Thursday, 8 August 2013

Pain Sluts and Masochistic Fetishes

So...its been a little while since I caught up on my little series of blogs on different fetishes, far too much gorgeous weather over here, and I've been out enjoying the sunshine and getting up to the occasional adventure, on of which was in the great outdoors and involved a little experiment with a sub's capacity to enjoy stinging nettles - HAHA! It was an intense, but successful experiment!...So I thought I'd pick an appropriate topic for this post and talk about pain sluts and the masochists that like to abuse them!

Being mainly based in phonesex domination (yes, I did say MAINLY) the physical side tends to be much more limited with what I can dole out to prospective pain sluts that come to serve me online, but with a little imagination, and some obedience on the part of the pain-slut, its not impossible to find ways to press those delicious buttons and get you squealing and squirming, just like I do in a real-life session.

Here's a little bit of science that you may have heard already; the pain centers in the brain are located very close to, and in some cases overlap with, the pleasure centers  What this means in practical terms is that when you are having those erogenous tender parts gently caressed, teased and played with, your nervous system relays those playful caresses back to the brain, which registers them as pleasurable. We've all had the experience of being played with too roughly, and that that sometimes shocking sensation can be a real passion killer for some people, as the pain registers in a different (and not so sexy) part of the brain, presumably alerting us that we are at risk of suffering physical harm....HOWEVER, If its done right, and the transition between gentle and hard sensations is managed correctly, and, most importantly, the context (i.e. the atmosphere and setup) is right...well - that is when those not-so-gentle caresses can start to feel VERY sexy indeed.

Most pain-sluts describe a progression from their early experimentation with light pain into heavier kinds of play through explorations of their sexuality. This also points towards the idea of training which fits very nicely into the slave/Master dynamic in a lot of kinky play. The idea that the submissive on the receiving end of all of the torment can be pushed harder as their bodies (and minds) become accustomed to the overlap between pain and pleasure is pretty hot, and can reach a point with some of those dirty little perverts that they cum just from being hurt...and that in itself is a big turn on for the masochist! HAHA!

So, since we are talking about sexy pain, its not surprising that the usual array of ways to deliver pain to be centered on the naughty bits.  Nipples, cock and balls / pussy, ass, ass-hole...the list goes on... interestingly there are some patterns that separate the genders - girls, in their development, quite quickly progress from light spanking of the buttocks to floggers over their thighs and backs, and before too long can find their hot little pussy's dripping at the thought of having their backs and buttocks striped by a cane... not altogether surprising since lots of girls tell of their enjoyment and arousal and having their backs played with (makes me wonder if its down to a bit of primordial wiring where the feeling of being mounted doggy-style, with their backs exposed that leads to that particular transition).

Guys on the other hand tend to be much more focused on their cock, and in particular their balls, with all manner of devices invented to create discomfort down their, which combined with a feeling of panic as their most tender areas are held in positions that provide easy access to exact carefully measured levels of pain. Its truly amazing what you can do with a ruler (plastic or wood) and elastic band, some thumb tacks and a willing obedient fag who is ready to serve his Master in whatever way he is told.

Nipples and feet are less gender specific, both areas are very sensitive with a lot of nerve endings that provide all of that delicious stimulation to your brain, getting you hard/wet when the stimulation is managed just right.

As for managing it "just right" HAHA! Well that's where skill, imagination and a touch of experience combine to allow the masochist to take the pain-slut to the edge and hold them there without stepping over the line, allowing that buildup to take place, enjoying watching the exquisite pleasure and torment build and fucking hot!

If you find yourself curious about how exactly you can achieve this during a hot phonesex session... well I can't give all my secrets away here, but there's one sure way to find me! HAHA! If any of this post has stirred you then you might find yourself compelled to learn more...And don't forget to check out my other posts on other fetishes, you never know what you might discover!

I'll be online for the next few hours now, so if you find yourself wanting ...needing to be played with, in whatever way, just call me, now.

Friday, 31 May 2013


So, there I was, minding my own business, on a sunny day a couple of weeks ago (yes, the sun does *sometimes*shine in the UK!) when I hear a noise that makes me believe that someone maybe in some difficulties.  I'm in a relatively public place at this point - so I know that there are plenty of people around to call upon if the situation is serious, but, before I know it, I find myself involved in helping someone (well two people actually) who'd got themselves into some 'difficulties' in their car...yes - they were a couple, and yes I got the distinct impression that they didn't expect to be needing help from me to *finish* what they had...started! LOL!  Suffice it to say that the nature of the difficulties was not immediately apparent to the casual passer by, but once I'd done my bit, the couple had to seek further medical assistance!

Now, I'm not going to get into any of the specific details, (as you all know, I only get into the details here when its appropriate...or when I feel like it!) but that experience got me thinking about what "normal" behaviour in a car is, and what a "normal" reaction to what I saw would be ... them needing medical assistance would mean "normal" doctors, nurses and hospitals etc....and we all seem to be conditioned to act in certain ways in certain situations, and how a big part of kinkyland is SO definitely about breaking those taboos and behaving...well..oddly.

Its something that makes a lot of sense to me, and that is so apparent when talking to some of my callers.  We often see or hear about fetishes/fantasies that challenge the normal conventions of behaviour.  Take for example the hospital I mentioned ....the last time I was in one I couldn't help think about the "naughty nurse" who might want to give the patients a "special" bed-bath...or the adventures that we could get up to in the store cupboard with the young impressionable junior doctor...Why do these environments bring that side out? The liberal librarian, sneaking off between the stacks to masturbate over the latest 50 shades clone, or the police woman who might want to carry out a more intimate kind of interrogation (Hmmm - I wonder if I should add uniforms to the list of fetishes I want to blog about?). HAHA!

The way I see it is this; all of those environments have two things, firstly the individuals have a clear and "official" role to play, they are part of the fabric of an institution, implacable  un-moving, dependable, geared towards the *normal* codes and standards...the uniform thing might be part of it too, I guess, but again, the thing that makes these situations HOT, is the *breach* of that formality...shredding the uniform/suits to reveal some kink-fuckery underneath, mis-using equipment (examination tables, truncheons (aka night sticks for our US brethren) handcuffs...) for uses that they weren't intended... and just generally getting near-naked, hot and sticky in places that were intended for less primal pursuits.

So...this entry wasn't really supposed to be a part of my "fetish" series - but its kinda worked out that way a bit.  So now I'll close by saying this, to the caller that I most recently spoke to,  perhaps, just perhaps, your hottest fantasy WILL come true, it all depends on your capacity to obey and serve! HAHAHA!

Now, I'll be online taking calls for the next few hours, as usual, so if you feel inspired to break some taboos of your own, or to mis-use some "equipment" you might have lying around at home (or at work if you feeling a bit more daring!)- HAHA!  Then, you know what you have to do, just go ahead, pick up the phone and - CALL ME, now!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Fetishes - Cuckolds

Well now, I didn't realise that so much time had passed since I last posted here, so its high time that I put up another post.  So, continuing on from the "fetishes" theme from my last post I wanted to talk about a fetish that makes up a larger proportion of the calls that I receive on NiteFlirt (and certainly something that I enjoy participating in IRL too, more about that later)...  BTW, Did the title of this post give it away already? Its all about cuckolding!

For the uninitiated this fetish can, at first, sound daunting, insane, damaging.... in short, pretty negative.  But, just as the age old expression defines 'beauty' as being ' the eye of the beholder', maybe those of us who are partial to a little kinkyness from time to time (or ALL the time) should adopt the phrase "Arousal is in the mind of the fetishist', and cuckolds definitely reside towards the "mind" -fuckery end of the fetish scale.

Wikipedia defines the 'cuckold' as being a man who is stimulated when their committed partner chooses to have sex with someone else, a pretty fair summary.  However, I have yet to meet a cuckold guy (in real life or on the phone) for whom "stimulated" should actually read like some combination of "humiliated, excited, aroused, appalled, rampant, worried, wired, alive..." the list goes on... HAHA!

These guys have (usually) managed to get themselves into a relationship with a much more attractive woman than they can handle. The circumstances as to HOW they managed this feat vary a little, but usually they either catch the woman at a low ebb (following a bad break-up or such like), OR those sad pathetic losers were "pretending" to be a little more than they really were, effectively conning a beautiful girl into being with them...and when finally that bubble bursts, its either their wallets or groveling servitude (or both) that manage(s) to hold the woman's attention for just long enough to save the relationship from disintegrating into utter disappointment.

In most case these gorgeous ladies DO care for their guys, after a fashion. although maybe 'pity' would be a better word in some cases (whether if be for their woefully tiny cocks, beta-male tendencies or total lack of charm and charisma) ...but, as with so many things in life, mediocrity and failure have their price.  Pretty soon the woman realises that this guy they are with just can't satisfy her... his small penis, his limp attitude, his lack of ability in bed - whatever the reason ...  She's a beautiful attractive woman, and she realises that she deserves to be made to FEEL like a real woman.  She starts fantasising about different things, different scenarios, encounters and pretty soon her horny little mind turns to the idea of being fucked....deeply, truly, rudely fucked by a REAL MAN...A real man who can penetrated her, handle her, use her for his pleasure, make her feel alive and aroused, make her feel slutty and dirty, a man with REAL power and REAL charisma...and that where a guy like ME steps in. HAHA!

The Bull.

Guys like me LOVE women.  I adore making-love to them, fucking them, taking them every which way ...making them moan and making them scream my name, making them feel like every inch of their skin is on fire from the arousal burning them up...making their hot, wet, little pussies tingle and throb from just *thinking* about feeling me sliding all the way up inside.....filling them up...pounding that pussy ... until they explode in a mind shattering orgasm. Hmmmmm!

Well....WHEN she finally realises that she deserves a guy like me, that girl, who felt so trapped and repressed, suddenly blooms.

THAT is when our little cuckold male might have his first glimpse of how he can make himself useful to his way-too-attractive partner.

Simply, he can support her in her desires.

He can lay out her clothes ready for her evenings out,

He can watch as she gets all dressed up for someone else, sexy lingerie, suggestive skirt or dress ... she puts on some of that perfume he bought her for her last birthday.

She looks and smells fantastic...then she goes out maybe alone, or with her girlfriends, or maybe even with him in-toe.

All of that preparation and planning, the whole time both of them knowing that it won't be his lips exploring hers tonight, it won;t be his hand caressing her body, enjoying her sensual curves, the silky feel of those panties against her engorged and freshly shaved cunt won't be his pathetic cock that will be satisfying her tonight......and it won't be his tongue tasting her....HAHA!  Well not until much later if he's "lucky" enough to be given clean-up duty... HAHA! Clean-up you ask?

Let me explain...the little cuckie can stay out of the way when she brings her real men back to their bedroom to fuck her...some of the lucky ones may even be allowed to stay in the same room, watching maybe.  But after the Bull has finished using the cuckold's partner for his pleasure...well you don't expect a gorgeous girl like that to have to clean up herself do you? Of course not ...her little cuckie will be only too pleased to have the chance to get close to parts of her that he NEVER usually gets to see, let alone touch or taste...HAHA!

One of the really fun parts of this fetish for me (as the Bull, *of course*) is that different couples have different ways of playing, some women like to dress their guys up as girls and even have them clean me up after we've finished (kinda like sissification which I might blog about next time a little more), others have a much less active role, almost like servants that shouldn't be seen or heard, and with all the shades in between. However it goes though the excitement is always very raw and very intense.

So...if this is one of your fetishes, then I hope I've done it justice, and if it has inspired you to want to call to talk about it, maybe acting out a fantasy, or maybe even trying out in real life, then even better!  I'll be online now for the next few hours, so call me now!

PS if the little symbol to the right looks like and email link or a "busy phone" then feel free to email me about your fantasy/scenario ahead of time.

Speak to you soon!

Friday, 22 March 2013


As I'm sure you can probably imagine, having a job like mine brings me into contact with a lot of different people, who I come to know in an intimate way, in a short space of time (sometimes a VERY short space of time. LOL!).

All of those different people have different personalities, different tastes and, of course, different fetishes, and, I love it!  I love getting to hear about what makes a person tick, about what it is that gets them so uncontrollably aroused that they just want to explode.

Of course, with me having a strongly dominant personality, my interest in what makes them tick is, in no small part, concerned with being able to take control of their lust, passion and arousal, and using that control to take the intensity of their experience much further than they could attain on their own. That IS after all what makes phonesex so hot!

When it comes to kinks or fetishes, I have a few, but I also have a strong 'sense of the erotic' (I see you nodding, you must have called me before. LOL!), and that sense of the erotic (combined with a fair amount of experience, both on the phone and in real-life) means that getting inside your head and understanding YOUR kinks and fetishes is a bit like slipping on a glove for me. I'm not going to develop that metaphor any further, but if you think back to the first time you called me, how those first few moments of the call went ...and then think about how the call developed and how the intensity and excitement seemed to grow; then you can understand why its so easy for you to feel so comfortable just picking up the phone and calling me now. Taking a few moments to slip that glove on, get the perfect fit...that's what I'm good at. Of course, communication is a two way thing, so if you haven't called before, but are about to, just remember that! LOL!

Enough about how great I am (whats that? - you want more?? HAHA! Later....) What I want to do here is share some of those different fetishes, and over the next few posts I'll be putting up little short burst of kink. My personal insight into all the different, exotic fetishes that I've had the chance to share in, interspersed (of course) with the usual reminders of how fucking amazing I am, and how lucky you are to be sharing a planet with me! HAHA! (I'm not even joking, I am genuinely THAT amazing/talented/awe inspiring - if you doubt it - call me! Seriously.). Who knows, it might whet you appetite for something outside of your usual repertoire.

So, for the first post in this series I wanted to mention a somewhat rare fetish, but a very hot one. Although I'd heard of it before, it was one caller in particular, who I speak to fairly regularly, who introduced me to this fetish in more detail.  Out of discretion I'm not going to use her name here (and for any of you humiliation-fags or attention-whores that might be reading this, don't expect the same courtesy), but she is a beautiful, super-sexy, articulate and intelligent lady with whom I have had the chance of sharing some VERY intense BURPING fantasies, and also for whom I've made a couple of custom burping fetish recordings (yes, custom recordings of my sexy sensual voice are available, made to your requirements!).

When we talk together, her burping fetish is usually a part of a deliciously sexy scenario, subtle seductions, high sexual tension and raw passion that unfold into an erotic call ....

Setting the scene, sensuality, excitement ...

Then...when the moment is right, that feeling of tight fullness ... that massive meal, too much dessert maybe?

Being SO uncomfortable, in pain....NEEDING  to burp .... not knowing if it will come ...

The momentary embarrassment of that first burp arriving involuntarily....

The need, the desperate yearning need to feel release... then ...when it comes, when the moment is right for it to all come out...

That sound it makes....a short burst .....or long and loud... the release of gas, the deep resonance of the intense relief brought by that blissful expulsion ... almost orgasmic in itself.

The calls we share almost always leave us both more than a little breathless!

So, I hope I did the fetish justice for anyone who finds this post and shares my sexy girl's fetish, and  next time, a biggy....foot fetishes! HAHA! And for all of you foot-slaves who have read this far hoping for the touch of a trainer of the sniff of a sock, your moment will come soon!

I'll be online now and for the next few hours, so if there is a particular fetish you enjoy, and you think that you might like to explore it, or you just crave the attention,  control and power of a hot, straight, dominant guy with an intellect that matches his ego, then  - Call me!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Latest gossip

Well, its been a busy month, and I've had the chance to catch-up with some "old" friends too, so all in all, a good one!

In particular this month has presented me with the chance to prove my point a couple of times.  Ironically those chances seem to come around quite often for me (I guess its an occupational hazard if you're a well informed, intelligent and inquisitive fellow, such as I am!), but none the less, these were points that I think are worth sharing!

So...picture this - your average run of the mill loser presents himself for some much deserved abuse and humiliation on the telephone (yes, that falls under the category of phonesex too!). That's right, you are imagining JUST the sort of fellow, weak minded, small penis...the usual set of deficiencies that mean he is CERTAIN not to be of any genuine use to a man or a woman...the little miscreant (feel free to google that word if you don't know what it means) is SO incredibly easy to manipulate that I put him under hypnotic control almost instantly (well, he DID ask me I guess it was OK). Now, roll forwards a few weeks, and a few more calls (and a photo of my beautiful, naked, sexy feet), and imagine my overwhelming sense of UN-surprise when he calls to tell me that he's scared that he is now permanently under my control, unable to orgasm, or to please his wife. HAHA!

He GENUINELY believed that he could escape my grasp, and doesn't seem to understand that once you speak to me, once you start to use your imagination the way I direct, once you start to share some of those dark, intimate fantasies and needs with me...well...falling under my spell kinda happens regardless of what you might want!

It happens in all sorts of different fantasies, the one I refer to above isn't really much of a challenge, but, for some of my callers, I get to flex my mental muscles and create vivid realities in which they are seduced, enchanted, transformed...or otherwise whisked away into little bubbles of reality in which their wildest fantasies can be enacted, safely, completely, and in most cases....explosively! HAHA!

I'm not going to get into describing the second point I proved - because the person concerned is so easily embarrassed... particularly when he sings songs for me over the phone... Yes - I haven't forgotten your little was so...lovely. HAHA!

But all of that said, with springtime arriving I have noticed a distinct increase in the kinkiness surrounding me, both online, and in the real world. So...if you are ready to take that step into an erotic wonderland, full of all of the most salacious, sexy, depraved and delicious desires that you can think know what to do...

Call me!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Frozen roads

Who would have thought that a drop in temperature of just a few degrees could make such a difference?

But its true, the roads are iced over here at the moment, and no one is managing to do much of anything. But again, I guess its like that in other areas if life too, right? Subtle shifts can produce dramatic effects, sometimes unexpected ones.

Certainly when it comes to managing the subtle nuances of a submissive spirit, whether it be based in humiliation, forced encounters, the willing servitude to a superior being...or maybe just a little plain old fashioned masculine seduction, it takes a degree of finesse, yes, even binding you and punishing you takes finesse, after all, you want to feel every moment of the experience as keenly as you can don't you?

HAHA!  Of course you do....and that's what I'm here for, to make certain you do.

Call me.

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Magic of Submission

So, I've had the chance to chat to quite a few new callers this week as well a some old 'friends'. Its been a kinda fun filled week actually (and quite an exhausting week for one or two of you "repeat" callers) HAHA!

Seriously though, I like building up a sense of connection with whoever it is that I speak to.  As any of you who speak to me regularly know, I'm serious about us having fun when we talk.  The way I see it, if you  sense a need inside you, whether it be an yearning to submit control for a while, a craving to be used and humiliated, or simply the desire for an escape into fantasy, and you can articulate that sense to someone who has the power, imagination and intellect to be able to fulfil that need...then you have the foundations of a fun encounter!

Sometimes, when those familiar feelings and needs to give up control become really intense, when the desire to be put in your place, to made use of, to be whisked away into that alternative realm, when those feelings reach a climax AND you find that outlet for them, somewhere where you can safely indulge all of your wildest dreams it can be a magical experience.

I know someone that I would class as the perfect sub (a GIRL before you fags get all hot and bothered thinking it might be you).  She was describing to me how submission feels when its done right (and was in the context of how it felt for her to submit to ME).  She talked about how a part of her that in everyday life had to be aware of herself, validating and checking her actions, constantly monitoring and controlling her environment - in essence her rational mind-  could just - Switch Off.  She described that moment of switching off as being akin to when a magician asks you to turn over the card you where holding, for you to discover that its transformed from the two of clubs to the queen of hearts.  You know instantly that it was impossible, and yet at some deeper level your mind seems to accept it and tells you it was 'magic'.

Well, it was a lovely complement, and no doubt influenced by the fact that she'd not long finished her third orgasm of the session...she did have to earn them tho - HAHA!

So, I don't know if everyone sees submission the same way - but when I'm talking with some of you phonesex addicts, dominating you on the phone, have you submit to the sound of my voice, I sense that more than one of you will be able to relate to Angel's insights.

I'm online now, so if you want to feel weave an illusion or two for you - you know what to do - Call me!

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