Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Latest gossip

Well, its been a busy month, and I've had the chance to catch-up with some "old" friends too, so all in all, a good one!

In particular this month has presented me with the chance to prove my point a couple of times.  Ironically those chances seem to come around quite often for me (I guess its an occupational hazard if you're a well informed, intelligent and inquisitive fellow, such as I am!), but none the less, these were points that I think are worth sharing!

So...picture this - your average run of the mill loser presents himself for some much deserved abuse and humiliation on the telephone (yes, that falls under the category of phonesex too!). That's right, you are imagining JUST the sort of fellow, weak minded, small penis...the usual set of deficiencies that mean he is CERTAIN not to be of any genuine use to a man or a woman...the little miscreant (feel free to google that word if you don't know what it means) is SO incredibly easy to manipulate that I put him under hypnotic control almost instantly (well, he DID ask me I guess it was OK). Now, roll forwards a few weeks, and a few more calls (and a photo of my beautiful, naked, sexy feet), and imagine my overwhelming sense of UN-surprise when he calls to tell me that he's scared that he is now permanently under my control, unable to orgasm, or to please his wife. HAHA!

He GENUINELY believed that he could escape my grasp, and doesn't seem to understand that once you speak to me, once you start to use your imagination the way I direct, once you start to share some of those dark, intimate fantasies and needs with me...well...falling under my spell kinda happens regardless of what you might want!

It happens in all sorts of different fantasies, the one I refer to above isn't really much of a challenge, but, for some of my callers, I get to flex my mental muscles and create vivid realities in which they are seduced, enchanted, transformed...or otherwise whisked away into little bubbles of reality in which their wildest fantasies can be enacted, safely, completely, and in most cases....explosively! HAHA!

I'm not going to get into describing the second point I proved - because the person concerned is so easily embarrassed... particularly when he sings songs for me over the phone... Yes - I haven't forgotten your little was so...lovely. HAHA!

But all of that said, with springtime arriving I have noticed a distinct increase in the kinkiness surrounding me, both online, and in the real world. So...if you are ready to take that step into an erotic wonderland, full of all of the most salacious, sexy, depraved and delicious desires that you can think know what to do...

Call me!

You REALLY think you're worthy? try me:

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