetishised?

Just the thought of worshiping another guy's bare feet, or maybe his feet in socks, or even his feet in shoes....wait - you want to worship just my socks? JUST my shoes?? Because you aren't worthy to worship my actual feet? Yeah, I can see you kinky fucks getting horny at the thought of my smelly gym socks just lying on the bench in the changing rooms...

How many of those who enjoy this fetish have "borrowed" dirty socks, or maybe even a pair of shoes...I know at least ONE of you have.. (It's ok...I won't mention any names, Drew) HAHA!

So now tell me, how does the intensity of that stinky sock affect you? Do you ever think about being forced to lick those dirty dominant guy's feet? Is the thought of being trampled under foot, feeling your face squished by those big guy's feet, or maybe having your cock and balls abused by a guy wearing those hot leather boots?

This fetish is one with so many subtleties, so many differences that I know each call to my feet and shoes line will be different, and that is such a big part of the fun for me. I have a vivid imagination, and I love finding the keys to  unlock your wildest, deepest, darkest, fantasies, and then bringing those fantasies to life in ways that will blow your mind.

If you haven't had the chance to speak to me yet, then don't hesitate, click the buttons to the right and either drop me an email if I'm not online right now, tell me about what you enjoy talking about, or if you are reading this and the little telephone symbol is showing, then you are in luck you can just click and,
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Monday, 17 February 2014

Hypno Fetish

Well now, its been a while since my last post, but I've been busy with a VERY exciting little project...And it was actually inspired by one of you little fags!  Surprised? Don't be, we can always learn *something* from everyone, and if, like me, you want to be the best that you can be, then learning from those that serve you is just as valid as learning from anyone else.

So what was the inspiration for my project, you ask? Well, if you've read any of my other blogs you'll know that I have a strong interest in the psychological aspects of sexuality.  Its what I enjoy most about phonesex.  You get the chance to get into someone else's fantasy, exploring, probing....and if you do it REALLY well, you get to glimpse their deepest, darkest desires... the most taboo corners of their mind.  That is a rush in itself, let alone buzz you get from the power and control you gain by having taken that little peek into your victim's...err ...subject's sexual psyche.  HAHA!

So, the "inspiration" for my project was the rekindling of my latent talent for hypnosis, and the inspiration to put that talent to work pushing those boundaries even further.

Now, for those of you that have enjoyed a longer phonesex session with me, you'll know that when the situation permits it, when the fantasy would benefit from it,  I very much enjoy weaving the richest, most immersive experience for my submissive little callers.  Part of that process involves use of metaphors, and in some cases hypnotic language that allows you to see and smell and feel every nuance of the experience we are sharing, without you having to try (after all, wouldn't you rather enjoy a call where you are struggling to hold onto your control, not struggling to loose I right?) Haha!

So when one particularly charming little faggot called me up and shared some of the details of his particular fetish....well, it got me to thinking about exploring more of the hypnotic side of things in greater depth. The beauty of the method of control that hypnosis offers is that its perfectly self regulating. You won't do anything you don't want to do, and, it can be applied to virtually every scenario, fantasy or sexual fetish you like.

I have to admit that I've been neglecting my little hypno-dupe during the last couple of months HOWEVER, I think it will be to everyone's advantage (mostly mine!) HAHA!

Hypno-fetish, erotic hypnosis, sexual trance, whatever you care to call it. I'll be posting more on the subject over the next few weeks, and sharing a few of the new hypnotic recordings, and some VERY deep, sexy inductions. Incidentally, an induction, for the uninitiated, is the first stage of any hypnotic journey, where you first relax, your body and mind, and you allow yourself to be put  in a state of blissful trance, ready to receive further instructions, imagery...or programming. Its the part that conditions you and prepares you, and depending on your experience and state of mind can take some time to slip into.

It's worth pointing out that despite the fact that, as far as I am concerned, all of you subbie little faggots are here to pay me MY money, and fund the lifestyle that you all know I deserve...I wouldn't want to leave you in a state of complete ruin... (well not unless you REALLY wanted me to HAHA!) So, hypnosis for me, is another very sexy tool that should be used, Safely, Sanely and most importantly CONSENSUALLY.  All of my recordings will be clearly labelled, and you never have to fear that I will surreptitiously hypnotise you mid way through a call, it only happens if you ask nicely for it! HAHA!

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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