Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Can I mould YOU?

Well, its pretty clear to me that spring is in the air... you only have to look around and you can see that *everyone* is walking around with a spring in their step and a twinkle in their eye... and the spring-time weather and rising sap seems to make all the little phonesex subbies in the world that little bit more pliable, that little bit more maliable.... HAHA! - JUST the way I like them.

Have you noticed, for instance, that when you are horny, when you are feeling that yearning deep down inside, when the little voice is begging you to release them and expose your TRUE self to the world, its at those time that the urge to pick up the phone and ask a REAL MAN to take over for you becomes overpowering? Its like when you are *desperate* for the toilet... you start feeling all those muscles twitching.... the urge for release is almost unbearable... You just HAVE to press that button so that you can hear my commaning, uncompromising voice giving you permission to release....

BUT - what you little faggots, sluts, and sissies don't factor on is that, when you put that power into my hands...well - you are about to put your reality into my hands too, and then: When Where and How are ALL decided by ME... HAHA! Sure - I like to know what it is that starts to spin your mind... I like to know if you have particular fetishes.... but ultimatley *I* will be deciding how to rig your world, how to pull your strings and how to weave your reality so that when *I* decide that the moment is right - that's when the release will feel like the intervention of the divine.... sublime, complete and shattering.

And then, once you are shattered, I will remake you in whatever form I choose.... Do you know why slave? Because I get a kick out of Dominating you... I enjoy the power that I have, I enjoy wielding that power like an almost tangible force of knotted sinew and electricity that can direct through your mind and at your body to transform you into whatever form I choose. HAHAHA!

For those of you who have called me - you will have tasted that power and might relish and dread the next time it touches you... if you HAVEN'T spoken to me before - then hear that voice that you know will compell you to do all the things you crave....and ask yourself this... "How will I ever be satisfied unless I call him?". HAHA! You have no power in my presence.. you are completely vulnerable and exposed in the deepest and most intimate ways you can imagine.

Call Me.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

OMG - How long??

LMAO - you fuckin' loosers - that title isn't supposed to refer to my substantial manhood - LOL - although - speaking with some of you phonesex addicts - I realise that the prospect of being in the presence of a well-endowed REAL man would intimidate and arouse you - No. What I was referring to was how long its been since I last updated my blog! Well, you know how it is - busy, busy, busy.... Its the spring time here in the UK, and that means two things - warmer, longer evenings and warmer, hornier chics - HAHA!

C'mon - you can't seriously expect me to keep quiet about liking girls can you? Especially not when just the other day I met a new little playmate - Gianna. Damn - all I'm gonna say is: Horny.... Fuckin' .... Bitch.... LOL - she's tries to come off as just you're average girl-next-door, but I don't buy that - if you know what to look for, and you know how to expose those special little buttons...and you know how to tickle and tantalise them....LOL - well - I DO - and the result?....EXPLOSIVE!

BUT - I have to confess that Gianna wasn't the inspiration for updating my blog, and nor was the horny little exchange I had with my naughty little Kitty-Kat (who, incidentally, is being ESPECIALLY naughty at the moment - I'm not gonna get into it here - because we haven't finished discussing all of the implications of her latest - shenanigans - LOL)...No...the reason that I've been inspired to come on here is none other than...Stud Ruler..... HAHAHA!

Did you think I'd forgotten about you? LOL - You REALLY don't know me that well if you thought I had....how does that song go again....Dum-dada-da " ...love your feet..." Da-dee-dada "...and I cum real neat!" LMAO - HAHAHAH! Oh - A recording of that and I would have made a fortune selling it as a ringtone for cell-phones... but here's the thing - it was beautiful.... LOL

See - what "Stud Ruler" COMPLETELY failed to understand - is that when you CALL ME - you are entering into MY world - and in THAT world, for the duration of the call ... and sometimes... even longer - I AM GOD. I will control your mind and body and I will penetrate your soul in ways that you have ABSOLUTELY no control over... and the "Stud".... HAHA - he forgot that - so when I twisted his mind and put him in the place that I wanted him - Hehe - well - you just imagine.... He was totally and completely at the mercy of ME! HAHA!

So - other than "The Studs" wonderful call - I'm gonna send out a hello to the Tickler, and to my special friend - who knows his place - yes - you boy... you know who I mean, and of course to DB - it was REALLY nice of you to let my use pretty much anything that belonged to you for my entertainment. HAHAHA!

Finally - one other bit of news, the auction I mentioned previously went off perfectly - congrats to MiguelZ who coughed up significant sums of fag-cash to own The Englishman's battered abused old trainers - he's promised to leave a comment on here at some point so - I'm hoping that this entry will prompt that... if not - he'll get his punishment the next time I speak to him. HAHA!

Now remember faggots, losers and sissies - callers that leave me written feedback will earn my special appreciation, you gotta work hard to impress me. So stop fucking around and Call Me.

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