Monday, 12 December 2011

X-mas time!

Well the festive season is certainly here! Less than two weeks to go -so tell me... have you got all your preparations complete? Any last minute shopping or wrapping to do? Well - all my admin is done and dusted, presents are wrapped, cards sent out - I am the pinnacle of organised, disciplined, efficiency!


But then I guess that being organised and self-disciplined is one of the hallmarks of a dominant character. The outlook I have in life, by necessity, permeates into every aspect of all the different things I do. I know what I like, I know when I would like it, and - I ensure that the people around me deliver to those standards, it makes me happy when they deliver for me, and they, in return, get to enjoy being useful to me. Sounds perfect doesn't it? HAHA!

I've noticed that, both online and in real life, one of the ways that the world can be perceived is as a power exchange, between those that dominate and those that ARE dominated. Its seems so obvious, particularly at this time of the year, when so many weak minds are persuaded to part with their hard earned cash for the promise of happiness in the form of a new pair of jeans, or a bottle of perfume...whereas REAL happiness comes from first recognising who and what you are, and then seeking to find a way to express yourself for the benefit of others....too deep for you? HAHA! Well it is X-mas after all!

Incidentally, that last part, the part about benefiting others - that goes for dominant characters too. We all enjoy feeling that we are of value and are of service, in one form or another, and for a Sexaully Dominant character like me, I enjoy nothing more that being able to seize control from you and instil order and discipline to your world. The particular form of that order and discipline will depend on you just as much as it depends on me, but in the end it is ME that will be setting the agenda... and *I* will be calling all the shots! HAHA!

All of this is not to say that someone is necessarily dominant in EVERY aspect of their life, but at their core they will probably make a choice over more aspects than not, and they tend to CHOSE the areas in which they prefer to be submissive...whereas for others, like the beautiful little submissive fucktoys that enjoy calling ME, you are the ones that enjoy placing your sexual gratification in my hands, looking to serve me, and looking to be used by me, looking to give me whatever I want to take from you - no matter what... little subbies like you will find that you struggle to cope without that infusion of dominant masculine strength and control that I bring to your lives.

I have a couple of little subbies that, no matter how hard they try, they simply CANNOT achieve the things that they SAY they want to without my direction, without me holding them to a steady course. Sometimes that course will be nothing more than leaving them feeling utterly humiliated and used, all for for my pleasure and entertainment… other times it might be that I use their own sexuality and fetishes, twisted and blended to take them to new heights of sexual bliss…and for others still, for the ones that are prepared to make that extra commitment it will be to drive them and push them to achieve deep personal goals that they would simply NEVER achieve without me in their lives.

So…whatever you desire this x-mas, if you want to feel that thrill of dominant masculine energy, and experience what its like to be directly connected to an intelligent and articulate straight British Dom…then you know what to do – don’t you?.... Call me.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Wow - that's hot.

So, as I'm sure you will be aware I've been away for a while again. Real Life has a habit of making unavoidable demands sometimes, even when those demands are AWFULLY pleasant - it does sometimes mean that you can't be everywhere at once!

However, it has come to my attention that some of you needy little phonesex fags (and a couple of you naughty little subbie girlies) are in desperate need of some uniquely flavouredEnglishman Domination.

What's that you say? You don't know what flavour "Englishman Domination" is? Well, imagine this... you are in a comfortable place, sitting down, feeling safe and relaxed....and maybe just a *little* horny, can you imagine it? Take a moment - really picture that scene. Picture where you are sitting, what is around you, how it sounds in this safe familiar place, how it smells....and now feel that little tingle of hornyness...HAHA! That's right. You're feeling it already, and if, right now, you can only barely feel it, you might find that as you read on that it grows, and might even start pulsing ever so gently... THAT's just the start... because Englishman flavoured domination just gets juicier and juicier...

I have to confess that I get hard just thinking about how strung out you're going to get when you call - the fact that you are so ready to come and submit yourself to MY will - entrusting your reality to me for the time that we talk. Its so hot. THAT's what Englishman flavoured domination is all about. Its intense, rich, balanced, but above all it's raw sexual energy.

For all you fags, know this, I'm straight. Surprised? Don't be! Rather, imagine being dominatedby a cool, calm and collected straight English Master. You've got NOTHING but your uttersubmission to offer me. Well - I say nothing...I like having you worship my feet, sometimes I like inflicting pain and humiliation on those of you who deserve it, but most of all...the thing that really sets MY pulse racing when I answer the phone and we start sepaking... its that I KNOW you so desperately need me to control you.

You NEED me to take control of you and you need me to force you to bend to my will - to serve me, and to service me... and when we speak - when that all consuming sexual energy starts flowing, THATs the moment when that spark inside you will blossom into flame and you come to life for me.

That is Englishman flavoured domination.... care for a taste?

Call me.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

...and Another Triumphant Victory!

Well, I know its not THAT been very long since my last phonesex post bragging about how great I am, and about how REAL MEN like me, superior men, who take what they want WHEN they want it, and always find a way to get their way... but I thought this news was worthy of mentioning sooner rather than later.

So, not only have I collared another little wannabe slave this month, but I've also shifted into the next gear with my hypno training. I've got my two little hypno guinea piggies drooling and twitching at the prospect of being my fully mind-fucked slaves, bereft of any desire, save to obey my every command! I've already got to stage one with BOTH of them (not bad going after only three sessions) - Oh wait... you don't know what stage one is? Really? Well of course not you pathetic little fuck. Submissive little cock-worshippers like you have to learn little patience - Stage one is that part of the process (my process, incidentally) where you see automatic behaviour manifesting in response to specifically programmed commands. Its really not that difficult - well not for someone like me anyway. I kept hearing how SMOOTH my voice is - and how EASY it is to listen to - how my English accent made my words sound *almost* hypnotic... so I guess with those talents and skills at my disposal - I really shouldn't be surprised to find that I fuckin' rock at this too! HAHA! Oh and two more custom recordings completed too - some VERY interesting stuff in both of them - I like when you guys set me a challenge and give me the chance to flex my perverted imagination. Oh! You got something in mind that you'd like to have recorded? Then mail me!

But anyway - enough about me - how are you? HAHA! Whats that? You're horny? Well of course you are! Why else would you be reading what a straight, dominant guy has to say, unless you are a kinky little perv who is into trying to get closer to an arrogant, confident, good looking and HIGHLY intelligent REAL MAN - just like me.

Yes, that's right - highly intelligent. If you're looking for dumb jocks to dominate you, or play the bull in your cuckhold fantasy, then I'm a different kind of jock.

Oh yeah - I still count myself as a sportsman - just not a dumb one! How else do you think I manage to pull the hottest chics around - some of them like that I can recite french poetry to them - but most of them - yeah - well most of them just want me to talk to them nicely for a little while - just long enough to satisfy their need to be seen to respectable, and then al they want - the ONLY thing their horny little minds, and wet little pussies REALLY want - is to be grabbed by a big strong guy, thrown on the bed, held down and fucked like I'm trying to break them. HAHA!

Seriously - if anyone has stumbled across this post in search of Pick Up Artist tips - then all I can say is: talk to them for AT MOST 20 minutes (an I'm really thinking 10-15) - then make your move - if they slap you - great - you know not to waste any more time on the bitch - but chances are - they won't... and once you've kissed her, then the game is on - take what you want! HAHA! Now OBVIOUSLY - I'm gonna say that if you're playing with a stranger where no limits have been agreed then "No" - means NO! That said, rape-fantasies, forced sex, and all that really dark stuff.. don't even get me started! If I thought a few more GIRLS were reading my little phone sex blog I might get quite carried away writing about THAT particular kink!

But, back to the matter in hand (What? You already have it in your hand - dirty little faggot!) HAHA! If you want to try out a new fantasy - or explore a cherished old one, with a real life honest to goodness GOD among men, then, seriously, you need to call me, I'm as real as they come baby.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer Phonesex Slaves...just perfect!

Well - it seems as though my last post was something of an underestimate of things to come I have no fewer than five, yes FIVE!, new little phonesex faggots begging me, literally BEGGING me to spare them just an ounce of my precious time in the last couple weeks!

The summer really does seem to have an effect on you little subbies, sluts and sissies doesn't it?

Is it the warm weather?

To quote my favorite new pets of the moment (my new little 'worm') who is possibly the least eloquent slave I think I've EVER had the fortune to receive emails from, he says:

"..i have an insane desire to be used humiliate and degraded by you you are a Superior God..i am a idiot worm..."

Well - that may not come as no great surprise to those of you who have talked to me, and certainly, if your particular kink is to be dominated, degraded and humiliated for your own twisted sexual gratification - well then you've come to the right place. Although I'm straight, there is something very potent about pure submission. Its something to do with being able to engulf you, fill you, and suffocate you with my intoxicating power...not so that you benefit from it as such, just so that I can enjoy seeing the effects of my potency on your weak and pathetic little minds....its delicious...and the icing on the cake is that I'm getting all your £££s at the same time ...HAHA! That takes the power exchange from the purely mental into physical for me... That's what makes it real.

That said another little subbie of mine described my finest attribute as being my "exquisite and unique imagination, combined with pure masculine irresistible sexyness..." I liked that. Sounds like the recipe for a pure masculine irresistible PHONESEX experience! Doesn't that sound like JUST the thing you are looking for? HAHA! Of course I am!

As I've told a couple of my new ...err ....'toys'... there's got to be more than just a simple transactional exchange for my time in order for me to be REALLY interested in you... there's got to be a connection - something that I get out of the deal personally...when that happens - that's when you get the earth shattering experience that you are looking for, and its so EASY to make that happen.

Do you want to know the secret?

Well, all it takes for you to get the most mind blowing, ORGASMIC, phonesex... the kind of elite phonesex that feels like you've had your mind ravaged in the most sexually obscene way possible... all it takes is - genuine - submission ...that's all.... genuine submission on your part... think about that for a moment before you call me. When you pick up the phone ready to answer any and all questions I have, ready to obey, ready to be used in WHATEVER way I choose....that's when you get EXACTLY what you NEED... How does that work? You way ask yourself - Ha! Well - it works because I am a dominant, superior REAL MAN... just the kind you crave.

So - lets see what next week holds... any more little perverts just itching to explore your fantasies? If you've been thinking about getting in touch, then there's no time like the present - if I'm not online, then drop me an email, introduce yourself. Hesitation is not something you want to become a hall-mark of your life. If anything that you've read here, or even thought I might be hinting at, has giving you that little tingle of excitement that you want to pursue now, then pick up the phone and call me.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hot - Summer - Kink

Well the summer is here and its BEAUTIFUL. Hot sunny days, perfect. Now, I realise that some of you superstitious little phonesex-addictted faggots might be thinking "oh no - he's jinxed it now! Its going to rain...blah blah..." But, it might not surprise you to hear that I don't believe in any of that crap.

The weather is what it is - and we make the most of it in whatever form it comes. Hot summer afternoons where you can stroll around wearing as little as possible with nothing on your feet but a pair of flip-flops feeling the cool breeze blowing by (HAHA! Yes Drew - that little foot-fetish reference was for you!) ... Or cooler evenings when some warmer clothes might be appropriate (but maybe not the furs *just* yet Bob..:-) - but soon...!)... Either way suits me... even rain and thunderstorms -cos' thunderstorms seem to have a particular effect on the fairer sex - at least on the slutty, dirty variety that I have a particular taste for (yes Luna...that means you! HAHA!).

Its seems that the summer time has brought alot of you little faggotty worms up just like the rain brings up real worms... the number of requests I've had to arrange kinky calls, or make some perverted custom recordings (and sometimes more!) has been great - all that lovely fag-cash to spend on whatever I like...I know that you guys (and the occasional girlie) have a soft spot just for lil' old me... and it only stands to reason that since I have the looks, the brains, the body and the attitude that people will recognise me as someone that they have to worship and adore... and the best way of doing that? Cold hard cash of course.

Oh? What's that? - I sound a little cocky and arrogant? Well - let me break it down for you... there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. When its born out of nothing more than self belief and its oblivious to the reality of the outside world -THAT is pure arrogance...nothing else... its fragile and that little bubble can be pricked with nothing but a well chosen word or two

On the other hand... if you've taken a long hard look at the world and you've weighed and measured've sought to understand and manipulate it... you've sought to test yourself against it....and THEN you've turned that same cold, hard, analytical eye in on yourself, and you've recognised that you have talents that very few possess, and that even fewer possess in combination. Well then - that's arrogance born from genuine supremacy.

And, my little faggotty friends, if we've had the chance to speak, if you've called to have phonesex with me (or if you've have seen the feedback I have on NF) then you will appreciate that my claims are not just the empty braying that so many are tempted to try and echo - but rather something of substance.

If you want to be humiliated and broken down so that you are exposed as the pathetic little pretender that you are... no problem - my intellect alone can dismantle you and penetrate your veneer of bullshit...add to that the fact that I have real physical presence (real as in a REAL MAN in the REAL WORLD) and I know that I look the part means that I will dominate you intellectually, physically and emotionally.. yeah... that'll be intimidating for just about everyone...

Problem? not for me - because I'm comfortable with being dazzling, I've had it all my life.

People confiding in me that they were impressed with this particular aspect of me, or that particular aspect...does it go to my head? No! half the time those fuckers are wanting something from they get it? Well - let me tell you a secret...if I feel that the person I am talking to needs and deserves some support - then I lend that support selflessly and with all the charm and warmth that you would expect from a true gentleman... It makes me feel good to be able to genuinely touch someone just when, and just where, they need to be touched....BUT- I also exercise judgement as to when its appropriate to share that charm, warmth and care - and believe me when I tell you that if you are ANYTHING but honest about what you need... honest with me AND honest with yourself...then you will be put firmly and unequivocally back in your place like the belly crawling faggot that you are...HAHA!

Since I'm sharing secrets today... you want to know the wierdest thing? I'm a straight guy - there's nothing about another guy that turns me on sexually (I'm not gonna labour this point - cos' you either believe me or not) But...girls, Girls, GIRLS! THEY are super fucking hot - I like looking at them touching them playing with them...even just typing these lines is getting me hard...but with all of that said - *sometimes* hearing one of you little faggots submitting to me just like a good girl...and hearing you humiliating yourself for my pleasure and entertainment...being prepared to dance to my tune and do WHATEVER it is that I decide is the best thing for you at THAT particular moment...being in a position to dominate and torment you with whatever it is that presses YOUR buttons...whether its my feet, my mind or my dark sadistic tendencies...when its right... fuck ....that *is* hot....Just like the summer! HAHA!

So...I'm online now and taking calls for the next few hours - so why don't you click on the links on the left and CALL ME, right now.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Elite Phonesex

What an intriguing title for a post...has it whet your appetite? HAHA! I'm sure it has... Let me tell you more...

So, if you're a regular reader/caller then it won't have escaped your attention that my availability on niteflirt, and online in general, has been much more limited lately than it was in recent months ..."YES!" I hear you cry - "But, why? Englishman, Why??" Well my little cherubs, let me explain...

Most of you are no doubt aware that, although I am a straight dominant guy, I enjoy dominating both woman AND men. I do this stuff in real life as well as on the phone, and I've been doing it for long enough (and have the right calibre of intellect) to have become pretty good at delving into your sometimes twisted, but always perverted, little minds in order to penetrate and revealing your dark little kinks and fetishes. Of course, that's why you call me (and if you have called you'll no doubt be aware that I a particular leaning towards, dare I say talent for, exploiting those little kinks in the most deliciously despicable ways!).

But, you also no doubt know that we can talk about almost anything you like, and that you know that you can rely on me to take the little morsels you give me, and weave them into a rich and emersive phone sex experience that will leave your head spinning.


So... None of that explains my elusiveness these last few weeks. Well, as I blogged before, I have been refining my skills... I have been studying... and have become intimately acquainted with some of the finer intricacies of ... hypnotic suggestion.

NOW, before you start to panic let me explain that ALL hypnosis is actually self hypnosis, and consequently it is impossible to hypnotise someone to do something that they have a fundamental objection to. That said, hypnosis is a powerful tool for overcoming internal blocks and distraction which might prevent you from experiencing your true heart's desires in their richest forms, and sometimes those desires can be truly powerful.

NOW do you start to understand...? HAHA! Has it got your heart thumping a little faster? So why don't you rest your hand on your chest right now, and tell me, as you notice the beating of your heart in your chest against your hand... you might notice the beginning of a very pleasant sensation. For some people it starts quite suddenly, almost like a rush of adrenaline, like that feeling you had when you discovered something that was so amazingly exciting that you thought you might have been dreaming... for others it builds more gently at first...almost like a relaxing tingly feeling... well that feeling is the sign that your subconscious mind is yearning to play. And if you have the confidence in someone to be able to place you into that state, well, the possibilities are genuinely only limited by your imagination... and the experiences that you can share when you are in that state have such power and such attraction that you just might feel that you have found a practitioner of Elite phonsex...

"Aha!" I hear you cry - "THAT'S what he meant" ... yes! The combination of the quality of my smooth voice, my English accent (for those of you not from the UK - I understand it is quite a powerful element) blended with an intelligence that is tuned into a more subtle and potent means of communication that almost feels like a lucid dream.... THAT is what Elite Phonesex is all about...

So do you find yourself tempted? If you still have your hand on your chest feel free to put it down now... HAHA! Don't worry... its not a sign that I have already got you under my control... just that you where enjoying what you were reading... if so, feel free to post a comment. I have some plans to make some recordings available through niteflirt at some point (time permitting) which will give you the chance to experience deep relaxation and then metaphor rich, hypnotic adventures...Any special requests? Well you know how to contact me.

And in the meantime, if you can't wait for the recordings, if you are craving that something special that you deserve... and you are lucky enough to catch me (usually during daytime hours UK time) then ...Call Me.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Well now, what an interesting turn up for the phonesex books. I had a little conversation (well email conversation actually) with my old friend Drew a couple of weeks ago...I don't even want to think about how long I've been talking to Drew on NiteFlirt now, but it must be coming up to ....ohhh...let me see... about THREE years! Yep! That's how addicted I can get... and Drew (I won't use his NF nickname in THIS blog...) is no exception! HAHA! So...this email conversation went along these lines:

Drew: "Oh fuck your online"
Englishman: "Yep, why? You wanna call me for some phonesex, torture and foot fetish torment?"
Drew: "YES!! Oh God, Yes! But...No, I can't..."
Englishman: "Why?"
Drew:"'Cos my New Year resolution was NOT to call NF so much."
I nearly died of laughter at this point. He fucking resolved NOT to call NF....but still noticed I was online....AND emailed me about it! HAHA!! Now if EVER you guys needed any persuasion of exactly how addictive, fulfilling and desperately desirable it is to talk to me... here's your proof!

Drew, who (lets be clear) is no dummy, STILL can't get his head straight after talking to me... Now I don't want you to think that Drew is the only one, or to think that this blog entry is gonna be ALL about him.... Lets just say that two weeks is a long time to be waiting for the axe to fall, so I'll just leave this subject here... for now!

On to other matters, namely the title of my blog! Therapy? No, not the band (seriously - you remember them?)...and NO! Of course I don't need any...the therapy to which I am referring is HYPNO therapy... It turns out that I am a natural at inducing hypnotic trans...and I wondered if any of you little gay phonesex pervs had ever had the experience... from the stuff that I've tried out in real life the results can be....well SPECTACULAR!

If you've already called me it probably won't come as a great surprise to you that I picked up a few hypnotic tricks effortlessly; a lot of you have mentioned (and left feedback on) the subject of my hot seductive voice (well phonesex wouldn't be very hot if I sounded like Porky Pig would it??). But the REALLY interesting part is that I've refined the conventional hypnotic techniques and blended them with my own unique style of sexual imagery and metaphor to create a truly magical experience.

So - I'm going to be looking for some of my own porky little Guinea Pigs pretty soon, 'cos I'm planning on rolling out a few recordings that combine hypnotic suggestions alongside my more familiar imagery based stories...and maybe I might even put out a nice little induction for you to download ahead of time, so that when you call me for a LIVE phonesex chat you will be ready to be programmed to do...well.. whatever it is that we decide needs to be done with you!! HAHA!

The possibilities look pretty much limited only by your imagination (and when your imagination is as fertile as mine...that equals UNLIMITED). So far I've had success with a few very naughty bits of behaviour modification, and some great success with implanting commands so that the recipient has to carry out certain...functions... automatically upon instruction. Needless to say that this is all done on a Safe and Sane basis...BUT if you are interested in learning more, or even experiencing something a bit special whether hypnotic or otherwise know what to do...

Call Me!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Fresh start for the New Year...? What do you think?!

Happy New Year! OMG what an incredible two weeks I've just had. Needless to say the party season in full swing I was busy busy busy, with hardly any time to phonesex fun! Two fancy dress Christmas parties (you would have thought the cold weather would encourage the sexy girlies to wear more clothes, happily, you would be wrong!) with a scantily clad she-devil, two scandalously dressed angels (they claim to be sisters but definitely weren't) and a very retro wonder-woman were the highlights of those two events for me personally. And don't even get me started on the New Year's party celebrations.... all I will say is that you have no idea the kind of situations that a little arrogance, a quick tongue and a cheeky smile can land you in! Yum!

So, my little phonesex perverts, what have you resolved to do? Would it be to wank yourselves silly while speaking to a REAL man like me on the telephone? Or perhaps you recognise that you don't deserve to orgasm unless I give you express permission, and so you've resolved to serve me and submit me and act out my every dominant whim? Well, I've got news to you, resolutions are supposed to be different from what you've already been doing, so those wouldn't count! I've already heard from one of my little faggots, who has resolved to endure greater tortures than ever before, have less orgasms and generally live out 2011 in as wretched a state as possible! HAHA!

But, what about me, I hear you ask. Do I have any resolutions? No, of course not! I don't need the excuse of the New Year to effect changes in my life. If I feel that something needs changing, then I just get on and do it. But then, in my opinion, this is the hallmark of a dominant individual, someone who determines their own future, and quite often someone who determines other people's futures too! So, now that you've read all this, do you still have any resolutions? HAHA!

On a serious note though, I really do believe that for some people the beginning of the New Year can be a strong symbol of a fresh start. It gives people a chance to take stock of where they are, where they are heading and whether that set of circumstances is really where they want to be. We all need to pause for reflection from time to time, to take a step back from our regular routines and assess whether or not changes need to be made. For me personally this process doesn't take very long, I know what I want I go after it with passion and commitment. And woe betide anybody who stands in my way! HAHA!

So, enough of the seriousness and onto a brief comment on two of my favourite calls this last month. The first was from Black Tulip, who I can honestly describe as being one of the most perfectly subservient faggots I've ever had the pleasure of speaking with. He turned himself into my perfect toy, compliant, supplicant and attentive. To be honest he was acting so much like obedient little girl, that if I had any bisexual tendencies I probably would have bent him over and fucked his pussy like he was one of my sexy little female subbies! Seriously, talk about the perfect submissive! The second call worthy of mention was Nick (you know who you are). And although Nick was certainly subservient, it was more the delicious fantasy that we explored that brought him to mind while blogging. To to put this into context, I have a few cuckholds that I speak to (or 'deal' with!) regularly, and I have a wonderful time listening to how it makes them feel when they realise how inadequate they are compared to me in their wive's eyes (and hearts...and pussies!!) HAHA! The role of cuckold Bull is one that I have a certain amount of experience in, and I have to confess that dominating a woman in front of her pathetic husband or boyfriend is a personal favourite of mine. So, imagine if you will, when Nick (self-confessed faggot) expressed his wish that he was married ( and presumably bi) so he could pass his wife to me for servicing, in all sorts of delicious ways! It was BRILLIANT!

Anyway, I hope that the new year finds all you little faggots (and any of you hot sexy girlies that might be reading) in fine fettle. I'll be online at the usual times again now, ready for some hot phonesex with you with you. Don't forget to leave me feedback after our call, and, of course, if you have any special requests feel free to e-mail first or mention them when we speak. All you have to do is click on the little link back to NiteFlirt (up there on the right!), or if you're calling from the US just pickup the phone and CALL ME!

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

See all my lisiting at: Englishman
Phone Number: 1-800-TO-FLIRT, ext: 02659740 OR: