Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Well now, what an interesting turn up for the phonesex books. I had a little conversation (well email conversation actually) with my old friend Drew a couple of weeks ago...I don't even want to think about how long I've been talking to Drew on NiteFlirt now, but it must be coming up to ....ohhh...let me see... about THREE years! Yep! That's how addicted I can get... and Drew (I won't use his NF nickname in THIS blog...) is no exception! HAHA! So...this email conversation went along these lines:

Drew: "Oh fuck your online"
Englishman: "Yep, why? You wanna call me for some phonesex, torture and foot fetish torment?"
Drew: "YES!! Oh God, Yes! But...No, I can't..."
Englishman: "Why?"
Drew:"'Cos my New Year resolution was NOT to call NF so much."
I nearly died of laughter at this point. He fucking resolved NOT to call NF....but still noticed I was online....AND emailed me about it! HAHA!! Now if EVER you guys needed any persuasion of exactly how addictive, fulfilling and desperately desirable it is to talk to me... here's your proof!

Drew, who (lets be clear) is no dummy, STILL can't get his head straight after talking to me... Now I don't want you to think that Drew is the only one, or to think that this blog entry is gonna be ALL about him.... Lets just say that two weeks is a long time to be waiting for the axe to fall, so I'll just leave this subject here... for now!

On to other matters, namely the title of my blog! Therapy? No, not the band (seriously - you remember them?)...and NO! Of course I don't need any...the therapy to which I am referring is HYPNO therapy... It turns out that I am a natural at inducing hypnotic trans...and I wondered if any of you little gay phonesex pervs had ever had the experience... from the stuff that I've tried out in real life the results can be....well SPECTACULAR!

If you've already called me it probably won't come as a great surprise to you that I picked up a few hypnotic tricks effortlessly; a lot of you have mentioned (and left feedback on) the subject of my hot seductive voice (well phonesex wouldn't be very hot if I sounded like Porky Pig would it??). But the REALLY interesting part is that I've refined the conventional hypnotic techniques and blended them with my own unique style of sexual imagery and metaphor to create a truly magical experience.

So - I'm going to be looking for some of my own porky little Guinea Pigs pretty soon, 'cos I'm planning on rolling out a few recordings that combine hypnotic suggestions alongside my more familiar imagery based stories...and maybe I might even put out a nice little induction for you to download ahead of time, so that when you call me for a LIVE phonesex chat you will be ready to be programmed to do...well.. whatever it is that we decide needs to be done with you!! HAHA!

The possibilities look pretty much limited only by your imagination (and when your imagination is as fertile as mine...that equals UNLIMITED). So far I've had success with a few very naughty bits of behaviour modification, and some great success with implanting commands so that the recipient has to carry out certain...functions... automatically upon instruction. Needless to say that this is all done on a Safe and Sane basis...BUT if you are interested in learning more, or even experiencing something a bit special whether hypnotic or otherwise know what to do...

Call Me!

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