Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Return of the Kitty?

Well... well... well - This is an occasion worth a short blog entry ALL to itself ... out of the blue who should I find prowling and meow-ing on my doorstep... why - little kitty of course... HA HA!

Its made my day knowing that, even if I haven't had the chance to tease and tantalise and torment and tickle her into a submissive frenzy yet ...at least I know that the possibility might be there.... how VERY intriguing. (NB For those of you you haven't had the chance to speak to me yet... or perhaps haven't had the guts to risk submitting to me... this little bit of "poetry" roughly translates as me filling her hot little kitty-box and getting her puffy little pussy so wide open that I can do ANYTHING I like with her...) HAHA!

So - me thinks it might be time to start putting out some cat-nip and see if i can entice her in.... Oh look! I did already! HAHA!!

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