Friday, 22 March 2013


As I'm sure you can probably imagine, having a job like mine brings me into contact with a lot of different people, who I come to know in an intimate way, in a short space of time (sometimes a VERY short space of time. LOL!).

All of those different people have different personalities, different tastes and, of course, different fetishes, and, I love it!  I love getting to hear about what makes a person tick, about what it is that gets them so uncontrollably aroused that they just want to explode.

Of course, with me having a strongly dominant personality, my interest in what makes them tick is, in no small part, concerned with being able to take control of their lust, passion and arousal, and using that control to take the intensity of their experience much further than they could attain on their own. That IS after all what makes phonesex so hot!

When it comes to kinks or fetishes, I have a few, but I also have a strong 'sense of the erotic' (I see you nodding, you must have called me before. LOL!), and that sense of the erotic (combined with a fair amount of experience, both on the phone and in real-life) means that getting inside your head and understanding YOUR kinks and fetishes is a bit like slipping on a glove for me. I'm not going to develop that metaphor any further, but if you think back to the first time you called me, how those first few moments of the call went ...and then think about how the call developed and how the intensity and excitement seemed to grow; then you can understand why its so easy for you to feel so comfortable just picking up the phone and calling me now. Taking a few moments to slip that glove on, get the perfect fit...that's what I'm good at. Of course, communication is a two way thing, so if you haven't called before, but are about to, just remember that! LOL!

Enough about how great I am (whats that? - you want more?? HAHA! Later....) What I want to do here is share some of those different fetishes, and over the next few posts I'll be putting up little short burst of kink. My personal insight into all the different, exotic fetishes that I've had the chance to share in, interspersed (of course) with the usual reminders of how fucking amazing I am, and how lucky you are to be sharing a planet with me! HAHA! (I'm not even joking, I am genuinely THAT amazing/talented/awe inspiring - if you doubt it - call me! Seriously.). Who knows, it might whet you appetite for something outside of your usual repertoire.

So, for the first post in this series I wanted to mention a somewhat rare fetish, but a very hot one. Although I'd heard of it before, it was one caller in particular, who I speak to fairly regularly, who introduced me to this fetish in more detail.  Out of discretion I'm not going to use her name here (and for any of you humiliation-fags or attention-whores that might be reading this, don't expect the same courtesy), but she is a beautiful, super-sexy, articulate and intelligent lady with whom I have had the chance of sharing some VERY intense BURPING fantasies, and also for whom I've made a couple of custom burping fetish recordings (yes, custom recordings of my sexy sensual voice are available, made to your requirements!).

When we talk together, her burping fetish is usually a part of a deliciously sexy scenario, subtle seductions, high sexual tension and raw passion that unfold into an erotic call ....

Setting the scene, sensuality, excitement ...

Then...when the moment is right, that feeling of tight fullness ... that massive meal, too much dessert maybe?

Being SO uncomfortable, in pain....NEEDING  to burp .... not knowing if it will come ...

The momentary embarrassment of that first burp arriving involuntarily....

The need, the desperate yearning need to feel release... then ...when it comes, when the moment is right for it to all come out...

That sound it makes....a short burst .....or long and loud... the release of gas, the deep resonance of the intense relief brought by that blissful expulsion ... almost orgasmic in itself.

The calls we share almost always leave us both more than a little breathless!

So, I hope I did the fetish justice for anyone who finds this post and shares my sexy girl's fetish, and  next time, a biggy....foot fetishes! HAHA! And for all of you foot-slaves who have read this far hoping for the touch of a trainer of the sniff of a sock, your moment will come soon!

I'll be online now and for the next few hours, so if there is a particular fetish you enjoy, and you think that you might like to explore it, or you just crave the attention,  control and power of a hot, straight, dominant guy with an intellect that matches his ego, then  - Call me!

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