Friday, 27 February 2009

Foot lovers

So... have you been anticipating? You have?! That is WONDERFUL news - extra ruthless phonesex for you then! HAHA!

Seriously though - I have been out of circulation for the last week or so - a little thank you to those that wondered where I was - but I'm back now after a well earned break.

The problem was that I had to spend some of the fag cash that I confiscated from you worthless little fuckers - so I treated myself to a little winter sunshine - for those with the means - I strongly recommend it... and of course.. you pathetic little fucks make sure that dominant REAL men like me always have the means - right? HAHA!

Since I've been away I don't have any biggest losers to post this time, so instead I will keep this short and sweet - very sweet for the belly-crawling little maggoty, footlovers among you, yes my pathetic little faggot friends.. its your lucky day!

You will have the chance to purchase a pair of my stinky old trainers (sneakers to you) - *gasp* YES! Its true - I will be sending out details of this one time only offer to a select few through the NF website - if you haven't received an invitation to bid for my stinky old scally-trainers (along with a snapshot of the trainers in question) ...which I have worn for every trip to gym that I have made for the last 4 years... can you imagine....just try to for a second... picture the aroma that you'll be able to inhale as often as you like when you cradle that loved and used trainer in your trembling hands....HAHAHA... well - if you HAVEN'T received an invite and you want one then drop me a message!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Anticipating...Pt II

And speaking about anticipation....can you guess what will happen next week....?

Thursday, 12 February 2009


You know, whenever you think about the thrill that you get from talking about taboo subjects like kinky sex or domination or fetishes on the phone with someone... and you imagine the sound of their voice... the rhythm of their breathing.... imagine their accent and the emphasis they put on certain words... and how it makes you feel when, by only giving the slightest indication of what might be on your mind, it's as thought they can see your every thought, that they're able to spin your dirty, seedy fetish into a scenario that plays out and takes you on a heart-pounding, stomach-churning trip, so real that it's almost tangible.... revealing your pitiful inadequacies to all around - HAHA! .... sounds good huh?

Well that's what notstr8enough was lucky enough to experience when he called last week.... don't take my word for it - go and check his feedback for yourself! LOL - now I'm not gonna get into *exactly* what *his* particular trip was all about because he hasn't *earned* that privilege yet, but suffice it to say that the little faggot has embarked on the beginning of a journey. Now I KNOW that he's too much of a pussy to actually feel *brave* about embarking on this journey - its more that he can't help himself - HAHAHA! We'll have to see where I decide to lead him for our next merry dance... but since he played along SO nicely I thought he earned a mention here on my biggest loser's list! I wonder if he's anticipating the next one yet...

And speaking of anticipation - my little kitty-kat must be anticipating the punishment that she'll be getting for failing to stick to my instructions... OF COURSE you need punishment sweetie LOL - and afterwards I want to take you on another kinda trip entirely - mainly because I think its too long since you were so strung out that you're panting and gasping between orgasmic spasms... I guess we'll have to see about what we do with your new girlfriend while I'm taking you for MY pleasure.... and interestingly it seems that kitty might not be my only "furry" little friend - yes - you KNOW I mean *you*... LOL - we'll see if you actually deserve a real mention on here in time.... but for now let me say that *anticipation* is what its all about for SO many of you right now - LOL.

That's all for now - but remember - leave me written feedback after our call and you stand a chance of attracting my favour and attention.

Call me.

Friday, 6 February 2009


Why is a male phonesex blog entitled pumped? I hear you ask.... LOL - What could it possibly be a reference to? Is he talking about some male dominant hetero-act that I know nothing about? HAHA Well... try and do a search for the definition of pump and you will get about a dozen different variations .... but what I'M talking about is mix of certain delicious things.

MY pump is the feeling I get after having gone to the gym and had a really good workout. I trained my back and legs yesterday and, while the *real* pump was experienced last night, with all my muscles engorged with blood, leaving me feeling 100% the dominant alpha-male that I am, its the feelings in the mornings that I like best... when I can feel all my muscles responding to the pounding that they've taken the day before.

Its at times like those, when I am completely pumped at the gym, or feeling the warm glow of power the day after, that I *know* why all you little faggots can't help but want to bask in my power, hoping for a morsel of attention from me. The power that I feel radiating from my body, blending with my superior, dominant mind will crush any and all resistance, and DEMAND your compliance, submission and service... HAHA!.... and that's when I start to PUMP your tiny, pathetic, twisted, minds HAHAHA! Whats that?? You think you are smart? Ohhh - I don't doubt that *out there* you can probably fool most people into thinking that you have it going on upstairs.... but not in my world. HAHA! In my world I see though your pretenses, and its that power that gives me the choice as to whether I will pump your mind and wallet dry, and its up to me whether anything else gets pumped dry too (Dru - how is that going BTW?). HAHAHA!

And what about the pumping that my little kitty yearns for whenever we are in touch? Well that pumping is the pumping and pounding that I deliver to whichever of her slutty little holes I decide to abuse HAHA - Rick, you know what I'm talking about, right? HAHA! Its that kind of pumping that engorges other parts of me too!

So, pump is just about a perfect word for the title of this blog - wouldn't you say? HAHA! Now - its almost 9am over here in the UK, and I'm gonna be online for the next few hours Call me.

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