Monday, 29 March 2010

Returning is such sweet sorrow...

Phonesex quote of the day: "Please... just let me smell your feet" HAHA! Well... barely have I touched back down and already one of my favourite little foot-sniffing friends calls me up to say welcome back!

I'm not going to humiliate him anymore for now, I think the little phone-fantasy mind-fuck I've started him on is going to be burning in his brain for the next few days... and I wouldn't want him to blow a fuse just yet! Alhtough first-week in June might be different... HAHA!

Right - enough of that bullshit, I just want to say "Hi" to all you cheap phonesex losers out there - if you've only just found this blog, come in, make yourself at home... no- actually strike that - come in... and GET ON YOUR FUCKIN' knees... This is MY house.. and when you call me - expect nothing less than to be used for MY entertainment.

If you've been here/read this blog before then I'm guessing that the paragraph above would not have taken you by surprise! HAHA!...

OK - so first question - what have I been up to? Well, truth be told, since NF decided to "revamp" their sytems (and by revamp I think they mean fuck-up) I've been spending my time playing in the real world for a little while. I AM a real-life Dom (not a part-time pretender like alot of actors that you can waste your time and money on) So, whilst NF sorted their shit out I've been making some money training, and taming and punishing some real-life losers and little miscreants... and teasing them too - it has to be said.

For those of you who have had the privilege of speaking with me, you will know, I'm strictly straight, but I DO so get off on demonstrating my superiority in everyway I can. If you are looking for a monosyllabic bully-boy, go elsewhere - I have a keen intellect and I WILL use it to tie your mind in knots so that I get my own way. I enjoy creating the most vivid waking dreams you can imagine, all to tease, torment and excite you into a mind bending frenzy... Why you ask? So that you do EXACTLY as you are told of course! HAHA!

Second question - How can I talk to you? Easy! Follow the link in the side bar -> (the one with the little telephone on it) and follow the instructions. Check out my listings and call the one that best fits what you are looking for (note that you can email me too if you want to be assured of jumping straight into a particular scene - just make sure I've read the email before calling otherwise you'll just have to explain yourself anyway!).

Third question - What if I'm a girl and not a guy.... can I still call you? Errr.. Yes! ;-) in fact - you get a special cheap-rate (Fags- don't even think about it - it really is JUST for the ladies... the REAL ladies!) and you'll see from my rating that I'll make sure you enjoy the call just as much as I do! ;-). I'm a straight, dominant REAL MAN and a perfect gentleman on the phone too... you'll get a clear idea from all of the stuff above that I like to be in control, and have a broad imagination... but rest assured that when I'm chatting to the fairer sex you you will have my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION, and I ALWAYS respect your limits (unless I can see that you don;t want me to! ;-)). I love the company of women and thrive on the energy you give off, so if you do want a fun, relaxed chat, about anything - then just call me.

OK - so now you know... I'll be waiting for your call, and when we speak and you first hear my voice, take a second to introduce yourself, calm yourself for a moment and then brace yourself before the RUSH carries you away. Call me.

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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