Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Power God

Phew - what a busy week I've just had, between trips to visit family, a ton of little jobs that demanded my urgent attention, and a flurry of calls from NiteFlirt, its no surprise that I'm typing this a few days later than I had planned... So, I thought I'd stick to my little run of fetish related posts this week, but this time I'd pick a highly topical one.  Highly topical? I hear you ask HAHA!  Well, yes indeed.

Let me explain...A friend of mine who knows about my little phonesex hobby asked me  - what's it like?

He wanted to know what it was like taking a call from someone who is looking for a sexual adventure...Being invited to manipulate someone's senses, get into their mind... have them share their dark and intimate secrets, and then to use that knowledge to spin an erotic, immersive reality, in which exploitation of every nuance of that person's personality and kinks results in a headlong plunge to the depths of horny, filthy arousal, from which the highest peaks of ecstastic release can be reached....sounds good?

It's a power trip.

Even though most of my callers will remain almost annonymous to me, I know their weaknesses, and I know how to press them... when you call, you step into my world.  That's what prompted me to blog about the  Power Gods this time, because this last week I've had a few really hot calls with a couple of guys (yes Chad, one of them is you) who recognise that when they  pick up the phone and call me, they step through into my world and submit to my power.  Its the complete and utter lack of control that they crave.  Just stop, and imagine for a second what it would feel like to be kneeling in front of a being who, simply with the power of their mind can alter the state of things around you, who can alter you, who can seize control of anyone, anything and bend it to their twisted, sexual desires.  You are a plaything for that being, you are utterly at their mercy and incapable of ANY action that could possibly affect the outcome for you (except maybe make it worse! HAHA!).  The very best course of action to you is complete and total submission to this omnipotent being, who can appear in any form; that helpful young guy from round the corner, your neighbour, the pizza delivery guy... your control shrinks and almost winks out of existence in his presence, and you realise that you are completely and utterly helpless.

That feeling of being completely and utterly helpless, knowing that your very existence hangs in the balance of this most beautiful, perfect, hot-as-fuck being, THAT is what its all about, and when you call its up to you how deeply you want to submit.  There is no limit to the fun we can have, and especially when you combine my imagination and intellect (not to mention how smoking hot I am- Haha!) with a filthy phone-fuck fantasy...Haha! Well - that's when the fireworks start to explode!

The nature of the fantasies we explore together can be many and varied, and as you might expect from someone who enjoys delving into sexual adventures as much as I do, there are really no limits to where we can go in the realms of fantasy! So, if you feel inspired to take a walk on the wild side and treat yourself to an exploration of your own wildest fantasy, you know what to do. Call me.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Foot Fetish

So I thought it might be time for another little blog focussing on some of the kinky fetishes that I'd come across while having phonesex with you guys on NiteFlirt. The title kinda gives it away a little bit I'm guessing, and I gotta tell you, this one is one of THE most popular fetishes out there, so much so that, for you guys that have seen my listings on NF already, you'll know I have a line dedicated to the worship of this hot, straight, dominant guy's feet and shoes! HAHA!

Now I gotta tell you, when I first started doing professional phonesex domination it was a surprise to me just how popular this fetish is, and I also have to confess that when I first heard about it, I wasn't really sure what to make of it.  But happily, I had my mind expanded by a few particularly colourful callers, and along with a few of my own little real life experiments (yes, they were inspired by some of the calls I've had) my understanding grew dramatically.

I guess the biggest turn on for me personally is watching the act of TOTAL submission on the part of someone kneeling at my feet and reverently sucking my toes, purely because I told them to. It feels great, and additionally, even though I'm straight, I so so love having fags submit to me! HAHA!

But what happens when that act becomes fetishised?

Just the thought of worshiping another guy's bare feet, or maybe his feet in socks, or even his feet in shoes....wait - you want to worship just my socks? JUST my shoes?? Because you aren't worthy to worship my actual feet? Yeah, I can see you kinky fucks getting horny at the thought of my smelly gym socks just lying on the bench in the changing rooms...

How many of those who enjoy this fetish have "borrowed" dirty socks, or maybe even a pair of shoes...I know at least ONE of you have.. (It's ok...I won't mention any names, Drew) HAHA!

So now tell me, how does the intensity of that stinky sock affect you? Do you ever think about being forced to lick those dirty dominant guy's feet? Is the thought of being trampled under foot, feeling your face squished by those big guy's feet, or maybe having your cock and balls abused by a guy wearing those hot leather boots?

This fetish is one with so many subtleties, so many differences that I know each call to my feet and shoes line will be different, and that is such a big part of the fun for me. I have a vivid imagination, and I love finding the keys to  unlock your wildest, deepest, darkest, fantasies, and then bringing those fantasies to life in ways that will blow your mind.

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