Thursday, 29 May 2008

Rain rain - go away...

I cannot believe its been over a week since my last post! Like they say - time flies when you're having fun! Well - fun in the rain anyway - its been non-stop all week long here... but then again - I quite like it when its warm and wet LOL. It doesn't seem that the damp weather has put a dampener on the spring-spirits of any of the local hotness though- and funny how getting caught in a sudden downpour and getting soaked with a complete stranger can sometimes bring the minx out of the lady... I can honestly say that that little adventure was in my top 5 horniest RL experiences.

However - in my top 5 phonesex experiences would have to be the call I had with unbelievably ,smokin' hot, Karen the other day. You guys have probably heard me mention her before - well that's 'cos we talk quite alot - and as a consequence - you get to explore ALL SORTS of hot, naughty stuff together, stuff that's maybe a step beyond what you would normally do - or maybe fantasies that you daren't tell anyone else - hmmm - that shit REALLY gets my cock hard!

Which is why I'm planning a new CONFESSION LINE for all you sad little fucks that want to tell a REAL man your pathetic fantasies - I love listening to stories from so-called str8 guys about the time that you sucked a cock - or the fact that you want to take a big cock up your ass like the little sissy-girl that you really are. HA-ha - WELL - this is gonna be a line especially for YOU - you can tell me all your deepest darkest secrets and know with confidence that I will give you my honest opinion about it all - call me judge, jury and executioner... Haha! I wonder if any of you sick fucks can come up with something I haven't heard before - you know that I get horny whenever I hear about new ways of getting off? No? Haha - well consider that my little secret shared with you all! LOL

Now - onto Biggest Losers - this week there are two of you sad pathetic little fucks that have caught my attention - footwearslave - AGAIN - you pathetic little faggot - you WILL learn to satisfy your Master in the way that he specifies, slave, if not there WILL be consequences - footwearslave was very close to earning his silver collar - but for some reason he has some problems focusing on the tasks he is set... maybe a touch of percussive discipline will help him focus next time. Secondly, is one of the most pathetic low-life wastes of space I have yet to meet, urinalslave, if this guy is for real - then he's just the sort of sub that I love - because he can keep me supplied with pussy - namely his wife's - Haha!! I'm not gonna go into the details here but he DEFINATELY made it onto my BIGGEST Losers list HA -ha ha!

Before I finish I'm gonna send some big love and hugs to Melody - sex personified - did I mention that I am the luckiest dude I know? Ha-ha - if you ever had a chance to meet Melody - you would know why! Now - keep your eyes peeled - and look out for my new confession line, I know that you worthless little queers and sissies need to unburden yourselves so very desperately - this might be your chance! Call me.

The Englishman.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Marvellous Morals

Well ... its been a VERY productive weekend for me - and I think I'm ready for some fun on the phone, I hope you are too. I shan't share too many of the intimate details of my weekend here (you know that its losers like YOU that I like to expose here - not myself... well unless I'm telling you how much better I am than all of you - HA-Ha!) but suffice it to say, my kung-fu was the best its ever been this weekend! OK - so I'll give you a clue... long time fantasy of mine realised... (Woo-Hoo!) ... and ...well... some of the scenes I 'experienced' had a distinctly "gymnastic" quality... I cannot begin to tell you how hot it was! Now - if you are one of the rare and beautiful females who happen across my blog, then let me tell you that I would love to share some intimate details with you, to put you in exactly THAT mood :-) ... maybe you have your own story you'd like to talk about - Hmmm - either way, call me - I like the sound of both - and I think you'll like the sound of me! ;-)

BUT - getting back to the matter in hand - I think it would probably be wrong to say that I engineered the situation I mention above all on my own - since I have had a secret kung-fu mentor, coaching me in advanced mind-control techniques... and when I say advanced techniques - I mean - phew - some of the stuff that I've learned over the last few weeks... I'm not sure I would EVER have learned without the expert tutelage I was privileged to receive.

Scary, mind-bending shit... mind-control methods and will-breaking techniques... things that can take you, or your - erm...victim? - no.... your subject... to the next level. More to the point though, its the sparring-practice that puts the icing on the cake - as any prize fighter will tell you ... (Yeah!? - like I expect you pathetic, little fags to actually KNOW a prize fighter to ask - LOL) ... all the theory in the world is worth nothing without a little sparring! The trick is, of course, not to cross your sparring partner's boundaries through a lack of care LOL.

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben - Spiderman

But then again, testing those boundaries is part of the fun... how long since your boundaries were tested fag?

Some of you, who I thought were worthy of it, may have felt the touch of this power when we've spoken... you may not have perceived the touch when it was delivered... but if you found yourself thinking about your call afterwards and feeling that, somehow, you were transformed from the way you were before... well - that's the touch! What it reveals is complex and speaks of the energy that flows between us... Yes! - speak to me and you WILL feel that connection. BUT that energy is something that arises between us - not something which is created in either one of us - and as such, it speaks of truths that exist outside of our control ...for better or for worse - but know this... I am stronger than you fag ... stronger than most anyone I have met - so unless you ask me for mercy - YOUR boundaries will be tested - HA-Ha!

So anyway loser, if you think that you are up to serving the supreme being that I am... come and give it a shot... I will brook no disobedience, and I WILL administer discipline and punishment... for my amusement as much as for your training - get ready.... And then CALL ME...

Monday, 12 May 2008

The summer is here!

Woohoo! Now THAT was a HOT weekend... free of phonesex with any kinky girls - BUT- very very hot none the less - it was the first weekend that actually felt warm - AT LAST! needless to say the short skirt and cropped tops that all the long-haired beauties were wearing out around town helped to keep the warm feeling rolling deep into the night... ha ha!

But now - onto more important matters - footwearslave my worthless little BRONZE collared slave is starting to vex me slightly - he is working hard to try and make amends - but I think he misunderstands what it is to be at my service... ultimately I blame myself - my training of him obviously hasn't been STRICT enough so far - we will rectify that very soon... won't we my little queer-boy?

As for the rest of you loosers, fags and perverts, you will all, of course, have noted that my wish list is up - SO - for any of you that are ...right now... feeling like there are butterflies in your stomach - thinking about how lucky you are to be reading these words... these words that I have created out of my filthy, depraved, superior mind ...maybe wondering whether you are ready to call me and HEAR my voice - and actually have the chance to speak with me....what do you suppose it would FEEL like being able to talk to a confident, cocky, straight, British STUD - a REAL MAN who can satisfy a woman the way she wants to feel satisfied ... deep inside... a REAL MAN who will show you just what a looser you are..... whatever your fantasy or kink, whatever you'd like to talk about - you can rest assured that I will be able to match and exceed your wildest imaginings...drawn from my own very real and very dominant perspective.... Would you like to be at the service of a dominant, straight guy?

Well - to start off, pick up the phone and CALL ME....We can talk about when you will get to go shopping for me later. HA Ha Ha!!

Friday, 9 May 2008


OK so its here at last - look for this button down the side bar - and BUY ME SOME STUFF! You know it will be appreciated - Call me - The Englishman

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I can't believe its been a whole week since I wrote on my blog! You pathetic little phonesex fags will no doubt be pining away wondering what I've been up to! Well - to tell you the truth - I'm exhausted - and this time though its not from partying too hard (although there is this tasty little 20-something year old that I've been enjoying spending time with - damn she makes me cum so hard you can't even imagine) - but no more than the usual levels of promiscuity... I guess its just too many late nights!

One thing that has put a big smile on my face, that irrefutable shoe-sniffing fag "Stud Ruler" has 'fessed up to me that he likes being tickled - now unfortunately he thinks that he, in some way, can avoid doing exactly as I request after we finish talking ... the thing is - he and I BOTH know exactly what his weaknesses are (and I'm not even just talking about being ticklish) HAHA! I do hope he gets in touch again soon to tell me how terrible I am... Funny little fag... I guess he'll learn exactly what kind of Dominant I am!

I have a new little pet too - bimbosklave - this little fag is going to be my new errand-fag - I really want to take him shopping with me and, while I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, have onlookers point and stare at how funny he looks, sat at my feet, in total humiliation, waiting for my next instruction.... and I can imagine that whatever shoes I'm wearing will be in pristine condition because between him and footwear slave I have a feeling that all of my footwear is going to be sparklingly clean - isn't it you mincy litte loosers?! HAHA - I love it when you say "Thank you, Sir" for allowing you to lick my trainers or boots... you little fucks really are only fit for me to trample under my feet.

So onto other matters - I mentioned last week that I was setting up a wishlist - well I have.. the link is going up on here - and possibly on my NF listings - and I expect some serious present buying if you want any of my attention!

So - Call me now.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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