Monday, 10 August 2015

Is it still "arrogance" if I really do know better than you?

As always it's been much too long since I blogged last, but then again, is it my fault that I'm always having to much fun spending all your cash on life's little luxuries? HAHA!  Of course it isn't!  But you know me, I always gravitate back here when I have something that I know I just *have* to share....

So, a recent conversation I had with a rather sexy lady who has a fair degree of experience in aspects of sex and sexuality (not one of my callers as it happens this time) asked me an interesting question...she asked whether I thought there was a single, common, attribute that attracted most of my callers to me.

So I said:- "Yeah totally, it's my sexual confidence, baby! Haha!"
OK, we know it's true, but I'm only teasing.
My little quip is *of course* true; after all you can't expect to get people off on the phone without having a broad interest in sex and sexuality, and that interest fundamentally comes from the same place for everyone, it taps into some primal sexual drive in all of us, and I am very good at tapping into it (check out my feedback if you doubt it!)!

And I'm straight; guys don't do it for me physically, *but* that doesn't mean that I don't get a kick out of dominating a guy, having him whimpering in submission, or begging for release, or putting himself at my disposal to be played with in whatever ways I decide would be the "best" for him to be played with.

Equally, when I'm speaking to girls, I read that situation too, and make the decision as to what would be the "best" way to take things there....

And then it got me thinking.... it's *that decision* which is the common ground between; my ability to read a situation and make a decision, and most importantly, sexualise that decision for whoever I am speaking to.

I see alot of ads for guy's offering phonesex who claim to be the real deal, talking about their arrogance and cockiness, even maybe playing on the fact that they are "dumb jocks" that are a whisker away from being bullies.  I can understand that, if you are looking for a quick mono-dimensional fix, something like that might press the buttons.

But what makes my callers, and my phonesex calls different is that my arrogance is backed up by real mental (and physical) muscle, and then, when we connect, and you hear my voice, you realise that the fantasy of speaking to someone more powerful than you has just become a reality.

Take a message I just got from Drew for example:
"i hate when you are online at a time I cannot call...makes me think about trying to deny my need and you just making it so obvious to everyone"
...this is a guy who understands that the reality of *his* situation is that he is totally addicted to the sound of my voice....and he LOVES it.

So there's the question: is it still "arrogance" if I really do know better than you?

...If I know better than you how to press your buttons, if, once you share a little of your world, a little of your fantasies and fetishes....if... at that point, I pick up those little threads, and I start out in a different direction than the one you had expected... and I start to weave those threads...and you find yourself drifting into a heart pounding, throbbing, pulsating sexual adventure that takes your breath away, and leaves you wondering how the fuck this guy just managed to get so deep inside your head and blow your mind so comprehensively!!

Well, that's what I'm going to do if you give me the tiniest chance, you have been warned! HAHA!

So in answer to the sexy lady's question - I'd say "Arrogance, backed up with ability, imagination and genuine commitment to the task in hand!" [Pun, intended]

I'll be on line for a few more hours now, so if you think you might have something you'd like to explore, and you are ready to treat yourself to a little intensity... then CALL ME!

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