Thursday, 15 March 2012

The latest thing

So its phonesex blogging time again! Well, its true what they say - the more you use it - the bigger it gets...and boy - have I been using it ALOT! Its been SO stimulating, so,,,, invigorating to have the opportunity to have a little bit of a "workout" again lately - and it sure has got ALOT bigger!

What am I talking about? Well - what do YOU think you little perv! HAHA! To be honest - pretty much everything has gotten a workout lately - I've had a deluge of you little faggots lining up to worship me, grovel at my feet, or generally presenting yourselves for service, in whatever limited little ways you can.

Its been kinda nice - and got me thinking about the idea of compulsion. Have you ever felt SO motivated to act, SO desperate to carry out an action that it feels almost like an outside force is willing you, DRIVING you towards it? Try and think back, now, and let that memory surface, or if you prefer, just imagine what it might feel like to be COMPELLED to act. I'm not talking about some simple act like responding to that tingle at the end of your nose by scratching it, I'm talking about something MUCH more complex, and also MUCH more rewarding. Imagine being compelled to find a connection with someone, feeling like you need to reach out and touch someone in whatever way you can. Just desperate to be closer to them. Like a yearning - a yearning which makes you go through a sequence of actions almost like it was a dream, and all because the person you want to connect to told you to. Compulsion is a powerful feeling, and for the person on the receiving end I imagine that it will make you feel so safe, and secure and submissive that it would probably become addictive. I wonder how many of my little worms feel COMPELLED to call me everytime they see me on line? Do you... feel it now? HAHA!

I can't say I'm surprised if you do, if I was a pathetic little worm like you I'd be desperate to serve a REAL MAN like me! I've always know that I was better than pretty much everyone I met, one way or another, occasionally there might be a guy I met who was a heavier-build than me (for those of you who want know I've got a sprinter's build more than a powerlifter's), and might be able to shift more weights at the gym, but invariably they would be dumb as fuck. All in all - I am pretty much in the elite league. I've got the looks, the brain, the body AND the skills to turn your world upside down, twist your mind round, turn it inside out and THEN have you thank me for it! HAHA! And do you know what the crazy think is - I'm not even exagerating! Just check my feedback!

So if this is your first time checking out my blog then take the time to read back a little - get to know a little bit more about what makes me tick - and then, when you feel comfortable enough (or maybe UNcomfortable enough) pick up the phone and call me.

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