Monday, 15 April 2013

Fetishes - Cuckolds

Well now, I didn't realise that so much time had passed since I last posted here, so its high time that I put up another post.  So, continuing on from the "fetishes" theme from my last post I wanted to talk about a fetish that makes up a larger proportion of the calls that I receive on NiteFlirt (and certainly something that I enjoy participating in IRL too, more about that later)...  BTW, Did the title of this post give it away already? Its all about cuckolding!

For the uninitiated this fetish can, at first, sound daunting, insane, damaging.... in short, pretty negative.  But, just as the age old expression defines 'beauty' as being ' the eye of the beholder', maybe those of us who are partial to a little kinkyness from time to time (or ALL the time) should adopt the phrase "Arousal is in the mind of the fetishist', and cuckolds definitely reside towards the "mind" -fuckery end of the fetish scale.

Wikipedia defines the 'cuckold' as being a man who is stimulated when their committed partner chooses to have sex with someone else, a pretty fair summary.  However, I have yet to meet a cuckold guy (in real life or on the phone) for whom "stimulated" should actually read like some combination of "humiliated, excited, aroused, appalled, rampant, worried, wired, alive..." the list goes on... HAHA!

These guys have (usually) managed to get themselves into a relationship with a much more attractive woman than they can handle. The circumstances as to HOW they managed this feat vary a little, but usually they either catch the woman at a low ebb (following a bad break-up or such like), OR those sad pathetic losers were "pretending" to be a little more than they really were, effectively conning a beautiful girl into being with them...and when finally that bubble bursts, its either their wallets or groveling servitude (or both) that manage(s) to hold the woman's attention for just long enough to save the relationship from disintegrating into utter disappointment.

In most case these gorgeous ladies DO care for their guys, after a fashion. although maybe 'pity' would be a better word in some cases (whether if be for their woefully tiny cocks, beta-male tendencies or total lack of charm and charisma) ...but, as with so many things in life, mediocrity and failure have their price.  Pretty soon the woman realises that this guy they are with just can't satisfy her... his small penis, his limp attitude, his lack of ability in bed - whatever the reason ...  She's a beautiful attractive woman, and she realises that she deserves to be made to FEEL like a real woman.  She starts fantasising about different things, different scenarios, encounters and pretty soon her horny little mind turns to the idea of being fucked....deeply, truly, rudely fucked by a REAL MAN...A real man who can penetrated her, handle her, use her for his pleasure, make her feel alive and aroused, make her feel slutty and dirty, a man with REAL power and REAL charisma...and that where a guy like ME steps in. HAHA!

The Bull.

Guys like me LOVE women.  I adore making-love to them, fucking them, taking them every which way ...making them moan and making them scream my name, making them feel like every inch of their skin is on fire from the arousal burning them up...making their hot, wet, little pussies tingle and throb from just *thinking* about feeling me sliding all the way up inside.....filling them up...pounding that pussy ... until they explode in a mind shattering orgasm. Hmmmmm!

Well....WHEN she finally realises that she deserves a guy like me, that girl, who felt so trapped and repressed, suddenly blooms.

THAT is when our little cuckold male might have his first glimpse of how he can make himself useful to his way-too-attractive partner.

Simply, he can support her in her desires.

He can lay out her clothes ready for her evenings out,

He can watch as she gets all dressed up for someone else, sexy lingerie, suggestive skirt or dress ... she puts on some of that perfume he bought her for her last birthday.

She looks and smells fantastic...then she goes out maybe alone, or with her girlfriends, or maybe even with him in-toe.

All of that preparation and planning, the whole time both of them knowing that it won't be his lips exploring hers tonight, it won;t be his hand caressing her body, enjoying her sensual curves, the silky feel of those panties against her engorged and freshly shaved cunt won't be his pathetic cock that will be satisfying her tonight......and it won't be his tongue tasting her....HAHA!  Well not until much later if he's "lucky" enough to be given clean-up duty... HAHA! Clean-up you ask?

Let me explain...the little cuckie can stay out of the way when she brings her real men back to their bedroom to fuck her...some of the lucky ones may even be allowed to stay in the same room, watching maybe.  But after the Bull has finished using the cuckold's partner for his pleasure...well you don't expect a gorgeous girl like that to have to clean up herself do you? Of course not ...her little cuckie will be only too pleased to have the chance to get close to parts of her that he NEVER usually gets to see, let alone touch or taste...HAHA!

One of the really fun parts of this fetish for me (as the Bull, *of course*) is that different couples have different ways of playing, some women like to dress their guys up as girls and even have them clean me up after we've finished (kinda like sissification which I might blog about next time a little more), others have a much less active role, almost like servants that shouldn't be seen or heard, and with all the shades in between. However it goes though the excitement is always very raw and very intense.

So...if this is one of your fetishes, then I hope I've done it justice, and if it has inspired you to want to call to talk about it, maybe acting out a fantasy, or maybe even trying out in real life, then even better!  I'll be online now for the next few hours, so call me now!

PS if the little symbol to the right looks like and email link or a "busy phone" then feel free to email me about your fantasy/scenario ahead of time.

Speak to you soon!

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