Friday, 31 May 2013


So, there I was, minding my own business, on a sunny day a couple of weeks ago (yes, the sun does *sometimes*shine in the UK!) when I hear a noise that makes me believe that someone maybe in some difficulties.  I'm in a relatively public place at this point - so I know that there are plenty of people around to call upon if the situation is serious, but, before I know it, I find myself involved in helping someone (well two people actually) who'd got themselves into some 'difficulties' in their car...yes - they were a couple, and yes I got the distinct impression that they didn't expect to be needing help from me to *finish* what they had...started! LOL!  Suffice it to say that the nature of the difficulties was not immediately apparent to the casual passer by, but once I'd done my bit, the couple had to seek further medical assistance!

Now, I'm not going to get into any of the specific details, (as you all know, I only get into the details here when its appropriate...or when I feel like it!) but that experience got me thinking about what "normal" behaviour in a car is, and what a "normal" reaction to what I saw would be ... them needing medical assistance would mean "normal" doctors, nurses and hospitals etc....and we all seem to be conditioned to act in certain ways in certain situations, and how a big part of kinkyland is SO definitely about breaking those taboos and behaving...well..oddly.

Its something that makes a lot of sense to me, and that is so apparent when talking to some of my callers.  We often see or hear about fetishes/fantasies that challenge the normal conventions of behaviour.  Take for example the hospital I mentioned ....the last time I was in one I couldn't help think about the "naughty nurse" who might want to give the patients a "special" bed-bath...or the adventures that we could get up to in the store cupboard with the young impressionable junior doctor...Why do these environments bring that side out? The liberal librarian, sneaking off between the stacks to masturbate over the latest 50 shades clone, or the police woman who might want to carry out a more intimate kind of interrogation (Hmmm - I wonder if I should add uniforms to the list of fetishes I want to blog about?). HAHA!

The way I see it is this; all of those environments have two things, firstly the individuals have a clear and "official" role to play, they are part of the fabric of an institution, implacable  un-moving, dependable, geared towards the *normal* codes and standards...the uniform thing might be part of it too, I guess, but again, the thing that makes these situations HOT, is the *breach* of that formality...shredding the uniform/suits to reveal some kink-fuckery underneath, mis-using equipment (examination tables, truncheons (aka night sticks for our US brethren) handcuffs...) for uses that they weren't intended... and just generally getting near-naked, hot and sticky in places that were intended for less primal pursuits.

So...this entry wasn't really supposed to be a part of my "fetish" series - but its kinda worked out that way a bit.  So now I'll close by saying this, to the caller that I most recently spoke to,  perhaps, just perhaps, your hottest fantasy WILL come true, it all depends on your capacity to obey and serve! HAHAHA!

Now, I'll be online taking calls for the next few hours, as usual, so if you feel inspired to break some taboos of your own, or to mis-use some "equipment" you might have lying around at home (or at work if you feeling a bit more daring!)- HAHA!  Then, you know what you have to do, just go ahead, pick up the phone and - CALL ME, now!

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